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spread of the red
one nation, under surveillance
one nation, under surveillance
number 160    
May Day  
March in
The Justice Department is in the
process of revising procedural
guidelines to allow FBI personnel to
initiate terrorism investigations
against American citizens based
solely on profiling and computer
modeling, without any evidence of
criminal activity. The new policy,
which would permit law enforcement
agents to proceed with investigations
of individuals or groups because of
their ethnic background or religious
affiliation, is expected to be
implemented before the presidential
election in November. Civil liberties
and minority groups condemned the
move, claiming it institutionalizes the
practice of racial profiling.

Attorney General Michael Mukasey
confirmed his intention to expand the
FBI’s investigative authority in June,
telling reporters, “It’s necessary to
put in place regulations that will allow
the FBI to transform itself… into an
intelligence gathering organization in
addition to just a crime solving
organization.” Last week the
Associated Press, citing numerous
senior government sources familiar
with the new guidelines, reported,
“Among the factors that could make
someone subject of an investigation
is travel to regions of the world
known for terrorist activity, access to
weapons or military training, along
with the person’s race or ethnicity.”

The broad discretion afforded to FBI
agents under the revised
procedures has been criticized as
an invitation to violate civil
liberties and privacy rights. An
American Civil Liberties Union
spokesman called the new
guidelines “COINTELPRO for the
21st century,” recalling the
program of illegal surveillance of
US citizens operated for two
decades by the FBI under director
J. Edgar Hoover. "But this is much
more insidious because it could
involve more people."

Last week, the Council on American-
Islamic Relations issued a press
release describing  the proposed
regulations as “unconstitutional and
it's all true
Civilian casualties in Afghanistan
have risen dramatically this year
as the US steps up operations
against insurgents that have
gained control of whole sections
of the country. The number of
civilians killed in the fighting in the
first half of this year increased by
62 percent over the same period
in 2007, according to data
compiled by the United Nations. In
addition to local combat, a
number of civilians have been
killed or wounded in US airstrikes,
which have become more
common over the past year.

UN humanitarian affairs director
John Holmes said that the volatile
security situation in Afghanistan
made it  impossible to deliver
emergency aid to many remote
regions of the country. He added
that poor Afghans living in rural
areas were being severely
affected by the global food crisis.

Separate figures from the
Pentagon show that attacks on
coalition forces have increased 40
percent this year. July was the
second consecutive month that
US deaths in Afghanistan
exceeded those in Iraq.   
it's all true
Endorsement of Racial Profiling Suspiciously Resembles
Afghanistan a
Failed State
Of Emergency
The board of directors of the
International Monetary Fund has
informed Fed chief Ben Bernanke
and Treasury Secretary Hank
Paulson that the IMF will move
forward with a
detailed assessment of the US
financial system, to include
examinations of both private and
public sector financial entities and
institutions. The Financial Sector
Assessment Program has been in
place since 1999, but under the Bush
administration, the US has until now
declined to allow IMF auditors the
access to data necessary to
complete a comprehensive review.
The assessment being undertaken
now, in the final months of the Bush
presidency, will not be published in
its final form until 2010.

Another perceived reason for the
acceptance of the IMF audit is the
weakened position at this time of the
US in general and the Federal
Reserve in particular. Bernanke’s
aggressive cutting of interest rates
since last fall, which was done in an
effort to avert a solvency crisis in the
banking and financial
sectors, has been a bitter pill to
swallow for scores of countries that
index their currencies to the
consequently weakened US dollar.
Even now, the Fed is “holding” rates
well below inflation to create a
favorable environment for the  
financials. Judging by their earnings,
and the glacial pace of lending
activity, Bernanke’s corrective
actions are not working very well, but
they continue to alienate many of the
nation’s most important trading

The German daily
Der Spiegel, in
an article headlined
The Shrinking
Influence of the US Federal Reserve
summarized what the FSAP will entail
: “As part of the assessment, the
Fed, the SEC, the major investment
banks, mortgage banks and hedge
funds will be asked to hand over
confidential documents to the IMF
team. They will be required to answer
the questions they are asked during
interviews. Their databases will be
subject to so-called stress tests—
worst case scenarios designed to
simulate the broader effects of
failures of other major financial
institutions or a continuing decline of
the dollar.”

While bearish wags may predict that
modeling software will be
unnecessary because such "stress
tests" are already on the horizon, the
IMF seems serious in its attempt to
rein in Bernanke's monetary
unilateralism. The US exported risk to
the developed world, and capitulation
to international regulators is just part
the cost to the Fed.            
it's all true
Cooked US Books Contain Secret Recipe For
A new study published in the
journal Bioscience tracks the
decline of some of the most
remote penguin populations.   
The study’s author, P. Dee
Boersma says that declining
penguin populations can be
viewed as “canaries in the coal
mine” signifying the harmful
effects of over fishing,
development, global warming
and pollution in general.

