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Democratic Leaders Freely Trade Openness for Expediency
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The leadership of the Democratic
Party received criticism last week
from party members in Congress who
were left out of negotiations with
Republicans and the Bush
administration regarding trade

In a closed door meeting in early
May, a small group of Democratic
leaders headed by House Ways and
Means Committee Chair Charles
Rangel, made an agreement with
Republican leaders that they say
resolves long standing Democratic
concerns about free trade
agreements that the Bush
administration has advanced over
the past six years.  Rank and file
Democrats, however, who felt
betrayed for being excluded from
the negotiations, fear that the
concerns of their constituents
regarding the economic and social
consequences of broad based free
trade agreements like the North
American Free Trade agreement will
not been adequately addressed
under the terms of what they
describe as the “secret deal” made
with the Republicans.

Democratic and Republican leaders
announced the accord in a joint
press conference.  The president
also commented that the agreement
established a “clear path for
advancing trade agreements with
Peru, Colombia, Panama and South
Korea.”  The agreement is described
by those
who were allowed to participate in
the negotiations as incorporating
protections for environmental and
labor rights, but because the
terms of the accord were not
revealed, Democrats believe the
deal will be "unenforceable.”  

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) said
that despite Bush administration
claims of concessions on
environmental and labor issues,
he worries that the secret pact
lacks enforceable standards,
stating, “Nothing gets enforced
unless Bush wants to take action
adverse to a multinational
corporation.  I don’t think that’s
going to happen.”           
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US Stokes Fears,
Douses Rights
In Terror War
Flotilla of Indicators Reveals Administration’s Plan for
As American and Iranian diplomats
meet for their first bilateral
discussions regarding the future of
occupied Iraq, a flotilla of US
warships has begun to carry out
extensive war games in the Persian

Two US carrier strike groups were
joined by an amphibious assault
battle group to conduct air training,
mine-sweeping and anti-submarine
exercises nearby the Strait of Hormuz
culminating in an amphibious beach
landing of the 2100 member 13th
Marine Expeditionary Unit in Kuwait,
just a few miles from the border of

The US has stationed the naval
attack groups in the Persian Gulf
over the past few months and the
maneuvers are the most visible and
extensive war games staged by the
warships since the US
invaded Iraq in 2003.  Analysts
believe that the intent of the US is to
send a message of intimidation to
Iran’s leadership.  The Iranian
Defense Minister, Mostafa
Mohammed Najjar, said that Iran will
resist “any kind of threat and will give
a powerful answer to enemies and
oppressors,” and vowed that Iran will
respond to any attack with “special
weapons and equipment.”

The military exercises are being
conducted the same time that media
reports in the US revealed that the
White House has ordered the CIA to
coordinate covert actions against the
government of Iran that include
propaganda operations and
manipulations of the Iranian currency
and financial markets.  US
intelligence agencies have also
reportedly been urging allies in the
broader Middle East to assist them in
their support of dissident Iranian
guerrilla groups to conduct
surveillance in Iran and carry out
attacks on the Iranian government.

President Bush last week
reiterated his assertions that the
Iranian government is supporting
insurgents in occupied Iraq, but a
British research group reviewed
the evidence offered by the US for
demonstrating Iran’s involvement
and found that “few independent
analysts believe Tehran is playing
a decisive role in the sectarian
warfare and insurgency” in Iraq.

A spokesperson for the navy said
that he hopes that Iran’s leaders
“don’t get a message…a wrong
message,” about US intentions on
account of the war
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A UN investigator accused the
United States of disregarding
internationally recognized
human right as it fights the self-
declared “war on terror”.  
Investigator Martin Scheinin of
Finland said that laws passed
since the terror attacks in 2001
such as the Patriot Act, the
Military Commissions Act and
the Detainee Treatment Act fail
to incorporate established civil
and human rights raising
significant concerns within the
international community.

Scheinin wrote in his report
that “a number of important
mechanisms for the protection
of rights have been removed
or obfuscated,” by the US
including the prohibition on
torture and the right to a fair
trial.  Scheinin presented his
preliminary findings after
meeting with US diplomats and
security officials.  The final
report will be delivered to the  
UN later this year.  

Also this week, Amnesty
International released its 2007
report on the state of the world’
s human rights that found that
powerful governments,
including the US, have
“deliberately fomented fear to
erode human rights and create
an increasingly polarized and
dangerous world.”  Amnesty
criticized the US for utilizing
illegal kidnapping, torture and
extra-judicial execution.  

