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interpreting the constitution

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one nation, under surveillance
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spread of the red
crowd control
source: UN Office on Drugs and
Second Anniversary Edition
in bed with the red : red handed
Number of Secrecy Contractors is a Secret
Lobbyists Serve Internships as Elected Officials
IRS Dependent Upon Paid Preparers
source: Center for Responsive Politics
May Day  
March in
verbatim                                                                        number 19.5 order to send the projection
that this is an impossible
DC  04.03.07
"Suiciders are willing
to kill innocent life...
"There's no such
thing as being too
closely aligned with
the oil industry in
Crawford TX  1978
verbatim                                                  number 19.6
Adults prosecuted per 1000 citizens
us     finland    turkey    uk
The government agency responsible
for the enforcement of laws
prohibiting political activity by federal
employees has announced that will
expand an existing probe into White
House operations to include an array
of allegations that have arisen from
several separate Congressional
investigations. A spokesman for the
Office of Special Counsel confirmed
that the agency would examine
charges of improper administration
involvement in the dismissal of US
Attorneys, a series of election-related
presentations for federal workers,
and the apparent creation of a secret
communications network for senior
White House staff and political
appointees. The unprecedented
scope of
the inquiry, combined with
controversy surrounding the Special
Counsel himself, have raised
questions inside the Beltway as to
the ultimate purpose of the

Special Counsel Scott Bloch,
appointed by President Bush in
2003, is himself under federal
investigation for his conduct while in
office, including allegations of
intimidation and retaliation against
government whistleblowers and
discrimination against gay workers. A
complaint filed by agency employees
accused Bloch of prohibiting contact
with the media and reducing the
agency’s backlog of cases by
arbitrarily discarding files. Before his
appointment as Special
Counsel, Bloch was the deputy
director of the Justice Department
task force on faith-based

While some observers argue that
the wide-ranging investigation
poses unique problems for the
White House, other insiders are
skeptical that Bloch will seriously
challenge the administration. It is
possible that Bloch broadened his
investigation to protect himself
with regard to the inquiry into his
own misconduct. Eventually, the
action of the Special Counsel may
provide a legal pretext for the
White House to suspend its
cooperation with numerous
ongoing Congressional probes.     
it's all true
A broad coalition of civil rights
advocacy and law enforcement
watchdog groups has issued a
scathingly critical review of a
report by special prosecutors on
allegations of decades of torture
by Chicago police. Activists
charge that the four-year, $7
million probe squandered public
funds on a “hopelessly flawed”
investigation, describing the effort
as “calculated to obfuscate the
truth.” The groups called on the
Cook County Board, the US
Justice Department, and the
United Nations to conduct fresh
examinations of the evidence.

The prosecutors found that
torture had occurred, but they
concluded that statutes of
limitations prevented new
charges. Activists have been
particularly critical of the report’s
exoneration of Mayor Richard M.
Daley, who was the Cook County
state’s attorney during much of
the time that the torture took
place, and current state’s
attorney Richard A. Devine, who
was Daley’s top deputy. At least
33 innocent victims of police
torture were convicted and jailed
during Daley’s tenure as state’s
it's all true
An article published in the Armed
Forces Journal
and written by an
active duty US Army officer levels a
critique at the nation’s generals who
he believes miscalculated and
mismanaged the invasion and
subsequent occupation of Iraq.

Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Yingling
wrote the rare public criticism by an
active soldier that argues that the US
faces the prospect of defeat in Iraq
and US generals have misled
Congress about the level of anarchy
that currently exists in the war torn

Col. Yingling served two terms in Iraq
and previously fought in Bosnia and
the first Gulf war.  The Colonel
served as deputy commander of the
3rd Armored Calvary Regiment in
Iraq, a unit who’s work in northern
Iraq was noted by
President Bush as a model for the
new surge strategy being
implemented in and around
Baghdad.  Yingling said he felt
compelled to write the critique after
attending Purple Heart ceremonies
for Iraq war veterans.

Yingling’s critique, entitled
, focuses on systemic failures
of the Army’s leadership that have
led to the current chaos in occupied
Iraq.  Yingling writes, “America’s
general officer corps underestimated
the strength of the enemy,
overestimated the capabilities of Iraq’
s government and security forces,
and failed to provide Congress with
an accurate assessment of security
conditions in Iraq.”

