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"First of all, I don't see America having
China 08.10.08
Number of assaults, in
selected  countries
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The White House has strongly
denied sensational new charges that
senior Bush administration officials
ordered the CIA to forge a document
and plant it in the press as part of an
effort to justify the invasion of Iraq
after it became clear that the
government of Saddam Hussein
possessed no weapons of mass

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron
Suskind alleges in his book
The Way
of the World
, published last week,
that former CIA director George
Tenet was told in 2003 to create a
backdated letter purporting to
confirm a link between Iraq and the
terrorist attacks of September 11th,
2001, and to pass it to
a journalist. Suskind reiterated his
accusations last week in a series of
TV appearances, challenging the
former intelligence officials named in
his account to repeat their denials
under oath.

The letter was falsely attributed to
former Iraqi intelligence chief Jalil
Habbush al-Tikriti, who had become
a paid US informant living in a secure
location in Jordan. The text of the
missive claimed that alleged 9/11
“ringleader” Mohammed Atta trained
for the hijackings in Iraq, with the
knowledge of the Iraqi leadership: the
“operational link” between Saddam
Hussein and the al Qaida terrorist
network that had been so frequently
asserted by top Bush
administration figures in the run-
up to the invasion. The existence
of the letter was first reported by
Sunday Telegraph in
December 2003; that report and
subsequent media references to
the document treated it as
genuine, although doubts as to its
authenticity were immediately
raised by some critics of US
foreign policy.

Suskind also writes that Habbush
told his CIA handlers in early 2003
that Iraq had scrapped its
weapons programs after the 1991
Persian Gulf War, but his
assertions were not deemed
it's all true
Utilities companies across the
country are reporting significant
increases in account
delinquencies, with record
numbers of consumers facing
service cutoffs as commodity price
spikes filter down to the retail
level. Agencies that provide
emergency energy assistance
have seen applications surge as
more working families find they
are unable to afford rising gas,
electricity, and heating costs.
Energy market analysts predict
that the effects of higher oil prices
during the winter months in the US
will have unprecedented
consequences for families, small
businesses, and local

There is increasing evidence that
oil prices have already curtailed
middle class consumer spending
activity. National Energy
Assistance Directors’ Association
executive director Mark Wolfe told
Wall Street Journal, “I don’t
see any way to make the numbers
work for middle-income people.
They’re already shopping at Wal-
Mart and eating out less. They’ll
have to cut back everything that
makes them middle class. At some
point, you’re poor.”        
it's all true
Almost half of the world’s
primates are now threatened
with extinction, according to a
recently released report.  In
certain areas, such as in
Vietnam and Cambodia, 90
percent of primate species are
at risk of complete annihilation.

The International Union for
Conservation of Nature
reported the alarming statistic
that 303 of the world’s 634
different species of primate are
in danger of disappearing from
the world’s forests due to the
rapid destruction of their
habitat by humans and more
and more because they are
being hunted
for food.

The chairman of the group’s
Species Survival Commission,
Russell A. Mittermeier, said in
a release, “Tropical forest
destruction has always been
the main cause, but now it
appears that hunting is just as
serious a threat in some
areas…In many places,
primates are quite
literally being eaten to

Species and subspecies of
primates which are the most
threatened and identified as
critically endangered (11
percent of all primate species)
include the mountain gorilla of
central Africa, the Tonkin snub-
nosed monkey of Viet Nam and
the grey-shanked douc langur
of Asia.  

Species that are categorized
as endangered (22 percent of
all primate species) include the
Javan gibbon and the golden
lion tamarin of Brazil.       
it's all
A high profile advocate for gun
control who has served as a lobbyist,
spokesperson and board member of
anti-violence and gun control
organizations has been revealed to
be a paid spy for the National Rifle
Association.  The spy, a 62 year old
former flight attendant and self
described sex counselor, Mary Lou
McFate, was hired by the pro-gun
group to infiltrate gun control
advocacy organizations and report
these group’s activities back to the
NRA and weapons manufactures.  

McFate infiltrated CeaseFirePA and
States United to Prevent Gun
Violence eventually serving as an
unpaid board member of the
organizations.  McFate also
attempted to gain a position on the
board of the nation’s largest gun
control advocacy group, the Brady
Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  
At one point,
McFate served as the federal
legislation director for States United,
where she personally met with and
lobbied members of Congress.

McFate has previously been
as a corporate double agent.  In the
1980s, McFate was hired by the US
Surgical, a medical supply company,
to befriend an anti-vivisection
agitator who was later convicted of
participating in a pipe bomb attack at
the business.

