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interpreting the constitution
in bed with the red
spread of the red
spread of the red
number 180    
ML King
CIA drone aircraft launched missile
strikes on civilian targets inside
Pakistan last week killing at least 22
people, according to local officials.
The attacks were the first such
incursions into Pakistani territory
since the inauguration of President
Barack Obama, and another signal
that his administration would continue
some widely criticized aspects of his
predecessor’s foreign policy. More
than 250 civilians have been killed
during some 40 operations
conducted by the US in Pakistan,
including missile strikes and
incursions by ground troops, since
President George W. Bush
authorized the raids in August.

Obama reportedly ordered the
last Thursday, the same day he
made headlines with his qualified
repudiation of some of the Bush era’
s most odious and discredited tactics.
But US progressive groups and many
international observers were
disappointed to see the resumption
of the raids, which are widely
condemned as illegal violations of
Pakistan’s sovereignty.

Senior government officials have
repeatedly condemned the strikes
and civilian casualties in meetings
with US diplomatic personnel, saying
that the unilateral attacks are
undermining the fragile authority of
the Pakistani government in the
remote tribal regions
of North and South Waziristan,  where
terrorist suspects are alleged to

Amid international outrage over
the most recent raids, Defense
Secretary Robert Gates confirmed
that the Obama administration
would continue to mount the
controversial operations
whenever military leaders on the
ground in Afghanistan felt they
could be effective. The Pentagon
claims the controversial strikes
have killed several significant
members of the al Qaeda
leadership. It remains unclear
whether the US confidentially
alerts the Pakistani government
before it conducts such
cross-border raids.           
it's all true
Recognizing that his campaign
deftly exploited a variety of
innovative techniques,
Advertising Age magazine has
named President Barack Obama
its 2008 Marketer of the Year.
The editorial board specifically
noted the wide range of cutting-
edge technologies, including text
messaging, social networking, and
internet-based fundraising that
helped the Obama team set new
records for total receipts and
volume of campaign donors.
According to the magazine,
Obama’s staff “had a firm grasp
of branding, messaging, and
old-fashioned political ground
organization. It’s also been able to
balance mass marketing with
social media and niche marketing.”

Since the first term Senator swept
to a decisive victory in November,
marketing professionals and
industry media outlets have
become fixated on analyzing
Obama’s celebrity and mass
appeal. A piece in
magazine said the
campaign "harnessed 21st
century technology and
communications tools in a way few
commercial marketing campaigns
have succeeded in doing."    
it's all
Obama White House Casually Condones Civilian
Sales Beyond Belief
For Marketer-in-Chief
Barack Obama may be the first
president to own an MP3 player, but
he likely will not be sharing tunes with
two of his choices for top spots in his
Justice Department.

Obama has appointed attorneys Tom
Perrelli and Neil McBride to senior
Justice Department spots.  Both of
these attorneys have worked over
the past decade to limit file sharing
between owners on digital music and
are antagonistic to a broad
interpretation of the fair use doctrine,
which allows limited use of
copyrighted material without the
permission of the owner of the work.   

Perrelli, who was appointed by
Obama to be an associate attorney
general, represented the Recording
Industry of America in a string of
lawsuits that have
been viewed as aggressive and
excessive against college students
and others who used pier-to-pier file
sharing services to download music
off the Internet.  Perrelli has argued
in RIAA cases that internet service
providers must divulge the identities
of internet users on their systems
who may be sharing computer files
without a prior judicial review of
evidence.  Perrelli previously worked
at Justice during the Clinton

McBride worked for the Business
Software Alliance in developing a
program where employees are
rewarded for calling in tips to report
their employer’s use of non-
copyrighted software.  The “Know it,
Report it Reward it” program offers
“up $1 million in cash rewards” to
snitches who turn in their employers
who may be using bootleg computer
it's all true
Although politicians from
President Obama on down in
both parties agree with much
of America’s media that
regular citizens do not believe
that a federal investigation
should be initiated into whether
members of the Bush
administration committed
torture as they fought their self-
styled “war on terror”, a recent
poll by the Washington Post in
association with ABC News
finds that a majority of those
queried think an investigation
is in order.

The poll found that 50 percent
of Americans said that they
support an investigation by the
Obama administration into
possible Bush crimes, with 47
percent opposed.

The poll also revealed that a
majority of Americans oppose
Obama issuing a pardon to
prevent Bush administration
officials from being prosecuted
for maltreatment of terror

More Democrats said that they
would like to see an
investigation into Bush
administration crimes.  69
percent of Democrats said that
Obama should initiate an
investigation, while 69 percent
of Republicans said that they
would not like an investigation.