Yingling does not single out specific
individuals but says that a pervasive
failure to respond to the tactics of
insurgents has led to a “crisis in
American generalship.”  US  
Generals, Yingling says, have
trained and prepared soldiers for
“high intensity conflict” with 20-
year-old methods as opposed to
preparing them to fight “brutal,
adaptive insurgencies” like the
military faces in Iraq.  Yingling
also charges that the country’s
generals misled Congress and the
public by describing conditions in
Iraq as “improving” when the
country was becoming more
destabilized and dangerous.

Yingling goes on to deliver a stark
prediction; “Iraq’s grave and
deteriorating condition offers
diminishing hope for an American
victory and portends an even
wider and more destructive
regional war."           
it's all true
The Internal Revenue Service
has implemented a pilot project
that allows private sector tax
consultants to participate in
the drafting of new tax
regulations. Lawyers and
accountants who specialize in
tax law and IRS compliance will
have an unprecedented
opportunity to shape new rules
and revise existing regulations.
Economists and public interest
organizations have warned
that the new program, which
has received little media
attention, takes the
outsourcing of government
operations to a new level.

IRS general counsel Donald L.
Korb said that the program
would focus primarily on low
priority and technical issues in
an interview with the
New York
Times. He told the newspaper, “We
are still getting comments; we are still
having hearings,” and stressed that
IRS lawyers would have final say over
any proposals recommended by the
private sector advisors. But because
such consultants typically work to
reduce their clients’ tax burden,
critics charge that the changes they
favor would tend to reduce tax
revenues, inevitably resulting in
myriad conflicts of interest. New York
University political science professor
Paul C. Light told the
Times, “It’s not
the fox guarding the hen house; it’s
the fox designing the hen house.”

One aim of the pilot project is to
reduce the backlog of work at the
IRS, which has seen a 20 percent
reduction in its staff over the past
decade. IRS officials have stated that
they lack the resources to respond to
public demand for tax code
it's all true  
The US economy slowed in the first
quarter, with GDP showing its
weakest growth in four years, due to
the sustained housing market
correction and continued devaluation
of the dollar, according to a
Commerce Department report
released last week. The 1.3 percent
increase in GDP was the worst
quarterly performance since 2003,
and less than half the 2.5 percent
rate for the fourth quarter of 2006.
Growth during the first quarter last
year was measured at 5.6 percent.
The report also reveals that inflation
continued to rise, creating the
conditions for what economists call

Federal Reserve Board Chairman
Ben Bernanke has predicted that the
economy will rebound by the third
quarter. But former Fed chief Alan
Greenspan estimates the chances of
recession as one in three. In a
speech last week, Federal Reserve
Bank of San Francisco president
Janet L. Yellen said that the sluggish
pace of GDP growth had surprised
the Fed, and had “significantly
increased the risks to the outlook,
both for growth and inflation.” There
is growing speculation that
deteriorating conditions will induce
the Fed to cut interest rates later this

The Commerce Department report
noted that consumer spending rose
at 3.8 percent, down from 4.2
percent in the fourth quarter.
Business investment and
international trade both decreased,
but the most dramatic declines were
in housing and related sectors of the
economy. Spending on residential
construction fell by 17 percent in the
first quarter, after shrinking by 19.8
percent in the fourth quarter, and
18.7 percent in the third quarter of
2006, marking the sixth consecutive
quarterly decline.

The National Association of Realtors
released data last week showing that
sales of existing homes fell 8.4
percent in March, the sharpest drop
since January 1989. The decline was
driven by a 9.5 percent reduction in
single-family home sales. Over the
past year, housing prices have
actually fallen in 17 of the 20 largest
US cities, and inventories of new
construction housing are at record  

Job losses in construction and
financial services, combined with
inflationary pressures, may threaten
the chances  for renewed growth in
2007. Economist Joel Naroff told
, "We don't have a bottom in
housing; we don't have a top in gas
prices. That doesn't bode well for
growth going forward."      
it's all true
The Biblical Literalist group
called Answers in Genesis is
making final preparations at
the Creation Museum, set for
it's grand opening on Memorial
Day.  The museum depicts
prehistoric times as informed
by a literal interpretation of the

Although scientific data shows
that the earth is 4 billion years
old and the ancestors of
human beings appeared
millions of years ago, Biblical
Literalists believe that the
universe was created in seven
days about 10,000 years ago
as described in the Bible.

