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Experienced Appointee to Head National Spy Agency
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one nation, under surveillance

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This week, as many Americans
make plans and preparations for
their celebrating 229 years of
independence, President George
Bush made the historic
appointment of the nation’s first
Director of National Intelligence
(DNI) to head the newly created
National Security Service (NSS).  
The NSS, created as a
recommendation of the White
House Weapons of Mass
Destruction Commission, is the
first domestic surveillance
organization in American History.

The DNI will oversee all spy
operations in the United States.  
The director will coordinate the
spending of more than $40 billion
annually to carry out its mission of
internal surveillance.  President
Bush said in a press conference
announcing his appointment that
the DNI “will have the authority to
order the collection of new
intelligence” and sharing of
intelligence gained through
domestic spying with federal, state
and local police authorities.  Bush’
s appointment is the first
ambassador to occupied Iraq,
John Negroponte,
who unexpectedly resigned from
the ambassadorial post last month.
During the 1980’s, Negroponte was
Ronald Regan’s ambassador to
Honduras.  It was during this time that
Honduras was used as a military
training ground for America’s covert
war against Nicaragua.  Negroponte
oversaw the construction of a military
airbase in Honduras that was used by
the C IA to train the Honduran security
forces.  In 2001, nearly 200
unidentified corpses were excavated
from the grounds of the airbase.  

The President praised Negroponte as
understanding “the power centers in
Washington.”  Negroponte, the
president said, would be “my primary
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Its no Secret:
Classifying Costs
Church Group Tolerant of War's Casualties...Not Much Else
In the week that President Bush
spoke to the nation about the war in
Iraq characterizing those we are
fighting as having a “totalitarian
ideology that hates freedom (and)
rejects tolerance”, a Christian
Church located in Topeka Kansas
continued a series of protests begun
this month at the funerals of fallen
service men thanking God for the
deaths of our troops.

Members of the Westboro Baptist
Church, led by Pastor Fred Phelps,
held signs at the funeral of Specialist
Michael Ray Hayes with slogans such
“God Blew up the Troops”, “Fag
Soldiers in Hell” and “God Hates
America” as three Black Hawk
Helicopters flew overhead and
Adjunct General Donald Strum read
a eulogy about the fallen solider.

The church believes that God is
punishing America by allowing the
deaths of US soldiers in Iraq due to
the tolerance of homosexual
orientation here in America.  The
protesters also held signs that said
“God sent the IEDs”-an acronym for
the “improvised
explosive devices” used by the Iraqi
resistance.  The religious group’s
pamphlets at the event read “They
turned America over to the fags,
they’re bringing them home in
body bags.”

The Christian group plans to
protest events marking the
disembarkation of soliders who
are headed to Iraq to support the
occupation force.  The
congregants will picket a rally to
be held on July  1 in Topeka KS.  
The web page of the Westboro
Baptist Church threatens leaving
soldiers stating “If God kills you
with an IED in Iraq…we will protest
your funeral when you arrive
home in a body bag.”
The Information Security
Oversight Office (ISOO)
released its yearly estimate of
the costs associated with
making public documents
secret.  In the last reportable
year, 2004, the executive
branch alone spent $7.2 billion
to make government
documents secret.  The ISOO
tracks executive branch
programs to classify and
safeguard national security
information. The figure of $72
billion reflects the expenditures
to make public information
secret in 41
branch agencies including the
Department of Defense.  The
CIA’s overall budget is itself
classified and not included in
the ISOO report.

The expenditure represents an
increase of 11 percent over
the cost estimate for the
previous year.  The ISOO
report noted that “the fortified
homeland defense posture
adopted by many agencies” as
a result of 9/11 increased the
executive branch’s rate of
classifying public documents
and the associated costs.  

