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spread of the red
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one nation, under surveillance
crowd control
number 167    
ML King
The “signing statements” that
President Bush routinely
attaches to legislation, claiming
the authority to disregard
provisions of the new laws,
exhibit an astonishing lack of
detail and documentation,
according to a recently
released Congressional report.
The report found that many of
the objections raised by the
White House were vague or
overly broad, and were largely
unsubstantiated in legal terms.
The report, a survey of Bush
administration use of signing
statements since 2001, was
prepared by the House Armed
Services Committee
Subcommittee on Oversight
and Investigations.

The report documents the
sharp increase in the use of
presidential signing statements
under the current
administration, and notes that
the vague nature of President
Bush’s statements has created
confusion in federal agencies
affected by the new laws. In
one example highlighted in the
report, the President raised
objections to numerous
provisions of the 2008 defense
authorization bill, but not only
did he decline to articulate
constitutional arguments
against those provisions, he
failed to even identify all of the
provisions to which he was

Critics of signing statements
contend that they create a de
facto line item veto authority.
The subcommittee concluded,  
“Signing statements may be a
mechanism to expand
executive authority at the
expense of the
it's all true
Conventional fires stoked primarily by
paper products and office furnishings
caused a unique total failure of iron
structural beams, leading to the
unprecedented collapse of World
Trade Center Building 7 on
September 11, 2001, according to
the final report of The National
Institute of Standards and
Technology. The report, which
dismisses hypotheses that explosives
were used to carry out a controlled
demolition, concludes that Building 7
is the only known modern structure to
collapse due to the effects of fire
alone.  Critics of the official
explanations for all three WTC
building collapses immediately
assailed the report, claiming it to be
insufficient in scope and

The collapse of Building 7 has been
especially intriguing for the legions of
skeptics who doubt government
accounts of the events of 9/11. The
building was not hit by passenger
aircraft, and so there was no jet fuel
to accelerate fires, a key component
of the explanation for the collapse of
the twin towers. Many buildings that
stood in closer proximity to “Ground
Zero” and suffered greater apparent
damage have been repaired and are
back in use, but Building 7, some 400
yards away, imploded into its own
footprint about seven hours after the
towers. The fact that the 47-story
building housed offices of the CIA,
the Secret Service, the SEC, and
New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s
former emergency operations
“bunker” has only added to the

According to the report, the NIST did
not investigate the possibility that
non-concussive plastic explosives,
such as thermite, were used.            
it's all true
The Congressional Budget Office
reported that there are more
private military contractors in Iraq
than there are US military service
persons.  The CBO reported that
there are 190,000 private
contractors in Iraq compared
168,000 US soldiers.  The CBO
noted that the Iraq war marks the
first time that the number of
private contractors exceeds the
number of soldiers stationed by
the US in a war zone.  During the
Second World War, for example,
US soldiers out numbered private
contractors by a seven-to-one

The director of the CBO, Peter
Orszag said, “the federal
government has awarded $85
billion in contracts for work in the
Iraqi theatre through 2007.  If you
included this year, the total would
exceed $100 billion- roughly one
of every five dollars for the cost of
the war in Iraq.”  $12 billion of the
total has been spent on armed
private security personnel from
firms such as Blackwater USA.  
The CBO found that the total cost
of maintaining a single private
contractor in Iraq is roughly half of
a million dollars.                
it's all true
The Justice Department plans to
make fundamental changes that
would empower FBI agents initiate
criminal and national security
investigations into individuals with no
identifiable basis of suspicion or
evidence of wrongdoing.  

The Justice Department’s reworking
of the attorney general guidelines
would give far-reaching authority to
government investigators by
enshrining in policy some of the most
aggressive and controversial
techniques that the department
employed during the first years of the
so-called ‘war on terror’.  These
tactics include racial and religious
profiling and data mining of public
and commercial databases to
uncover what
agents may take to be suspicious

Although the administration has
signaled its intent to change the
Justice Department rules, as
previously reported by, it has been less
forthcoming about specifically what
new powers will be granted to the
department’s agents.  Attorney
General Michael Mukasey describes
the changes as an “integration” of
the powers of the Justice Department
intended to “harmonize” information
gathering, but the department has
embargoed release of the details of
the plan allowing Congress limited
access to a draft of
the new rules for a few hours over
the past 2 weeks.

