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The Department of Defense has
scheduled a military exercise that will
simulate a terrorist attack on the US.  
Operation Vigilant Shield 2008 is a
six-day training exercise where
federal agencies, such as the
Department of Homeland Security
and the Air Force’s Northern
Command, will coordinate “local,
state, tribal, interagency…and non-
governmental organizations” to test
“incident management response
procedures” at all levels including in
cities and states.

The exercise is part of a broader
though less publicized operation
called National Level Exercise 1-08
and begins on October 15.  The
exercise will include the simulation of
the detonation of three “radiological
dispersal devices.”  The simulation is
intended to give local and state
police authorities experience
interfacing with what the Air Force
described in a news release as
“support from federal resources,
including active duty military forces.”  
The two main “exercise venues” will
be in Arizona and Oregon, but
“aerospace events” will take place
across the US.

President Bush called for a “broader
role for the armed forces” in national
emergencies after Hurricane Katrina
devastated the Gulf Coast.  More
recently Bush enacted an executive
order that allows the Secretary of
Homeland Security to guide state and
local authorities in the event of a
catastrophic national emergency.

The Air Force said the exercise
would not include "cross-border
deployments” and anticipate “little or
no direct impact on local
it's all true
Environmental researchers
have reported that the Arctic
ice cap has melted to the
smallest size in recorded
history.  The northern ice cap
has receded to just 1.7 million
square miles this summer
surpassing the previous low
point of over 2 million square
miles reached in the summer
of 2005.  The northwest
shipping channel in northern
Canada is completely free of
ice this summer.

Researchers say that the
Arctic ice melt is
unquestioningly linked to
man-made global warming.

The Arctic ice cap has
historically receded to an
average of 3 million square
miles during the warm summer
months.  Since 2002 polar ice
has melted at what
researchers say is an alarming
rate, with thousands of square
miles vanishing every week
this summer.  An expanse of
polar ice the size of the State
of Florida melted recently in
less than a week's time.  
Satellite photographs show
that the summer ice cap has
reduced by about one third
over the past thirty years.  
Government and university
researchers have revised their
forecast predicting that the
polar ice shield will be
completely melted within the
next 25 years.  Previous
estimates held that the Arctic
would not be completely ice
free until 2070.

The decline in Arctic ice has
had a devastating effect on the
polar ecosystem. Polar bears,
walruses, gray whales and
ringed seals all  depend on the
ice shield for survival and are
threatened by the loss of Arctic
it's all true
verbatim                                                                                                                                                                                                        number 23.3
"We're kicking ass."  
Sydney  Australia   09.04.07
Secret FBI terrorism investigations
were routinely expanded to include
gathering information on a wide
network of associates of each
targeted individual, using the
infrastructure of private
telecommunications companies to
collect and analyze data on people
not suspected of any terrorism
related activity. FBI records obtained
by the Electronic Frontier Foundation
reveal that agents regularly sought
information on a suspect’s
“community of interest,” a broad
designation encompassing
businesses and individuals with which
a suspect may have had contact.
The investigations have been
suspended in the wake of a report by
the Justice Department Inspector
documenting widespread abuses in
the Bureau’s use of national security

The community of interest data being
collected by the FBI is used by law
enforcement agencies in large-scale
data-mining operations involving so-
called “link analysis,” according to a
report by the
New York Times. The
newspaper was given access to
documents released to the EFF as
the result of a Freedom of
Information Act lawsuit against the
government. A spokesman for the
FBI would not discuss details of the
bureau’s use of national security
letters, which is still under review by
the Justice Department, but he told
Times that community of interest
data is “no longer
being used pending the
development of an appropriate
oversight and approval policy,
was used infrequently, and was
never used for e-mail

Recent comments by Director of
National Intelligence Mike
McConnell went into controversial
detail in an attempt to downplay
the scope of government data-
mining activities, but the Bush
administration continues to press
Congress for legislation that
would grant immunity from legal
liability to communications
companies that have assisted in
domestic surveillance operations
since 2001.                   
it's all true
Statistics recently published by
the Federal Reserve Bank of New
York reveal an international flight
from US Treasury bonds, with
foreign central banks reducing
their reserves by more than $48
billion since the last week of July.
The sharp drop has alarmed
financial analysts and fueled
speculation in the business media
that China, the world’s largest
holder of US Treasuries, may be
implementing a tacit policy of
withdrawing funds from the United
States. The rumors have
increased the pressure on the
dollar, which last week dipped to a
15-year low against a basket of
the six most actively traded