The ISOO report also
estimated that private industry
spent an estimated $823
million in security classification
costs in 2004.  The costs for
private industry are down 18
percent over fiscal year 2003.  
interpreting the constitution
Town Officials Tired of Hearing
From Public in Public Meetings
The city council of Yelm, WA has
voted to ban the public’s use of the
word “Walmart” or the term “big box
stores” in its public meetings.  Yelm
is currently being considered by
Walmart as a location for a retail
store.  In a recent meeting the
council voted to no longer accept
public comments regarding either
Walmart or large retail stores.  Until
the recent vote, citizens would be
asked to sit down if they mentioned

Some citizens feel that the vote
silences them in the public forum and
that their opinions on the banned
subjects are being disregarded or
even censored by their elected
The attorney for Yelm, Brent Dille,
advised the board to cease all public  
comment about Walmart due to his
fears of a lawsuit filed by Walmart,
which has not yet submitted a
request to the council to build a
store, alleging “bias” on the part of
city council members.

The Yelm city council had previously
banned comment on a moratorium
halting the council’s approval of big
box stores pending a review of local
zoning rules.  “It’s the council’s
meeting,” Dille told the
, “they can decide what they
want to hear and what they’re tired of
crowd control
one nation, under surveillance
Local PD Targets Local Anarchists
US Per Capita
Prison Population
in the World





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The police department in Melbourne,
Florida has collected over 600 pages
of records on citizens of Brevard
County who have attended anti-war
protests. The records were obtained
by the Florida American Civil
Liberties Union after the attendees at
a January 2005 anti-war rally realized
that the local police were video
taping the permitted event. The
surveillance reports date back to
2002 and reflect espionage carried
out by the Melbourne Police
Department at more than a dozen
political, religious and civil rights

The reports revealed that the police
had developed a “War Protest
Operational Plan” which allows
officers to clandestinely photograph
and videotape public events where
citizens voiced their opposition to the
occupation of
Iraq and other policies of the Bush
administration. In addition to the
surreptitious recording of the rallies
Melbourne police reportedly
infiltrated meetings where organizers
planned the events to secretly gather
information about the event’s
planners. The records obtained by
the ACLU also indicate that
police “monitored” the movements of
the event planners.

The officers who performed the
espionage collected VIN & license
plate information on over 60 vehicles,
did background checks on planners
and rally participants, and identified
67 “persons of interest” under the
operational plan. During the time
when the plan was being carried out
by the police department a pro-war
rally was held in Melbourne where no
photographs or videos were taken by
officers no vehicle information was
collected and no “persons of
interest" were identified.

Spokes persons for the Brevard
chapter of the ACLU stated that “if
you are part of the peace movement
or you are against the administration
you can pretty much bet your
personal information is going to be
on file” with local police authorities.
Bruce Parker, director of the
Melbourne Sheriff’s Investigative
Support Unit assured Floridians that
“we're looking for anarchists”. The
Melbourne Police Department has
discontinued their policy of
videotaping pro-peace events since it
‘s clandestine data collection
practices were revealed.
The International Centre for
Prison Studies of the Kings
College London reported in it's
World Prison Population List that
America has the highest per
capita prison population.  The
report revealed that 22 percent of
the world’s 9 million prisoners are
incarcerated in the US.  The
report reflects analysis of data
from 2003 through 2005.

The United States prison
population rate of 714 persons
per 100,000 citizens is the highest
in the world.  Following behind the
US are Russia (532),
Turkmenistan (489), and China
(118).  The sixth edition of the
prison population list counts
people held in penal institutions
throughout the world; both pre-
trial detainees and those who
have bee convicted and
sentenced.  The Centre reported
that more than one half of the
worlds prisoners are being held in
the US, China, and Russia.
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"It's important for us
to explain to our nation
that life is important...
...It's not only life of babies,
but it's the life of children living in,
you know, the dark dungeons
of the internet."
                Arlington Heights  IL    10.24.04
source: Sentencing
heroin and
other drugs
percentage of all drug arrests
by substance
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