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2007 Winter Solstice
fun d' mental : bible
Texas Panel Approves Fundamental Changes
US Citizens Choose Christian Conformity
Students Air Force-Fed Dogma on Campus
source: Viroqua
2005 yearly revenues of largest Christian televangelist companies and their
Charles Stanley        Billy Graham         James Dobson         Paul F Crouch         
Michael Little
A lawsuit has been filed
against the Department of
Defense relating to the
missionary activities of an
evangelical Christian group on
the campus of the Air Force

The Military Religious Freedom
Foundation filed the suit after
the release of a video by the
Academy Campus Crusade for
Christ that shows members
recruiting students saying that
they can be “government paid
missionaries” when they leave
the academy and that the
ministry wants to “make Jesus
Christ the issue” on the Air
Force Academy campus.

The director of the Military
Religious Freedom Foundation,
Mike Weinstein, said that the tape
represents government support of a
specific religion that is
unconstitutional.  Weinstein said,
“You cannot engage the US
government to propel your religion.”  
Weinstein's group has previously
criticized DOD for allowing Christian
evangelicals to intimidate students at
its war colleges.

A spokes person for Campus
Crusade for Christ said that the
group is careful “to comply with all
government and Department of
Defense policies and regulations”
when they carry out missionary work
on the US military college campuses.  

The Air Force said that it works
“actively to remind people to respect
others” and that a “wide variety” of
religious services are available on
it's all true
A poll conducted by Gallup, Inc.
indicates that 82 percent of
Americans identify themselves as
Christians.  51 percent of poll
respondents identified themselves as
Protestant and 23 percent said they
were Catholics.  The poll found that
an additional five percent reported
that they followed the precepts of
another Christian religion, such as

62 percent of the participants in the
said that they also are members
of a “church or synagogue”.  This
represents a slight downturn in
citizens who reported that they
are active churchgoers since the
late 1960’s when over 70 percent
said that they belonged to church
or synagogue.  Gallup began to
conduct polls about religious
beliefs in America in 1937.        
all true
A panel of the Texas Higher
Education Board has given approval
to the Institute for Creation Research
to award on line masters degrees to
students in science education.  

The group is a fundamentalist
Christian organization that teaches
that the earth was created in six days
and that humans have only existed
for a few thousand years.  The group
opened the Creation Museum last
year in Kentucky where early humans
are depicted living in the Garden of
Eden along side dinosaurs.  This is in
spite of scientific data that shows that
the earth is 4 billion years
old and the ancestors of human
beings appeared millions of years
ago. The group says that its
courses give future teachers of
science "evidences of the Bible's
accuracy and authority"  through
scientific research but "within a
thoroughly biblical framework."  

If approved by the Coordinating
Board of the Texas Higher
Education Panel, the Institute
could begin offering masters
degrees to students who want to
become science teachers in
Texas classrooms by early next
it's all true
Almighty, you can're
equally an American if you're a
Jew, Christian or Muslim or Hindi
or whatever."  
      Washington DC
verbatim                                                                          number 26.1
"And if you choose to...if you believe in the
More than 45 percent of
common European bird
species have significantly
declined over the past 26
years, the result of reduced
habitat and increasingly
intensive farming and forestry
methods, according to a
comprehensive new study
released last week. Many of
the most severely impacted
species face "continental
extinction" in the words of the
report, which was published
jointly by the European Bird
Census Council, BirdLife
International, and the Royal
Society for the Protection of
Birds. Among the threatened
species are the grey partridge,
the nightingale, and the turtle
dove, all of which suffered
declines in their European
populations exceeding 60
percent during the period

The study found that common
farmland birds were
particularly at risk, with all 33
farmland species showing
declining numbers, and a
cumulative 44 percent decline
among these species since
1980. In a statement, RSPB
Conservation Director Dr. Mark
Avery said, "These declines
are so severe that in Europe
they are considered to be
heading towards continental
extinction." The report
documents similar trends
among the newer European
Union states.

