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spread of the red
in bed with the red
source: Viroqua Institute
crowd control
fun d' mental
in bed with the red
source: Viroqua Institute
The furore over the revelation that
the Central Intelligence Agency had
destroyed at least two videotapes
showing the interrogation and
alleged torture of terrorist suspects in
secret US custody continued this
week in Washington as CIA Director
General Michael Hayden testified
about the agency's actions in
separate hearings before both the
House and Senate Intelligence
Committees. Hayden's appearances
before the panels on Tuesday and
Wednesday came as members of the
official 9/11 Commission and lawyers
involved in the federal trial of
terrorism suspect Zacarias
Moussaoui said that the videotapes
were withheld from them by the CIA.
Also on
Tuesday, a former CIA official
publicly admitted that the agency had
used controversial interrogation
techniques including "waterboarding"
on detainees, and that these
techniques had been specifically
approved by the White House.
"This was a policy made at the White
House, with concurrence from the
National Security Council and the
Justice Department," former agent
John Kiriakou told NBC News.
Kiriakou, a leader of the CIA team
that captured and interrogated
alleged al Qaida operative Abu
Zubaydah in 2002, said that
subjecting the prisoner to
waterboarding, a form of simulated
drowning widely condemned as
"broke" Zubaydah and "probably
saved lives." Kiriakou said in the
interview that he agreed that use
of the technique amounted to

Hayden claimed last week that
members of Congress were kept
apprised of the existence and
eventual destruction of the
videotapes, but this week senior
members of the House and
Senate Intelligence Committees
from both parties challenged that
account.  Experts in international
law note that the destroyed
videotapes may have contained
prima facie evidence of war
crimes under the Geneva
it's all true
CIA Obstruction of Justice Erases Evidence of War
A worker's rights advocacy
group has released a report
that reveals that crucifixes, one
of the most revered icons of
Christianity which symbolize
the martyrdom of Jesus, that
are being sold throughout the
US were manufactured in
Chinese sweatshops.  The
National Labor Committee
released the report, “Today,
Workers Bear the Cross” at a
press conference in front of St
Patrick’s Cathedral in New
York City where the group said
the church gift shop was
offering the crucifixes for sale
to tourists.

The committee’s report was
based upon surreptitiously
recorded video that was
smuggled out of China that
showed female workers, some
as young as 15 years old,
toiling in unsafe conditions
reportedly in 15 hour shifts
seven days a week.  The
workers are paid a salary of 2
dollars a day, which does not
even meet the statutory
minimum wage in China of 4
dollars a day.  The young
female workers are housed on
the premises of the factory in
unsanitary dormitories and fed
meals of watery vegetable

The crucifixes were imported
by the Singer Company of
Mount Vernon, NY and are
marketed at Christian
merchandising expos held
throughout the US.  The
company said that although it
attempts to ensure that
workers in the factories that
produce Christian products in
China are treated with dignity
they “cannot be 100 percent
certain” that their products are
not manufactured in slave
labor conditions.   
it's all true
Churches Selling
Slave Crafted
In a move that has surprised many,
the Bush administration has re-hired
one of the architects of the plan to
invade Iraq on false pretenses.  Paul
Wolfowitz, who resigned from the
position he held as Deputy Defense
Secretary, has been tapped by
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
to head the International Security
Advisory Board to advise the
administration of the existence of
threats posed by countries that may
be developing weapons of mass
destruction. The board meets on a
quarterly basis after reviewing highly
classified intelligence regarding the
development of weapons of mass
destruction by countries that are not
US allies and reports its findings to
the State Department.

Wolfowitz was among the Bush
administration officials that is alleged
have massaged classified information
and created new streams of
intelligence, many of which are now
known to have been dramatically
compromised and fundamentally
flawed, in the effort to frighten
Americans to believe that Iraq
intended to attack America or it’s
interests with weapons of mass
destruction and should therefore be
invaded “preemptively”.  

The Advisory Board analyzes
classified intelligence information
regarding the development of
weapons of mass destruction in
countries such as North Korea and
Iran and reports directly to the
Secretary of State.  The board’s 18
members currently includes the
former Director of the CIA, James
Woolsey.  The appointment to the
board does not require Senate
it's all true
State Department Chooses Liar as New
A committee of the United Nations
has concluded that the use of
Tasers by law enforcement
agencies can be a form of torture,
and that in some instances the
stun guns have caused the
deaths of unarmed suspects. The
declaration comes in the wake of
a recent rash of high-profile
incidents involving police and
security officers which included
questionable or excessive use of
the weapons, including six
Taser-related adult deaths in one
week in the US and Canada.
Human rights group Amnesty
International has called for a
moratorium on the use of stun
guns by law enforcement
agencies until their effects can be
scientifically assessed, and
personnel receive more extensive

