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Multiple Federal Investigations Sink the "Dukester"
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red state rebate

Representative Randy “Duke”
Cunningham, an eight term
republican Congressman from
California, is currently the subject
of investigations by several federal
authorities focusing on his
relationship with the owner of a
defense company called MZM

FBI agents served warrants on
properties owned by Cunningham
and at the offices of MZM.  Agents
of the Internal Revenue service
and the Department of Defense
assisted the FBI in the raids.  
Cunningham is a member of the
House defense appropriations
subcommittee and the Permanent
Select Committee on Intelligence and
has publicly acknowledged assisting
MZM secure over $150 million worth
of defense contracts.  MZM, which
specializes in national security and
intelligence reports that in 2004 its
revenues tripled and its staff
increased by 285 percent.

The multiple agency probe relates to
the sale of Cunningham’s San Diego
home to the owner of MZM, Mitchell
Wade, for an inflated price.  Wade
fun d' mental
Scientists Research
the Possibilities of
Cashing In
Holy Land Gives Not Unto Caesar by Judge's Decree
A Florida circuit court judge ruled
that a religious theme park that
charges an admission price of
$30 was exempt from taxation
because it serves a religious
purpose.  Judge Cynthia
MacKinnon ruled that the theme
park spreads gods word and
cannot be considered a for profit

There are over one thousand
churches in Orange County,
Florida, which are exempt from
paying property taxes.  The Holy
Land Experience filed for
tax-exempt status so that it would
not have
to pay property taxes or charge
the park’s customers a six percent
sales tax on religious souvenirs at
the theme park’s gift stores.  

Visitors to the Holy Land
Experience can roll the stone from
in front of Jesus’ tomb, interact
with costumed biblical characters
and attend the nighttime summer
extravaganza “Pilate’s Verdict”.  
Visitors can also feast on “Goliath
Burgers” at one of the park’s

Judge MacKinnon ruled that the
county  violated the owner of the
theme park’s due process by not
articulating a reason for denying a
tax exemption.  The theme park’s
owner is a non-profit group called
“Zion’s Hope” which identifies its
mission as proclaiming “to the Jewish
people their need for personal
salvation through Jesus.”  The judge
contrasted the park’s purpose of
spreading “what it considers to be
God’s word” to that of Disney, Epcot
and Anheuser-Busch.
A year long internal review of the
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
revealed that dozens of its top
scientists broke government rules
by failing to report income they
received from some of America’s
largest pharmaceutical
companies.  The NIH scientists
reportedly accepted both money
and stock options from the
pharmaceutical giants.

The NIH internal review showed
that 21 of the 27 institute and
center directors consulted for
private corporations at unreported
salaries of up to $235,000.  An
NIH Alzheimer’s researcher, Dr. P
Trey Sunderland III, was paid
$500,000 by Phizer during a six-
year period.  The top blood
transfusionist at the NIH, Dr.
Harvey Klien, was paid $240,000
in consulting fees plus 76,000
stock options over a five-year
period from five companies that
specialize in blood transfusion

There have been multiple
congressional hearings regarding
alleged conflicts of interest over
the past few congressional
sessions.  Recent congressional
investigations into both pain
relieving and cholesterol reducing
medications have led to the
removal of some drugs from the
marketplace by their
one nation, under survelliance
Security Personnel on to Bird Watchers
Heightened security in response
to concerns about possible
terrorist attacks has led to the
imposition of a series of
restrictions on an unlikely target
group: bird watchers.  With their
binoculars, cameras and
telescopes, ornithology
enthusiasts pursuing their hobby
on or adjacent to various public
lands have themselves become
the object of careful scrutiny by
security officials who seek to track
their movements and habits.

Earlier this year state officials
closed the Chesapeake Bay
Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia to bird
watchers.  The site had been a
favorite for years with over 350
species spotted.  After a series of
protests by bird watchers and
ornithology organizations a
compromise was reached and the
facility was reopened to limited
access; with bird watchers paying
fee to be escorted by security

Another popular spot for birding
is adjacent to Fort Huachucha, an
Army intelligence center near
Sierra Vista, Arizona.  Under new
regulations bird watchers who are
not US citizens are restricted from
entering the base.  Citizens must
provide photo identification,
vehicle registration and proof of
insurance to obtain a visitor pass.

In these and other cases where
bird watchers have been subject
to new security measures,
officials insist that because of
their “sophisticated gear” and
some of the locations they
frequent it is reasonable to target
the birders.  Security personnel
stress that they don’t seek to
disrupt the ornithologists routine,
they merely wish to observe them.





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Toxic Babies Born to American Mothers
A pair of studies released last
week added to the growing body
of evidence that unborn US
babies are exposed to a vast
array of toxins which begin to
reside in their bodies during the
earliest stages of development.  
One investigation found that
samples of umbilical cord blood
contained an average of 287
identifiable containments.  
Another study concluded that
exposure to k known pollutants in
umbilical cord blood resulted in
chromosomal abnormalities in
fetal tissues.

A report released last Thursday
by the Environmental Working
Group examined samples of
umbilical cord blood taken
randomly from around the country
by the American Red Cross.  
Among the toxins found in the
blood were Mercury,
flame-retardants, pesticides and
hydrocarbons (PAHs) a byproduct of
various forms of industrial
combustion.  Also present in the
samples was the Teflon chemical

According to the report, of the 287
detectable chemicals, “180 cause
cancer in humans and animals, 217
are toxic to the brain and nervous
system, and 208 cause birth defects
or abnormal development in animal

On Wednesday, researchers at
Columbia University’s Center for
Children’s Environmental Health
released their own study of the
effects of pollution on unborn
babies.  Sponsored by the National
Institute of Environmental Health
Sciences, the study found that the
presence of polyaromatic
hydrocarbons in fetal tissues could
lead to chromosomal abnormalities.  
The incidences of these
abnormalities rise in
relation to the level of exposure to
PAHs.  The study concluded that the
damage to chromosomes could lead
to more cancers in the subject
population.  PAHs are a byproduct of
the burning of gasoline and garbage.

The same day as the Columbia study
was published, the Governmental
Accountability Office released a
report suggesting the Environmental
Protection Agency lacks the
resources and authority to properly
regulate toxic materials.  The report,
which was commissioned by the
Congress, found that the Toxic
Substances Control Act gives only
“limited assurance” as to the safety
of chemicals being introduced into
the market.  The report also stated
that products already on the market
are rarely reassessed for safety in
light of emerging information.
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verbatim                                                    2.6
"I welcome the
investigation. I am
absolutely confident
the Justice
Department will do a
good job...
...I want to know
the truth,  leaks
of        classified
information    are bad
...If the person has
violated law,
that person will
be taken care of."
Chicago  IL    02.11.03
sold the property taking a $700,000
loss, this at a time when real estate
values rose 25 percent in San
Diego.  Cunningham also lives on a
yacht owned by Wade while he is in
Washington DC.  The yacht’s name;
“Duke-Stir”, is allegedly a take-off of
the congressman’s nickname.  

Cunningham’s attorney, K. Lee
Blalack, released a statement calling
the FBI’s search “strong arm tactics"
and “an appalling abuse of
government power.”  Cunningham
himself announced that he would not
seek re-election.
in bed with the red
Median Home Cost,Salary
Needed to Qualify and
Average Salaries for Five US





Boston /Los Angeles /New York /San
median home costs:
$315,000 / $335,000 / $307,000 /
solid=salary needed to qualify
for mortgage
dots=average salary for
construction/administrative jobs  
based on year 2003 statistics
source: National Housing Confrence