A US-based census of
common bird species released
by the National Audubon
Society in June also found
alarming declines in their
numbers, with twenty species
having lost more than half of
their populations over 40
it's all true
Human Blight
Is Avian Plight
A raft of recent reports out of Iraq
provide fresh evidence that the
trauma and privation from years of
US military occupation have had
particularly tragic consequences for
the nation's children. Some 25,000
children in Iraq fled their homes and
became refugees in each month of
2007, according to a United Nations
document released last week. The
report, by the UN children's welfare
agency UNICEF, said that acute
malnutrition among Iraqi children has
more than doubled since the March
2003 US invasion. A separate study
by Iraq's anti-corruption board
estimates that there are currently
more than five million Iraqi orphans,
according to a report by the Voices
of Iraq news agency.

The UNICEF report, entitled "Little
Respite for Iraq's Children in 2007,"  
concludes that more than two million
Juvenile Detentions Ensure No Child Left Behind
in Iraq
authorities, many for alleged
security violations." A recent
report by the
Agence France Presse news
agency revealed that US troops
were holding as many as 950
children, some as young as 10, in
a prison facility at Camp Cropper,
near the Baghdad airport. The
children, dressed in special red
jumpsuits, constitute about 25
percent of total detainees at
Camp Cropper.

"These juveniles have been
involved in something that is
perceived as a security threat to
Iraq or coalition forces," Brigadier
General Michael Nevin of the US
military police told the AFP. The
UN agency report notes that
detentions of Iraqi children are up
significantly since the start of the
US troop "surge" last
it's all
children in the country face serious
threats of violence, disease, and
malnutrition. The agency also warned
that the massive internal refugee
population was largely without access
to education.  According to the
report, "Insecurity and displacement
continue to cause hardship for many
in the most insecure parts of the
country and further eroded access to
quality essential services
country-wide." The report estimates
that almost one million Iraqi
schoolchildren have had their
education interrupted by the conflict.

A largely overlooked aspect of US
military operations in Iraq is the
detention of juveniles apprehended
during security sweeps. UNICEF
researchers found that
"approximately 1350 children were
detained by military and police
authorities, many for
Despite the widespread
implementation of enhanced security
protocols at airports nationwide as
part of the Bush administration "war
on terror," there is no evidence that
such measures are effective in
preventing or reducing breaches of
security, according to a report
released last week by a team of
researchers from the Harvard School
of Public Health. The researchers
could not identify any investigations
or evidence as to the efficacy of any
of the common airport security
screening procedures, including
x-raying luggage or requiring
passengers to remove their shoes.
The results of the study were
published in the British Medical

Transportation Security
Administration officials contacted by
the research team said that
evaluation of new security measures
was not a priority, but
defended its operations by
highlighting the TSA's confiscation of
more than 13 million prohibited items
in a single year. The researchers
found that most of these items were
disposable lighters.

The questions about the
effectiveness of sweeping new
security procedures come as the
Department of Homeland Security is
pressing forward with two
controversial operations that have
drawn criticism from civil liberties
groups. DHS officials confirm that the
Automated Targeting System, a
database developed to screen and
track international cargo shipments,
was being expanded to
gather data on every individual that
enters or leaves the country for any
purpose. The TSA has also
increased its deployment of
"behavior detection specialists" to
mingle with the public in the nation's
it's all true
DHS Increases Suspicious
source: UN Office on Drugs and
Average prison sentence
selected countries
UK -
Estonia -
United States -
years      20            40            60
Finland -
Canada -
verbatim                                           number 26.1
"If you've got
somebody in
harm's way... the military."
New Albany IN   11.13.07 want the
president being...
making advice,
not be given
A recent review of Justice
department statistics pointed
toward an increase in instances of
police brutality over the past few
USA Today and the
Transactional Records Access
Clearinghouse at Syracuse
University found in separate
reviews that the number of
criminal cases being brought by
Justice Department attorneys
against local police forces for the
use of excessive force and
brutality climbed significantly
between the years of 2001 and

The study by
USA Today found
that the number of actions
brought by the Justice
Department against police and
prison guards in 2007 was 25
percent higher than in 2001.  
Justice Department statistics also
showed that there were 53
percent more convictions in 2007
than in 2001.