The UN Committee Against
Torture, meeting in Geneva, said
in a statement that certain uses
by police of Tasers, which emit a
charge of 50,000 volts of
electricity, violate the terms of the
UN Convention Against Torture,
adding, "that in certain cases it
could also cause death."  A
spokesman for Taser International
dismissed the safety concerns,
saying the UN committee was "out
of touch with the realities facing
law enforcement agents."    
it's all
The perceived likelihood that the
Democratic Party will make significant
electoral gains in the 2008 elections
has created pressure on lobbyists
representing a variety of business
and financial interests to consolidate
gains made under the Republican
administration, setting off a scramble
in Washington to enact
business-friendly laws and
regulations in the final months of the
Bush presidency.  Chambers of
commerce, trade associations, and
corporate interest groups, worried
that the federal regulatory
environment may become less
favorable for their respective
agendas, have increased their efforts
to finalize proposed changes by next
summer. A recent report by the New
York Times noted, "Documents on
file at several agencies show that
business groups have stepped up
lobbying in recent months, as they try
to help the Bush administration finish
work on rules that have been hotly
debated and, in some cases, litigated
for years."  

In some cases, campaigning and
debate among the Democratic
presidential candidates has led to the
emergence of broad consensus on
certain issues subject to federal
regulation, such as family and
medical leave requirements for
employers. Although they differ on
specifics, most Democratic hopefuls
favor some modest form of expansion
the 1993 law mandating emergency
leave benefits for workers, which is
generally opposed by the business
lobby. The National Association of
Manufacturers and the US Chamber
of Commerce are among the
powerful private interest groups
working to reduce workers'
entitlement to emergency leave. "We
want to get this done before the
election," Chamber of Commerce
vice president Randel K. Johnson
told the Times, adding, "The next
White House may be less hospitable
to our position."  

Corporate interests are also laying
the foundations for future lobbying
efforts under a possible Democratic
administration. Many trade groups
and private lobbying firms are
recruiting well-connected Democrats
into their ranks, and as previously
reported by redstateupdate,
corporate campaign donations have
migrated significantly to the party in
the current election cycle. The Wall
Street Journal reported in October
that Democratic presidential
candidates had raised some 70
percent more funds than their
Republican counterparts. According
to the Times, "Lobbyists, expecting
battles over taxes and health care in
2009, are pouring money into the
campaigns of Democratic candidates
for Congress and the White
it's all true
Taser Debate
Severance Package Prepared for
"Let me finish,
please…Should I be
concerned of a picture --
should the American people
be concerned about Iran?
Yes, we ought to be very
concerned about Iran.
They're a destabilizing
verbatim                                                                    number 25.5
…They have expressed their
desire to be able to enrich
uranium, which we believe is a
step toward having a nuclear
weapons program…It's a very
troubling nation right now.      
Washington DC 08.09.07
US mortgage foreclosures
jan                may             
Brown Tribute
The US House of Representatives
showed broad bipartisan support for
studying and defending against a
vaguely described threat of possible
future “homegrown” terrorism when it
recently passed the “Violent
Radicalization and Homegrown
Terrorism Prevention Act" by a 404-6
margin.  The bill specifically targets
persons or groups “born, raised or
based and operating” in the US.

The language of the bill makes it a
crime to “intimidate or coerce” the
government or citizens of the US “in
furtherance of political or social
objectives.”  The proposal would also
make it a crime to hold or promote a
system of beliefs that is considered
to endorse violent “political, religious,
or social change” in the US.  The
legislation also outlaws planning or
threatening to use force to promote a
political, social
or religious cause and states that the
Internet has "aided in facilitating"
such efforts.

Though the bill does outlaw holding
certain ideologies, planning to
promote those ideologies or
attempting to coerce others to
advance social change, it does not
specify what these ideologies or
visions of social change are.  The
proposal does, however, provide for
funding to explore the "facts and
causes of violent radicalization",
appropriating $22 million to study the
matter over the course of the next
few years.

Critics of the bill believe that the
proposed legislation is problematic
because it focuses on policing belief
and intention as opposed to criminal
acts.  The American Civil Liberties
Union feels that by concentrating on
and thoughts the bill could “lead
to unconstitutional restrictions on
speech and belief.”  The Union is
fearful that efforts to crack down
on homegrown terrorists are likely
to increase ethnic, racial and
religious profiling.  A
spokesperson for the ACLU said,
"Law enforcement should focus
on action, not thought. We need
to worry about the people who are
committing crimes rather than
those who harbor beliefs that the
government may consider to be

Although the bill’s sponsor, Rep.
Jane Harman (D-CA) said that “a
chief problem is radical forms of
Islam,” the proposal does provide
that, “Individuals should not be
targeted based solely on race,
ethnicity or religion.”    
it's all true
Legislators Believe That Beliefs Pose Threat to
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