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spread of the red

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The recent opening of an exhibit at a
Chicago college art gallery drew two
unusual patrons.  Agents of the US
Secret Service arrived to photograph
some of the works and demand the
names and telephone numbers of all
the artists.  The exhibit, "Axis of Evil:
The Secret History of Sin", features
work of 47 artists from 11 countries.

The agents also demanded to speak
the exhibit curator, Michael  
Hernandezde Luna, and questioned  the
director,CarolAnn Brown, about
specific works on display.

A spokesman for the Secret Service
confirmed that the federal agency
had initiated an investigation after
receiving a complaint from a Chicago
area resident. "We need to ensure, as
best we can, that this is nothing more
than artwork
with a political statement," said the
spokesman, Tom Mazur.Officials said
that no artwork had been confiscated
as a result of the probe.

"Axis of Evil: The Secret History of
Sin" runs through May 11th at
Columbia College's Glass Curtain
Gallery, 1104 South Wabash,
Chicago, IL.  
it's all true
one nation,
under surveillanc
fun d' mental
Court Ordered
Wiretaps up 19
As part of a year-long revision of its
middle and high school science
standards, the Georgia Department
of Education is considering a
proposal that
would remove references to
from its biology curriculum. New
guidelines supported by State
Superintendent Kathy Cox would
instead refer to "biological changes  
over time."
In reviewing its curriculum, the state
closely followed national standards
recommended by the American
Association for the Advancement of
Science. The only significant
from the national standards was the
removal of references to evolution.

In recent years Georgia has been
the  scene of attempts to
evolution in science classes, or to
encourage discussion of some
form of creationism in a science

If the new standards are adopted,
Georgia will become the sixth state
to remove references to evolution
science education, according to
the nonprofit National Center for
Science Education.          
it's all true
In an annual report to Congress,
released last week, the Justice
Department revealed that the
number of court authorized wire-
taps jumped 19 percent last

Judges approved 1710
for wiretaps in state and federal
criminal investigations. This  
does not include a further 1754
such warrants issued in terror
related cases. The latter figure,
a record,
is up 75 percent since 2000.
surveillance authorization sought
by law enforcement officials was
granted by the courts.

Warrants for wiretaps in terror
related investigations are
authorized under the  1978
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
Act. But the 2001 Patriot Act
allows these warrants to be used
in a much wider range of cases.
red state rebate
Sale of Jets Fills Strategic Need-For US Company
The recent decision of the
Bush administration to resume
sales of F-16 fighter aircraft to
Pakistan was met with official
protests from the Indian
government, private warnings
from moderate allies, and
rebukes from Congressional
committees. Concern was
expressed that the resumption
of sales of
the jets, suspended in 1990 by
the George H W Bush
administration, might disrupt
the delicate balance of power
in one of the world's most
volatile regions

But the move drew strong
support in Fort Worth, Texas,
home to the Lockheed Martin
plant that manufacturesthe
F-16. Because the US Air
Force is phasing out the F-16,
the company needs new
orders to maintain production
levels. The plant has cut over
15 percent of its workforce
since 2003.
It continues to build F-16's for
Chile, Poland, Israel, and the
United Arab Emirates.

Defense aircraft industry
analysts immediately
highlighted the opportunity to
supply India with new F-16's, in
an effort to restore strategic
balance to the area.
Lockheed Martin reported $35.5 billion in
sales for 2004, with pending orders worth
more than $74 billion.     
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Federal Agents Take in Art Exhibit
Educational Standards Evolving
Survey finds Uninsured Live With Chronic
A new analysis of data from the Centers
for Disease Control revealed that nearly
half of uninsured adults in the U.S. live
with chronic illness.  Forty five percent of
uninsured adults report having one or
more chronic health problems.

The respondents to the survey report
having been diagnosed with diabetes,
disease, asthma, or other chronic

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
and The Urban Institute analyzed data to
produce the report, “Uninsured Americans
with Chronic Health Conditions: Key
Findings from the National Health Interview
it's all true
"See we love-we love
freedom.  That's what
they didn't understand...
...they hate things; we
love things.  They
act out of hatred;
we don't seek
...we seek justice
out of love."
Oklahoma City OK