The Transactional Records
Clearing House found in its review
of DOJ statistics that the number
of police brutality cases in the first
ten months of 2007 exceeded the
entire amount of cases brought in
2002 by 66 percent.  TRAC also
reported that the number of
excessive force cases filed last
year was 61 percent higher than
the number of cases filed a
decade ago.                  
it's all true
Slim Harpo  
Tribute Page
Brutal Tactics
Increase as
Police Practice
As Americans celebrate the holidays
and look forward to the New Year,
citizens living in two modern-day
suburban tent cities in California
brace for the coming year with hope
and apprehension.  Residents of one
of the encampments, located near
Sacramento, were served with an
eviction notice on Christmas Eve.  
The group of homeless citizens was
forced off property owned by the
Union Pacific Railroad in November,
which is when they moved the
encampment to the undeveloped
parcel they are now being evicted

Over 200 people live in another
encampment located adjacent to the
LA/Ontario International Airport in  
Ontario, CA.  Local authorities moved
the residents of “Camp Hope” to the
site near the airport because an
earlier encampment was too close to
homes.  Town officials in Ontario
granted the city owned property to its
residents, declaring the parcel a
“rest area”.  The city also provides
portable toilets to the residents of the
camp.  Local homeless support
groups supply residents with meals
and hot showers twice a week.  

Residents who live in the tent cities
say that the downturn in the
economy, inflated housing prices and
rising medical costs are factors that
lead many families to desperate
situations. San Bernardino’s
homeless population his risen 39
since 2002 and one in every 43
households is in foreclosure.  
Nationally, foreclosures are up
more than 100 percent since last

The Associated Press recently
reported that credit card defaults
have risen 18 percent since last
year and the number of accounts
that are more than 30 days late
has risen by 26 percent.  Some
banks reported even higher
increases in credit card default;
Bank of America saw an increase
of 200 percent over the last year.  
Capital One Financial reported
that credit card delinquencies are
highest in areas where
foreclosures have
it's all true
Experts See Prospects for Growth in America's Tent City Sector
The Environmental Protection
Agency recently denied California a
waiver that would allow the state to
impose limits on automobile
emissions of green house gasses
that are more stringent than the
recently amended federal standards.  
Although EPA staff had reviewed the
request and advised that it should be
granted, the denial came after an
intensive lobbying campaign by the
automobile industry, members of
Congress and the White House.   

California had sought and received
waivers from the agency over 60
times in the past 37 years and had
never been denied the right to
establish more strict emission
standards for automobiles than the
federal requirements until the recent
decision.  The denial also impacts 16
other states that were poised to
adopt the California standards.

Congress recently passed new
federal auto emissions standards
that gradually raise the nation’s fuel
economy standards over the next 15
years.  The rules require
manufacturer’s automobiles, light
trucks and SUVs to get an average of
35 miles per gallon of gas by 2020.  
The federal plan begins to be
phased in 2011.  It was the first time
in 32 years that emission standards
have been strengthened largely due
to pressure from the automobile
industry to maintain the outdated
federal limits.  The California rules
require manufacturers to achieve a
fleet average
of 43.7 miles per gallon by 2016 and
would require changes in 2009
automobile models.  An executive at
General Motors testified in a trail
earlier this year that the California
standards could cost the company
$25 billion over the next 9 years.

During debate about the new
standards automobile industry
executives met with members of
congress and Vice President Dick
Cheney seeking assurances that the
federal standard would be strictly
enforced.  The White House lobbied
for exclusive agency power to adopt
a single federal standard as
Congress was drafting the
standards.  In a speech on the floor
of the Senate, Carl Levin (D-MI) said
that his vote for the more strict
emissions standards was conditioned
on the EPA not undercutting the
federal rule by granting states
separate waivers.  Prior to the ruling,
representatives from the auto
industry delivered an appeal in the
form of a letter directly to the head of
the EPA.   

Rep Henry Waxman (D-CA) said that
the EPA ruling “appears to have
ignored the evidence before the
agency and the requirements of the
Clean Air Act.”    Representatives of
the auto industry disagreed saying,
"by denying this waiver, the EPA has
not wavered."  Waxman, who chairs
the House Oversight and
Government Reform Committee, has
initiated an investigation into the
agency's denial of the waiver.   
it's all
Auto Lobby Rebuilds EPA Ruling in DC