The groups that were infiltrated by
the mole said that it is difficult to say
what type of information McFate
could have given to the NRA as the
groups publicly disclose their
agendas.  An executive director
speaking for Ceasefire New Jersey
said, “In the battle of ideas with the
gun lobby, we’re at a disadvantage
because we’re honest.”         
it's all true
A study prepared by scientists from
the Cambridge Health Alliance and
Harvard Medical School reports that
millions of uninsured Americans
suffer from one or more chronic
illnesses.   The study casts doubt on
the common assumption that many of
America’s uninsured are healthy
younger people who require less
medical care.

The study, which was recently
published in the Annals of Internal
Medicine, estimates that one third of
working age adults who are not
covered by health insurance suffer
from a chronic illness.  The scientists
reviewed data from the National
Health and Nutritional Examination
Survey, which was performed
between 1999 and 2004.  More than
10,000 adult men and
women participated in the survey.  
The researchers used this broad
sample to conclude that 16.6 percent
of America’s diabetics, 16.1 percent
of people with heart disease, and
15.5 percent of people with high
blood pressure are not covered by
health insurance.

Uninsured patients of chronic
illnesses are less likely to have seen
a doctor in the past year and 22.6
percent do not have a regular
medical facility where
they can receive medical care.  The
study also reported that 7 percent of
those surveyed admitted that they
used local hospital emergency room
for their medical care.  

The researchers reported that only
6.2 percent of patients who have a
chronic disease and are covered by
insurance do not have a regular
health care facility and only 1.1
percent of insured patients use
hospital emergency rooms for
general care.

The study’s lead author, Dr.
Andrew Wilper said that treatment
for many chronic diseases “are
widely available, if you have
insurance.”   With no insurance,
however, these more than 15
million citizens who suffer from
diseases such as diabetes, go with
out preventative care often
ending up in hospital emergency
rooms requiring acute care.  Dr.
said that patients who suffer from
chronic illnesses who do not
receive regular and preventative
care could face “catastrophic
consequences.”   Wilper said,
often “the uninsured
can’t get in to see the doctor, they
miss medications” and they face
early disability and even death
as a result.                      
it's all true
Many with Long Term Illnesses Found to be Chronically
NRA Mole Penetrates Transparent Groups
Naked Apes Hungry,
Primates in Peril
Americans Turned Off
By Weak Economy
Bush Administration Worked to Forge Support for Iraq
George W. Bush led a high level
delegation to Beijing for the opening
of the Summer Olympics, becoming
the first US president to attend the
games overseas. In the final
scheduled visit to Asia during his
presidency, Bush attempted to strike
a difficult balance in his public
statements, occasionally reproaching
his Chinese hosts over the usual
human rights issues. But such
criticism was designed largely for US
domestic consumption, because in
geopolitical terms these Olympics
mark the culmination of a process
that began more than thirty years
ago under the supervision of senior
members of the Nixon administration,
including George H.W. Bush and
Henry Kissinger, who were both
present in Beijing last week.

The elevation of China to
“superpower” status was inevitable
given an international paradigm that
demands such neoimperialist
hyperstates, but there has been a
longstanding consensus among DC
think tankers from both parties that
posing as a facilitator to Chinese
modernization would be good for
business. A secondary objective of
alienating Beijing from Moscow
seemed superfluous after the
collapse of the USSR, and was all but
forgotten until the tiny Georgian
military provoked Russia,
oddly while President Bush and
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
were both in China for the games.
Against the backdrop of the
fantastically choreographed opening
ceremony, Bush sought to reassure
the Chinese government about the
state of the US economy, including
emergency market interventions that
have already been tremendously
beneficial to Chinese investors. It is
likely that the president also tipped
off his hosts on the Georgian action,
as well as preparations for a US
naval blockade against Iran.

With the American public fixated on
an orgy of self-congratulatory
“support” for a few individual
competitors, notably uber-winner and
future serial endorser Michael
Phelps, China has remained solidly in
the lead in gold medals throughout
the games. Similarly, the tail of US
consumerism will be allowed to wag
the dog of Chinese growth for a
while, as long as the gold
accumulates in acceptable locations.
After all, the Americans were good
customers, back when they had
money. Eventually, the emergence of
the new BRIC bloc (Brazil, Russia,
India, China), for which the US team
is utterly unprepared, will lead to the
Americans being shut out of precious
medals altogether.                
it's all true
Olympics a Closing Ceremony for American
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