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Chain of Command Put Undue Pressure on Weakest
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The US military has initiated an
investigation into new allegations that
members of a marine unit summarily
executed eight Iraqi prisoners in their
custody during the American assault
on Fallujah in November 2004.

The inquiry, which is being
conducted by the Naval Criminal
Investigative Service, is focused on a
group of ten marines from the same
company that is at the center of the
probe into the massacre of 24 Iraqi
civilians at Haditha a year later. It
marks at least the third incident of
unlawful killings linked to troops
based at Camp Pendleton near San
Diego, with each event involving
different individual marines.
NCIS investigators were alerted to
the Fallujah murders by officials of
the US Secret Service, after a former
marine disclosed his involvement
during a job interview with the
agency. The marine, 24-year-old
Ryan Weemer from Hindsboro,
Illinois, reportedly has said that his
unit interpreted a radio message
from their commanders as an order
to kill eight Iraqis captured during
house-to-house fighting. News of the
investigation was first reported by the
North County Times of San Diego.
NCIS officials have confirmed only
that they are examining “credible
allegations of wrongdoing.”  

Weemer, who is enrolled in college in
Kentucky after failing to get a job with
the Secret Service, has declined
to comment publicly on the
allegations. His lawyer has
described him as “an American
hero” for his actions in the
unusually ferocious firefighting in
Fallujah. Weemer was awarded a
Purple Heart for injuries sustained
in the battle. In an e-mail to the
Los Angeles Times, Weemer
wrote, “I just want it to go away so
I can get on with my life. Nothing is
going to come of it. The headlines
will get it all twisted around

The six-week siege of Fallujah,
which killed 71 US troops and
thousands of Iraqis, left large
sections of the city virtually
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Luminous Clouds
Highlight Looming
Climate Change
White House Rule Book Meant to Prevent Dissent at Public
A presidential advance manual
developed by a White House staff
member and used at presidential
events has been disclosed that
reveals the Bush administration
enacted policies to keep protesters
and individuals perceived to hold
views different from the president out
of events and stifle dissent using
“rally squads” to shout down,
intimidate and corral protesters.

The American Civil Liberties Union
says that citizens were “unlawfully
excluded” from public events by
republican staff persons who
implemented the program outlined in
the advance manual.  The ACLU filed
a lawsuit in federal court against the
former Deputy Assistant to President
Bush who established the policies.

The manual gives direction to
presidential advance staffers for
“deterring potential protesters” and
implementing a plan for “dealing with
protesters” should they get into
events.  Staff members are instructed
that requiring tickets to events “is the
best method for preventing
demonstrators.”  One of the plaintiffs
in the ACLU’s lawsuit was denied a
ticket to an event in a public place
because it was discovered by staffers
that he had written a letter to the
editor of local newspaper criticizing
the occupation of Iraq.

Staff members were instructed to
prepare for protesters who may make
their way into presidential events by
forming “rally squads” to roam the
audience at events to counter any
displays of dissent.  Staffers
deployed in these squads were told
to carry large
signs or banners to block
protesters from the view of the
president and the “main press
platform” covering the event.  The
manual instructs squad members
to shout down protesters or to
“begin and lead supportive chants
to drown out the protesters (USA!,
USA!, USA!).”  The manual says
that protesters should be
removed from events if these
tactics don’t silence the protesters.

A spokesperson for the ACLU
said that the suit was filed
because “Public places cannot be
cleansed of all dissent just to
make the president look
popular.”  Leslie Weise, who was
thrown out of a presidential event
because her car had an anti-war
bumper sticker said, “Peaceful
expression, whatever the format,
is vital to all of us.”       
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Scientists studying rare
noctilucent clouds have
expressed concerns that
recent changes in the
observed behavior of the
clouds may be a sign of
significant atmospheric
changes related to global
warming. The clouds, also
known as “night shining
clouds” because of their
colorful, luminous appearance
in the night sky, were once
only visible at polar latitudes.
In recent years, the incidence
of the phenomenon has
increased as the clouds have
migrated south from the Arctic
and north from Antarctica.

In late May, a NASA satellite
recorded the first
comprehensive set of images
of noctilucent clouds as part of
a study involving scientists
from the University of
Colorado, Utah State
University, and Hampton
University in Virginia. The
researchers hope to explain
the increase in activity of the
clouds, which are known
scientifically as polar
mesospheric clouds. The
clouds were first observed in
1885, and scientists
hypothesize that they may be
related to emissions of gases,
particularly carbon dioxide and
methane, into the atmosphere.

