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spread of the red
"So I've told people that if
you're interested in
avoiding World War III, it
seems like you ought to
verbatim                                                                                                                                                                                                        number 24.4
interested in preventing them
from have the knowledge
necessary to make a nuclear
all nations about the
seriousness of this threat."
    Washington  DC  10.17.07
...I take the threat of
Iran with a nuclear
weapon very seriously.  
And we'll continue to
work with
British Parliamentarian investigators
have begun an inquiry into the
complicity of UK officials in the illegal
detention of  “terror suspects” by
American military and CIA
interrogators on the British owned
island Diego Garcia.  The foreign
affairs committee has indicated it will
examine allegations that kidnapped
suspects have been illegally held and
tortured in a US black site prison on
the island located in the Indian
Ocean about 1000 miles off the coast
of India.

Lawyers for detainees who are
currently held by the US military in
the detention camp at Guantanamo
Bay, Cuba have given the
parliamentary committee evidence
that suggests that the UK is
“potentially systematically complicit in
the most serious crimes against
humanity” including, “disappearance,
torture and prolonged
incommunicado detention.”  The
evidence includes an admission by
President Bush that suspects have
been taken “to an environment
where they can be held secretly
(and) questioned by experts,” and
comments made by a retired US
general that indicate that as many as
3000 detainees are currently being
held by the US military at “Diego
Garcia, Guantanamo (and) 16 camps
throughout Iraq.”  The lawyers, who
work for a British legal charity called
Reprieve, also provided
parliamentary investigators with the
results of an inquest conducted
by the Council of Europe into the
kidnapping of European citizens
by the US military and CIA
agents.  The lead investigator in
the Council’s review reported that
he had received multiple
confirmations that the US has
"used Diego Garcia, which is the
international legal responsibility of
the UK, in the ‘processing’ of high-
value detainees.” previously
reported that some of detainees
who have been released from US
custody said they were aware of
prisoners being held on a “prison
ship”, perhaps anchored at the
US military base at Diego
it's all true
UK Leased Tropical Island Torture Chamber to American
interpreting the constitution
crowd control
Broadband access/DSL and cable lines
per capita figures total expressed
per 10 population
S Korea    Japan         US        
source: Viroqua Institute
An enormous heap of plastic
debris, trapped by slowly
swirling tides in a remote
region of the Pacific Ocean,
has expanded to cover an
area twice the size of Texas,
creating a significant threat to
the survival of hundreds of
species. The Great Pacific
Garbage Patch contains some
3.5 million tons of discarded
plastic in various stages of
decomposition, 80 percent of
which comes from land-based
sources. According to
researchers who study the
phenomenon and its effect on
marine life, the mass of the
Garbage Patch has increased
tenfold each decade since the

As the plastic breaks down,
much of it is consumed by sea
birds, fish, and smaller marine
creatures that naturally feed
on zooplankton. The highly
toxic plastic fragments, which
absorb petrochemicals and
repel water, resemble food to a
wide range of species.
Samples collected in the
Pacific Garbage Patch, also
referred to as the Trash
Vortex, show concentrations of
plastics six times higher than
concentrations of plankton.
Scientists report finding
hundreds of individual plastic
pieces in the stomach and
digestive tract of a single fish
or bird.  Because the Garbage
Patch is in international waters
in the Pacific, the situation has
not been addressed.  
According to a report in the
San Francisco Chronicle,
recent attempts by the
California State Legislature to
curtail plastic waste "failed
after meeting strong opposition
from plastics industry
it's all true
Attorney General nominee Michael
Mukasey evaded a number of difficult
questions during his confirmation
hearings before the Senate Judiciary
Committee last week, declining to
offer an opinion as to the legality of
the Bush administration's
controversial domestic spying
programs, and specifically refusing to
declare the practice of
"waterboarding" detainees torture
under US and international law.

Some Democratic members of the
panel expressed exasperation with
Mukasey's limited and careful
answers, but by the end of the week
it appeared that the nomination was
headed for confirmation in the
committee, with approval by the full
Senate to follow within a few weeks.
Mukasey's testimony conveyed some
willingness to oppose the White
House on certain issues, in contrast
to his
predecessor Alberto Gonzales, who
resigned in September amid multiple
allegations of official improprieties.
But his positions on issues related to
the aggressive expansion of
executive authority by President
Bush and Vice President Cheney
have raised concerns among civil
rights advocates and constitutional