The US Ambassador to the UN
said that America’s behavior
has been well considered
stating, “We are doing this
under US laws...and legitimate
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Infection Detected, Election Contested
Assaults by
A voter registration database
maintained by Sarasota County,
Florida was compromised by a well-
known Internet “worm” on the first
day of early voting in last year’s
midterm elections. The virus infected
a county server, shutting down
electronic voting systems while
computer security personnel
scrambled to isolate the problem.
Among the affected elections was the
US House   race for the 13th District,
which has since been contested
because of significant irregularities in
the electronic returns.

Details of the breach of the county’s
database and the subsequent
network shutdown are contained in
an official incident report, which was
obtained by investigative reporter
Brad Friedman. According to the
report, the virus, “a variant of the
SQL Slammer worm,”
overwrote the administrative
password and “rendered the firewall
unavailable.”  County officials say
they were able to take the infected
server offline within a few hours, but
it remains unclear if the worm was
triggered to mask an attack on the
county’s computerized voting
systems. The machines,
manufactured by Election Systems
and Services, recorded more than
18, 000 “undervotes” in the 13th
Congressional District race, which
was eventually won by Republican
Vern Buchanan by 369 votes.

The incident report also reveals that
officials decided to wait two weeks,
until after the elections, to implement
security upgrades to the system.
County Election Supervisors denied
that the worm that struck the voter
registration database was related to
the anomalous returns in the
contested race.  
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source: UN Office on Drugs and






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Renditions Reap Resentment,
DHS Targets
Suspected Tourists
A former senior CIA official has
admitted that US policies, including
the torture and so-called
“extraordinary rendition” of detainees
and the operation of secret prisons in
foreign countries, have created
tensions with European nations that
have traditionally been American
allies. He also said that in many
instances, the actions and
statements of the US government
have caused or exacerbated
domestic political problems for the
European administrations that have
been most cooperative in the “war on
terror.”  The statements highlight the
deterioration of trans-Atlantic
relations in the wake of revelations
about a series of US intelligence
operations abroad.

In an extensive interview with
, Tyler Drumheller, a 26-year
CIA veteran who resigned in 2005,
said the controversial US policies
produced unforeseen political
consequences for several European
governments, straining relations
even with Presidents Bush’s
staunchest international supporters.
Drumheller, who was chief of covert
operations in Europe as the policies
were being implemented, concluded,
“We have put our allies in a very
difficult position.”  The interview was
aired as part of the BBC
Mystery Flights, which
examines Britain’s role in
the rendition program. Drumheller
said that the program “affected the
willingness of other countries to work
with us—the intelligence services and
police forces of other countries we go

Allegations of complicity with illegal
CIA operations have dogged a
number of European administrations.
The governments of Poland and
Romania have been accused by
international human rights advocates
of allowing the US to operate secret
detention centers on their soil.
Prosecutors in Italy and Germany
have conducted broad investigations
of CIA activities, even issuing arrest
warrants for suspected CIA agents
and contractors based in the US.

According to Drumheller, the nature
of the CIA activities “makes it difficult
even if those countries do want to
help us… because there’s all this
bad publicity and they’re at risk of
violating their own laws and that sort
of thing.”

Perceived cooperation with the US
can have an adverse effect on the
popularity of a given administration.
Support for the "war on terror" is
widely regarded to have precipitated
significant electoral reversals for
political leaders in Spain, Italy, and
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Department of Homeland Security
immigration enforcement efforts
are overwhelmingly devoted to
routine administrative violations,
with only a tiny fraction of
prosecutions involving terrorism
or national security-related
charges, according to a report
released this week. Researchers
found that out of 814, 073 people
referred by DHS for deportation
from 2004 through 2006, only 12
were accused of terrorism-related
offenses, with a further 114 facing
lesser security charges. The
figures show that “traditional
regulation of immigration” is the
primary focus of DHS, despite
departmental statements about
prioritizing terrorism
investigations, according to the
report, which was published by
the Transactional Records Access

The study, which analyzed court
records, concluded that more
than 86 percent of deportation
cases from 2004 through 2006
involved routine minor violations
of US immigration law. Homeland
Security spokesman Russ Knocke
said the report was "ill-conceived"
and "lacked a grasp of the DHS
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