In addition to the apparent
Chinese divestment, Japan,
Taiwan and South Korea have all
moved to reduce their investment
in the uncertain US economy. The
vulnerability of the US currency
has pushed up the price of gold,
which has risen to more than
$700 an ounce. Former Fed
Chairman Alan Greenspan,
speaking last week, likened
current conditions to market
upheavals in 1998 and 1987
which resulted in substantial
interest rate cuts, inflation and a
weaker dollar.               
it's all true
Antitrust attorneys at the Justice
Department have advised regulators
that net neutrality laws should not be
passed because limiting the rates
that telecommunications companies
charge for Internet services may
impact “consumer choice and
investment in broadband facilities.”  
The assessment, which parallels
arguments against net neutrality that
large communications companies
have made over the past few years,
was offered to the Federal
Communications Commission, which
is investigating Internet openess.  

The Justice Department said that
“premature regulation” would limit the
amount of money that
communications companies can
make, which would hamper
“upgrading and expanding” Internet
networks.  Justice Department
attorneys said that American
are accustomed to services that are
provided at different levels of price,
pointing to the US Postal Service that
charges one price for regular mail
and higher prices for better or
guaranteed services to those
consumers who can afford it.

Under current laws, all citizens are
allowed equal access Internet
technologies in the same way that
they have access to telephone
services.  The nation’s largest
telecommunications firms have
lobbied congress to end open and
universal access to the Internet by
allowing companies to sell better and
faster Internet service to those who
can afford to pay more.  Allowing
companies to provide different levels
of service to website owners and
users who pay
more would fundamentally change
how the Internet is structured and
has developed since its creation.  

Members of congress failed to
add an amendment to a
telecommunications bill last year
that would ensure net neutrality
by guaranteeing that all websites
be equally accessible on the
Internet.  Senator Byron Dorgan
(D-SD) has resubmitted net
neutrality legislation this year but
the bill has not yet passed out of

Net neutrality is supported by a
group of the nation’s largest
Internet based businesses that
includes Yahoo, Microsoft and
Google.  The coalition of Internet
companies said in a statement
that a net neutrality law was
necessary, “to ensure that
cable and telephone companies
do not destroy the Internet as
we know it."    
it's all true
Poverty rates for children ages
selected countries
us           nz        can        aust
Six months before he ordered the
invasion of Iraq, President Bush was
personally informed of credible
intelligence that the nation
possessed no weapons of mass
destruction, having dismantled the
vestiges of its nuclear, chemical, and
biological weapons programs in
1991. The information was conveyed
to the President in a face-to-face
briefing by CIA Director George
Tenet in September 2002. After Bush
rejected the report, the information
was kept out of the National
Intelligence Estimate and withheld
from key actors in the lead up to the
invasion, including Secretary of State
Colin Powell and British Prime
Minister Tony Blair. New details of the
episode were revealed last week in a
report by

The allegation that the CIA had
obtained secret documentary
evidence that Iraq had no weapons
of mass destruction from Saddam
Hussein’s foreign minister was first
made by former CIA official Tyler
Drumheller in interviews with
and the BBC. The Salon
article cites two former senior CIA
officers who corroborate Drumheller’
s account and add new information
about the apparent decision to bury
the intelligence, which was eventually
proven to be totally accurate. Even
members of the House and Senate
Committees, who were given access
to highly classified background to the
National Intelligence Estimate, never
knew that such evidence existed.

According to the officers, after the
president’s dismissal of the
information as “the same old thing,”
CIA agents continued to investigate
the Iraqi foreign minister’s claims,
which were independently
corroborated by a variety of sources.
The agents later learned that their
report on the matter had been
substantially altered. One of the
agents told
Salon, “It was written by
someone in the agency, but unclear
who or where, it was so tightly

The charge that the president,
despite his public statements to the
contrary,  was aware of the
intelligence before the invasion
parallels a separate dispute that
arose last week between the White
House and former Coalition
Provisional Authority chief L. Paul
Bremer. In interviews he granted for
a recent book, Bush claimed to be
surprised by the decision to disband
the Iraqi Army in 2003. Usually a
reliable team player, Bremer angrily
retorted in a
New York Times article
that Bush and Defense Secretary
Donald Rumsfeld knew of and
personally approved the policy
before its implementation.                
it's all true
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