Asked by Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL)
and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) if he
considered waterboarding to be
torture, Mukasey responded that he
did not have enough knowledge of
the widely condemned practice to
comment. The nominee insisted that
if waterboarding is indeed torture,
than it is unlawful and
unconstitutional. Whitehouse called
Mukasey's stance "a massive
hedge," and saying,"I'm very
disappointed in that answer. I think
it's purely semantic."  
Mukasey did criticize the
now-rescinded Justice
Department "torture memos" as a
"mistake," calling them
"unnecessary," but he declined to
comment on recent reports of
secret department findings
reauthorizing torture adopted
shortly after Gonzales became
Attorney General.  Pressed by
ranking Republican Arlen Specter
of Pennsylvania about National
Security Agency programs that
have operated since early 2001 in
apparent violation of the Foreign
Intelligence Surveillance Act,
Mukasey reiterated that the Bush
administration had inherent
executive powers and the
Congressional authorization for
military action against Afghanistan
provide a legal framework for
conducting  warrantless domestic
it's all true
Airport security screeners working for
the federal Transportation Security
Administration failed to detect the
majority of simulated explosive
devices and bomb components
concealed by undercover
investigators posing as passengers
in tests conducted last year at two
busy international airports. The
alarming failure rates were reported
by USA Today, which obtained a
classified TSA document detailing the
results of tests at Los Angeles
International Airport and O'Hare
International Airport in Chicago. TSA
officials downplayed the results,
saying that substantial changes have
been made to procedures for
screener training and testing.

TSA screeners at LAX missed some
75 percent of the fake bombs and
related components investigators
attempted to smuggle through
security checkpoints,
according to the confidential
departmental report. Security
personnel at O'Hare allowed about
60 percent of the artificial devices to
pass. The materials were hidden in
carry-on baggage or concealed on
the persons of the undercover
testers, who were working for the
TSA Office of Investigations.

Former Department of Homeland
Security Inspector General Clark
Kent Ervin called the failure rates "a
huge cause for concern."  TSA
spokeswoman Ellen Howe told USA
Today that the poor results of the
tests, which were conducted from
October 2005 through September
2006, prompted an overhaul of
training procedures and an increase
in testing nationwide. The agency
currently conducts about 20, 000
testing operations each week.    
it's all
Plastic, Ocean
Like Oil and Water
Mukasey Moves Toward Confirmation as Chairman of the
TSA Security LAX, Breaches ORDinary
one nation, under surveillance
fun d' mental
President Bush has appointed a
fundamentalist Christian, Dr.
Susan Orr, who has been a
lifelong critic of family planning
and contraception, to head the
federal program that provides
birth control and family planning
services to the nation’s poor.

Orr currently sits on the board of
directors of the non-profit
organization called Teen Choice
that promotes teen abstinence.  
Teen Choice demonizes
contraception by equating birth
control with legal abortion.   

Orr has been criticized for
speaking out publicly against
contraception and family
planning.  In 2000 Orr fought
against a Washington, DC city
council bill that would have
required employer’s insurance
companies to pay for
contraception.  At that time Orr
said the city council bill was “not
about health care, it’s about
making everyone collaborators
with the culture of death.”  Orr will
oversee the federal government’s
$238 million yearly budget for
family planning service assisting
more than 5 million poor
it's all true
Newly released documents reveal
that the Department of Defense has
collaborated with the FBI to illegally
request and receive the telephone,
Internet and financial records of
American citizens from some of the
nation’s larges telecommunications
companies and financial institutions
over the past few years.

Documents analyzed by the
American Civil Liberties Union reveal
that the DOD sought the cooperation
of the FBI to request the records of
American citizens who have not been
charged with a crime, without, as is
required by the US Constitution,
presenting evidence in a court of law
that demonstrates probable cause
and receiving a judge’s approval to
gather the records.

The ACLU said that the documents,
which were obtained through a
freedom of information request,
expose an “expanded role of the
military in domestic intelligence
gathering.”  The documents show
that the DOD has requested that the
FBI issue secret subpoenas to
access citizen’s personal banking
and phone records that the DOD
does not have a right to receive.  
The FBI has broader authority under
the Patriot Act to request information
businesses than the DOD.  The
ACLU maintains that the DOD
requests, which were fulfilled by the
FBI, are examples of the agency
“flouting the law” to obtain
information that Congress never
intended.  There is no evidence that
the FBI ever refused a request for
citizen’s records made by the DOD.

As previously reported by, an investigation
by the Inspector General for the
Justice Department found that the
FBI issued more than 143,000
demands for records about private
citizens between 2003 and 2005.  
The investigation also uncovered
many instances where the FBI
demanded records improperly or
illegally during that same time period.

“The documents make clear that the
Department of Defense may have
secretly and illegally conducted
surveillance beyond the powers it
was granted by Congress.  It also
appears as if the FBI is serving as a
lackey for the DOD in misusing
Patriot Act powers,” said Anthony D.
Romero, Executive Director of the
ACLU in a press release.  “Once
again,” Romero said, “the Bush
administration’s unchecked authority
has led to abuse and civil liberties
it's all true
DOD Gets the FBI to do the Dirty Work
Bush Appointment
Fundamentally Flawed
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