The researchers also found
that more American women
said that torture should never
be used in any circumstances
by the US government.  A
substantial majority of
Americans polled opposed the
use of torture by US
personnel, supporting a
proposed ban on such
it's all true
In the first days of his term President
Barack Obama reversed policies set
in place by the Bush administration
with respect to the detention and
treatment of terrorist subjects held by
the United States.  Asserting that
America was reclaiming “the moral
high ground” Obama issued a trio of
directives that included orders to
close the detention camps at the US
military base in Guantanamo Bay,
Cuba, close remaining ‘black-site’
prisons hidden in countries across
the globe that are run by the CIA and
discontinue using torture as an
interrogation technique.  Millions
around the world were heartened
when Obama said in a media event
at the State Department, “I can say
without exception or equivocation
that the United States will not torture.”

The trio of executive orders that
President Obama signed puts an end
to the maltreatment of detainees, but
the architecture that results in
uncharged kidnap victims, including
US citizens,
who are categorized as enemy
combatants being held indefinitely by
the US, possibly in foreign prisons,
remains in place. Obama’s order did
not put an end to the practice of
“extraordinary rendition” and the
president has not said how
uncharged detainees deemed to be
“enemy combatants” who are now
held by the US military would be
adjudicated.  An Obama official said
unequivocally, “There are some
renditions that are, in fact, justifiable,

Extraordinary rendition, as reported
by, is the practice
used by the CIA to circumvent the
legal system by capturing suspects
off the street, shackling and drugging
them and
transporting them to prisons in a
different countries to be held and
interrogated.  Suspects who have
been rendered by US agents and
are now free describe being sent
to countries such as Egypt, Saudi
Arabia and Israel where they were
abused and tortured.  The
practice was originally authorized
by Bill Clinton.

The European Commission
investigated the United States
usage of rendition in 2006 and
found evidence that more than
100 people had been kidnapped
and rendered by the CIA since
2001, and in Italy 26 CIA agents
are on trial for kidnapping an
Egyptian Imam in 2003.  None of
these subjects received due
process and all were delivered to
countries that the US itself reports
engage in prisoner
it's all true
New Chief Executive Honors Presidential Rendition
Regular Folks Worry
About Law Breaking
VERBATIM                                                                number 35.1
"And part of my job is to make
sure that for example at the
CIA, you've got extraordinarily
talented people who are
working very hard to keep
Americans safe...
...I don't want them to
suddenly feel like
they've got to spend
all their time looking
over their shoulders
and lawyering up."
Washington  DC  01.11.09
State and Federal
prisoners held in private
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Obama Adds Industry Insiders to Justice
Before he was sworn in last week as
the Secretary of the US Treasury,
Timothy Geithner had to face down a
handful of mildly skeptical Senators,
who asked a few questions about his
management of some personal
accounting and childcare issues. It
was good practice for
Geithner’s main assignment in his
new job: the coddling of the US
financial sector, a chaotic romper
room of billion dollar babies, noisily
bawling for security blankets in the
form massive TARPs. International
economists who have been amazed
at the obstinate refusal of the US
government to confront and contain
the insolvency and fraud on Wall
Street will be equally impressed with
the strategic continuity from the
Paulson-Bernanke team to the
stewardship of Geithner and
Lawrence Summers.

More than any other component of
the Obama administration, the
president’s economic team stresses
bipartisan consensus and continuity
with the policies of the previous
White House.  Summers, the
famously impolitic former Treasury
Secretary under Bill Clinton, will
oversee the administration's
economic and monetary policy and is
expected to succeed Bernanke as
Fed chairman. Geithner was in
charge of the New York Fed at the
height of the
bubble and can reasonably be said
to have blown it. With their old friend
and former partner Robert Rubin just
a satellite phone call on a secure line
away, the US has already enjoyed
almost two decades of catastrophic
stability at the highest levels of its
economic policy.

Signals began to emanate from
Chicago immediately after the
election that the Obama team would
follow the path sketched out by the
intrepid Henry Paulson in his original
three-page TARP bailout plan.
Further evidence that the new
administration hopes to keep rubber-
stamping no-strings quarterly
bailouts has continued to
accumulate, with the new White
House staff already preparing the
public for another enormous
“emergency” program at least as
large as the $700 billion appropriated
by Congress in September. With
most world leaders acting to limit their
own banking crises through
intervention on the so-called
“Swedish” model, the US remains the
only developed country that seems
determined to employ the alternative
“Japanese” model, which has
resulted in almost two decades of
stagnation while spawning the
creatures known as “zombie banks”.  
Obama's economic policy appears to
favor more nourishment for the
it's all true
Ravenous Zombie Banks Demand to be Fed
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