Dr. James Russell, who is
leading the investigation, said
in an interview with
Fox News,
"It is clear that the clouds are
changing, a sign that a part of
our atmosphere is changing,
and we do not understand
how, why, or what it means.
The observations suggest a
connection with global change
in the lower atmosphere and
could represent an early
warning that our... environment
is being changed."          
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Special Ops Involved in Domestic
Statutory paid
vacation and paid
holiday days
selected countries
The Pentagon is considering a
request by the US Northern
Command to establish a unit of
Special Operations Forces to be
deployed within the United States for
counter terrorism and emergency
purposes. The contingent of
commandos would be based at
NorthCom headquarters at Peterson
Air Force Base in Colorado. Special
Operations Forces units are
extensively trained for and utilized in
urban warfare and close combat

Details of the request were first
revealed on the news website
Examiner.com. According to the
report, the initial request was
approved six months ago by former
NorthCom commander Admiral
Timothy Keating, and is currently
under review by the new commander,
General Gene Renuart. In a
statement, a NorthCom
spokesperson said, “This
capability resides in every other
geographical combatant command
and would allow the commander of
US Northern Command to deploy
these unique capabilities for
homeland defense and civil support

Although the use of military troops for
internal law enforcement is prohibited
by the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878,
Special Operations Forces have had
an increasing role in various
domestic situations since Clinton-era
legislation allowed their deployment
in certain security contexts. That
authority was revised and expanded
after the terrorist attacks of 2001 led
to the creation of NorthCom. Special
Operations Forces are
headquartered at Fort Bragg in North
Carolina, and commando units are
deployed with each of the military’s
eight strategic commands.      
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Cheney Dictates Reconstitution of Executive
Poll Shows We
Are Afraid of US
A governmental ethics watchdog
group has cataloged abuses of
presidential power and the
constitutional overreaching of the
Bush administration over the past six
years charging that the president
and vice president have moved to
assert “absolute power” at the
expense of the rule of law.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics
in Washington’s report,
Crossing the
Line: The Bush Administration’s
Efforts to Expand its Powerful Reach
focuses on actions by the
administration in response to
demands by the public for
information and government
mandated oversight.

The authors of the report state that
Vice President Dick Cheney is
working “quietly, but diligently” to
expand the legal authority of the
office of the vice president to equal
the authority of the president and
that the president is intent on
“expanding the power of executive
privilege well beyond constitutional

The report details two attempts by
the group to obtain information from
the Bush administration through the
Freedom of Information Act both of
which resulted in lawsuits due to the
Bush administration’s refusal to
In one of the instances, the group’s
request for documents was denied by
the Bush administration, which said
the documents were protected by
executive privilege.  In response to
another request for records, the
administration complied, but upon the
provision that the records were being
given because of “administration
discretion” and the administration’s
assertion that the Freedom of
Information Act does not apply to the
White House Office of Administration.

The group also detailed the vice
president’s actions to exempt himself
from federal record keeping
requirements, his assertion of
immunity from all legal actions and
his argument that the constitutional
powers that exist to protect the
president apply also to the office of
the vice president, although the
constitution does not itself mention
such vice presidential powers.

A spokesperson for CREW said that
the examples in the report depict an
“administration out of control,” in its
quest to resist any type of oversight.  
The administration is "working hard
to reconfigure the executive branch"
to consolidate "absolute power,” said
the spokesperson, disregarding
“established constitutional
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A survey carried out last month
found that a majority of
Europeans and a majority of
Americans between the ages of
16 and 24 currently view the
United States as the greatest
threat to international stability.

The poll found that 32 percent of
European respondents and 38
percent of young American
respondents believe that the US is
the largest threat to stability.  

Citizens of France, Germany,
Italy, the UK, Spain and the US
were asked to identify the country
that is presently the biggest threat
to international instability.  Harris
Research carried out the poll for
Financial Times.  

Although Americans between the
ages of 16 and 24 concurred with
Europeans overall about the
danger to world stability that the
US poses, Americans in general
reported that they are fearful of
North Korea (25 percent) and
China (20 percent).  A smaller
percentage of Americans overall,
11 percent, also fear that their
own country is a danger to
international stability.      
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"Those who wear the uniform
are the successors of those
who dropped their pitchforks
and picked up their muskets
to fight for liberty...
...Like those early patriots,
you're fighting a new and
unprecedented war, pledging
your lives and honor to
defend our freedom and way
of life."
Martinsburg  WV    07.04.07