The museum contains a
recreation of the Garden of
Eden where animatronic
dinosaurs forage peacefully
nearby humans.  Though fossil
records show that dinosaurs
became extinct tens of millions
of years before humans are
known to have existed, the
museum's curators believe that
the biblically described ‘great
flood’ disbursed dinosaur
fossils around the world.  To
depict this biblical fact the
museum has a model of the
Grand Canyon that is also
described to have been
created by the flood.  The
museum displays a model of
Noah’s Ark and has a theater
with state of the art special

The museum campus, located
in rural Petersburg Kentucky
and   just a short drive from
Cincinnati, was build with
donations from private parties,
including two donations of
more than $1 million.  The site
of the museum was selected
because it is within a “days
drive” for two-thirds of America’
s population.  
it's all true
romney          clinton          giuliani            obama           dodd  
Contributions from the
Securities and
Investment sector for
the 2008 presidential  
election cycle
Residents of the state of Texas have
become concerned about the
collection and storage of their
personal information on the first
centralized computer database in the
state’s history.  The reason given for
the data collection is to enable police
authorities to identify emerging
terrorist threats.  Texans are,
however, concerned that the
database was conceived of and is
operated by a political office, the
office of the Governor of Texas,
instead of by an authority with law
enforcement powers.

The types of personal date being
collected on the database, called
TDex, includes criminal and prison
records, finger prints, driver’s license
information and other identifiers that
are widely collected by law
enforcement.  The TDex system will
also store case file information for
ongoing criminal
probes, police incident reports and
information about simple traffic
stops.  Data is currently being
collected by 62 law enforcement
agencies and the TDex system
contains hundreds of millions of
pieces of information about more
than 1 million Texans.  Given the
broad nature of the information being
collected, and that some of the
information is unverifiable, Texas
residents are concerned that the
records are properly safeguarded.  
Civil libertarian groups have criticized
that the information on the database
is stored on computers owned by a
private company in Kentucky.  

The Director of the American Civil
Liberties Union in the state also
worries that because TDex is
overseen by the governor, “the data
could be used for political
it's all true
The federal government’s reliance
on private companies as
subcontractors has grown
significantly since president Bush
took office in 2001.  The nation’s
intelligence collecting agencies have
hired many private companies to
perform duties previously performed
by employees of the CIA and
Defense Intelligence Agency.

Congressional overseers, concerned
that the privatization of intelligence
collection may increase costs,
directed the Director of National
Intelligence to perform an audit to
find out how many
contractors are currently involved
in intelligence collecting and

The director’s office recently
completed it’s review and
reported that the number of
private contractors collecting
intelligence for government
agencies is itself classified.  A
spokesperson for the  office said,
“to protect national security
interests,” he cannot give any
information ”that would allow
(one) to impute the size” of the
civilian workforce employed by
intelligence agencies.       
it's all true
Congress Concerned Counsel Will Conduct White House
Contracting Contracts, Growth Shrinks
Police Torture Report:
Smells Like Chitmo
Officer Identifies General Malaise Among Army Top
Texans Rounded Up, Corralled in
Public Citizen has warned Congress
of the need to strengthen oversight
and tighten rules that prohibit
congress members from working as
lobbyists immediately after retiring
from politics.

Although rules currently bar former
congresspersons from lobbying for
one year after they leave politics,
Public Citizen reported that 18
congress members who left office in
January 2005 registered as lobbyists
less than six months later.  Previous
studies show
that 43 percent of retiring
congress members eventually
become lobbyists.

Public Citizen said in a letter sent
to Congress that the rules that
prevent retired congress persons
from immediately becoming
lobbyists are “loosely interpreted
and poorly enforced” urging
Congress to end the “pernicious
it's all true
Christians Exhibit
Disdain for Science
At Creation Museum
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