A group of Senate Democrats
sent a letter to Mukasey last week
pleading for more time to review
the rule changes before they are
implemented.  The Senators
expressed their concerns about
new powers that would broaden
the authority of FBI agents “to
conduct long-term physical
surveillance of an innocent
American citizen…without any
basis for suspicion.” Instead, the
Senators wrote, FBI investigations
could be initiated “based in part
on race, ethnicity, national origin,
religion or on protected First
Amendment activities.”     
it's all true
New attitudes regarding civil control
and the authority of enforcement
officials and the acquiescence of
individuals to social control measures
are beginning to emerge across the
US.  In settings where individuals are
not given their full rights as a citizen,
such as in America’s classrooms
where students are subject to the
controlling whims of teachers and
administrators with the approval of
their communities, corporal
punishment and restrictive monitoring
techniques have become more
commonplace.  Even on America’s
streets, the efforts of local
enforcement officials who are placing
aggressive restrictions on young
people, and in some cases all
citizens, to assert control in certain
neighborhoods and communities are
increasing with the quiet consent of
the communities.

A report by Human Rights Watch and
the American Civil Liberties Unions
recently revealed that more than
220,000 students were hit as
punishment for bad behavior by a
teacher or school administrator in
2007.  The study, “A Violent
Education: Corporal Punishment of
Children in US Public Schools,
reported that 21 states laws allow the
physical punishment of students.  
The study found that some states,
including Texas and Mississippi, allow
punishment for infractions as benign
as gum-chewing and allow teachers
to hit students as young as
three-years-old.  The corporal
punishment used in these states
generally takes the form of the
student being hit on the behind with
either a paddle or wooden board.

In Texas, court authorities have
begun to force students who are
truants to wear ankle bracelets that
contain global positioning satellite
systems so their whereabouts can be
tracked by the police authorities
twenty-four hours a day. Truant
global positioning satellite tracking
programs have been used in Dallas
and Midland Texas and, beginning
later this year, will be used by
authorities in San Antonio school
districts to monitor students.

The cities of Chicago, Hartford and
Baltimore are among the more than
120 cities across America that have
instituted some type of curfew limiting
the hours young people may leave
their homes.  The city of Helena, AK,
recently instituted a curfew in a
10-block section of the city for all of
its residents, both youths and adults.  
Local media reports that Helena
police enforce compliance in the
curfew zone with M-16 rifles and
night-vision goggles.             
it's all true
verbatim                                                                                      32.4
...Al Qaeda and Iran."
Vienna  OH  10.27.04    
"Iraq is the convergence
point for two of the
greatest threats to America
in this new century...
Percentage living in urban
selected countries
0                      50                    100
The puzzling military incursion into
the disputed territory of South
Ossetia has had disastrous results
for Georgia, the tiny former Soviet
Republic that has operated as a US
client state since the installation of
president Mikheil Saakashvili
following a dubious election
in 2003. In the aftermath of the
skirmish, while it is clear that there
are unseen forces working to
advance strategic agendas, the true
motives of the major players remain
obscure, with policy analysts offering
a wide range of plausible
explanations. One such theory made
headlines last week when Russian
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin publicly
accused the Bush administration of
intentionally provoking the conflict in
an effort to influence the upcoming
US presidential election. That the
episode will escalate into a wider
war-- perhaps involving NATO,
Russia, Israel, and
Iran--remains a possibility, with US
naval forces in place in the Persian
Gulf and now the Black Sea.

One certainty is that the Georgian
military, trained and equipped by US
and Israeli forces and contractors,
suffered a debilitating defeat that set
its defense infrastructure back a
decade. In addition to being handily
routed by the Russians, the
Georgians saw their two most
modern army bases and their sole
naval installation seized and
destroyed. The facilities were only
recently upgraded to conform to
state of the art protocols as part of
an initiative to extend NATO
membership to Georgia, continuing
an aggressive military expansion that
had drawn repeated protests from
Russia at the United Nations Security
Council. The task of “neutralizing”
massive stores of hardware and
sophisticated radar and
surveillance networks was the
main cause of the delay in the
withdrawal of Russian troops.

The Bush administration has
already announced its intention to
rebuild the Georgian military, and
there have been reports that US
ships delivering humanitarian aid
to the region may also have been
transporting weapons and
materials. The White House
leaned on its NATO allies to issue
strongly worded condemnations of
the Russian action, but serious
cracks in the organization’s unity
appeared immediately, with most
EU countries unenthusiastic about
the prospect of a bellicose
standoff and a return to Cold War-
era posturing. Both Bush and
Putin might benefit domestically,
but only at the expense of
regional and hemispheric
it's all true
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