“Penguins are sentinels of the
marine environment, and by
observing and studying them,
researchers can learn about
the rate and nature of changes
occurring in the southern
oceans,” Boersma writes,
“penguins provide insights into
patterns of regional ocean
productivity and long-term
climate variation."

Scientists say that the decline
in penguin populations is
caused by different
influences.  In areas that are
over fished, penguins have to
travel farther for food.  Parents
sometimes abandon their chick
as they leave in search of fish
to feed on.  This year
Antarctica has been hit by an
unusually high number of
rainstorms.  Baby penguins,
whose outer feathers have not
fully developed to repel water,
freeze to death when nighttime
temperatures drop below the
freezing point.  One of the
populations that Boersma has
monitored in Argentina has
declined by 22 percent since

Boersma reports that 12 of the
world’s 19 different penguin
species are threatened by
global  development.         
all true
An undercover agent for the CIA has
alleged in court documents that he
provided intelligence that confirmed
that Iran had ceased its work to
produce nuclear weapons, but the
agency suppressed the information
and ordered him to falsify information
regarding the spread of nuclear
weapons in the Middle East.

The agent, whose name is classified,
worked for the CIA for 22 years
before he was fired.  In 2004 the
agent filed a lawsuit claiming that he
was retaliated against by the agency
because he continued to file reports
that contradicted the prevailing
mindset at the CIA, that Iran was
surreptitiously building nuclear
weapons.  The agent’s attorney, Roy
Kreiger said, “on five occasions (his
client) was ordered to either falsify
his reporting on WMD in
the Near East, or not to file his
reports at all.”

The litigant filed a motion asking that
the government de-classify
documents that show the CIA was
aware of the intelligence and had
suppressed the information.  The CIA
has claimed that information relating
to the agent’s case is top secret and
cannot be divulged to the public.  
Kreiger said that the publication of
the National Intelligence Estimate,
which found that Iran ceased its
development of nuclear weapons in
2003, proves that the CIA was aware
of the information that his client had
reported and undermines the agency’
s argument that information
regarding his client should remain
classified.  The CIA said that it
doesn't “direct their officers to falsify
intelligence...or to suppress it for
political reasons.”         
it's all true
A federal judge has rejected the
Bush Administrations assertion that
in his role as commander in chief, the
president can conduct secret
surveillance without seeking the
approval of a court.  Judge Vaughn
R. Walker, chief judge for the
Northern District of California, said
the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
Act as currently written is the
“exclusive” mechanism that the
president can use to conduct legal
eavesdropping on Americans.

The judge’s ruling was rendered in a
case brought by a charity in Oregon
that has evidence that the National
Security Agency wiretapped its
telephones without a judge’s
approval under the Bush
administration’s secret surveillance
program.  As reported previously by, phone records
that revealed the charity’s phones
tapped were provided to the
attorneys for the charity by the
Justice Department.  

The Justice Department demanded
the return of the documents, claiming
that they were classified, and has
argued that the lawsuit brought by
the charity should be quashed
because Bush has an inherent right
as commander in chief to order
wiretapping of Americans without
judicial approval or court oversight
and the program itself was a “state

Judge Walker, in a 56-page ruling,
flatly rejected the Bush administration’
s expansive and novel interpretation
that a president can override statute
and the constitution to conduct
surveillance of US citizens without the
supervision of the courts and
Congress.  Walker wrote, “Congress
appears clearly to have
intended to, and did, establish the
exclusive means for foreign
intelligence activities to be
conducted.”  The judge ruled that
in no uncertain terms, “FISA limits
the executive branch’s authority
to assert the stat secrets privilege
in response to challenges to the
legality of its foreign intelligence
surveillance activities.”

Judge Walker's ruling is
significant, coming as it does as
Congress debates giving immunity
to telephone companies that
cooperated with the Bush
administration as it circum-vented
the FISA rules, as the 46 civil
lawsuits filed against telephone
companies for violating
American's privacy have been
consolidated in Walker's
courtroom in California's northern
it's all true
State funding of public
transportation per capita
elected states
ny        il        wi       vt       la  
verbatim                                                                                number 31.3
…they love
America and
they love their
"I want to tell you how
proud I am to be the
President of a nation
in which there's a lot
of Philippine-
…and I am reminded of
the great talent of our
when I eat dinner at the
White House."
Washington DC 06.24.08
Federal Judge Rules Wiretapping Not an Executive
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