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US Military Makes Plans to Secure Infrastructure and
The Pentagon has drafted plans for
the domestic deployment of military
troops that would be put into place in
the event of a large-scale terror
attack in the United States.  This is
the first time that the US Military has
developed and approved plans to
deploy US servicemen on American

Admiral Timothy J. Keating, the head
of Northern Command Headquarters,
said that the Department of Defense
would be “best positioned” to take
over for civilian authorities in the
event of a significant terror attack.

One of the plans, CONPLAN 0500,
outlines the military response to 15
projected terror attacks in the United
States. The Department of Defense
envisions the initial deployment of
3000 US troops and utilizing both the
Air Force and Navy in support roles.

The program calls for training troops
for both over-seas and domestic
deployment and fortifying currently
activated troops with National Guard
Units.  Congress recently expanded
the authority of the National Guard to
Secure power plants and other
critical elements of domestic

Civil libertarians have cautioned
expanding the use of US military
troops in domestic affairs citing the
restrictions against using the military
to enforce domestic laws contained
in the Posse Comitatus Act.  

The Pentagon’s legal team argues
that the president has the authority
to deploy troops domestically under
Article 2 of the constitution as the
“commander in chief”.

This summer, the US Military has
monitored forest fires in the west,
the space shuttle mission and the
National Boy Scout Jamboree.
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Employees Disciplined for Pointing Out The
The US Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission filed a
lawsuit in federal district court
alleging that the Tyson foods
company at its plant in Ashland,
AL maintained racially segregated
rest rooms for its employees.  

The complaint alleges that a sign
that read, “whites only” was
placed on the door of the rest
room and that only white Tyson
employees were allowed access
to the facilities.  The commission
represents the interests of two
Tyson employees, Henry Adams
and Leon Walker.  

The employees are also seeking
compensation for acts of
retaliation committed by Tyson
managers against the two when
they expressed their concern
about the apparent racism
inherent in maintaining
separate bathroom facilities for
employees of different races.  
When Adams and Walker asked
managers at the Ashland plant
why African Americans were not
allowed to use the “white’s only”
facilities they were told that they
were “dirty”.  The lawsuit alleges
that management subjected
Adams and Walker to “adverse
employment actions, including
suspensions and disciplinary write-

Tyson responded to the lawsuit by
claiming that the company is
unaware of such a practice in its
Ashland plant.  

Spokesperson for Tyson Gary
Mickelson said that Tyson
managers investigated the claims
of its employees and were never
able to officially verify that the
“whites only”
sign was on the door of the
restroom.  Mickelson stated that
Tyson does not “tolerate
discrimination in the work place.”   

The statement from Tyson did not
speak to the allegations that only
white Tyson employees were
allowed access to the restroom.
Nor were the charges that Tyson
retaliated against its complaining
employees responded to by
Tyson management.

A separate lawsuit was filed by a
team of attorneys from the Lawyer’
s Committee for Civil Rights and
the Law for an additional ten
Tyson employees who work at the
plant.  The second suit also
alleges violations of Alabama
state laws that protect workers
from negligent supervision and
outrageous conduct.





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Christian Activist Appointed to Advise FCC on Biblical
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The Federal Communications
Commission has appointed Peggy
Young Nace as an advisor to its
Office of Strategic Planning and
Policy.  The office sets policy goals
for the agency that regulates
America’s broadcasting and
telecommunications industries.  The
appointment is a long time Christian
activist who has previously
advocated for parentally controlled
censorship of Hollywood movies.

Ms. Nance is currently registered as
a professional lobbyist with the
Senate Office of Public Records.  As
the founder and president of the
special interest group Kids First
Coalition, she has testified before
congress demanding that the body
step in and control what she defines
as indecency on American
television.  The group has also
aggressively supported making a
woman’s right to choose illegal and
promoted what the group describes
as “traditional families”.  Ms. Nance
was, until recently, on the board of
directors of a group called
Concerned Women for America,
which lobbies congress and the FCC
"to bring Biblical principles into all
levels of public policy".

Nance testified in 2004 before the
Courts, Internet and Intellectual
Property Subcommittee of the House
Judiciary Committee in support of a
technology called “ClearPlay” that
would allow the owners of a
specialized DVD players to edit out
portions of films they felt are
offensive.  Film directors and
producers have attempted to block
the devices from being sold on the
American market because they
promote and facilitate the censorship
of works of art.  At that time, Fox
quoted Ms. Nance as stating,  
“safety issues are the things that
American women are talking about
on the playgrounds and on the
soccer fields of America and we
believe that President Bush hears
us and cares about these issues.
His Department
of Justice is working on this, his
homeland security is meeting evil
head on.”

Critics of the appointment of a
staunch advocate of the
government’s enforcement of ultra-
conservative morality in American
media feel that the appointment
precipitates a new wave of
indecency fines aimed at
broadcast media.  The FCC has
not issued an indecency fine in 9
months.  The agency assessed
$3.7 million in indecency fines in
verbatim                           number 3.5
"We expect the states        
to show us whether or     
not we're achieving           
simple objectives... literacy,
literacy in math."
Washington DC       04.28.05   
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personal savings rates in
the United States since
%       2       4        6        8      10
savings rate : money left after
all expenditures as a
percentage of
disposable personal income