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Christians Offer Condemnation to Hurricane Victims and Threats to
In the days following the landfall of
hurricane Katrina a Christian group
released a statement praising the
storm’s disastrous impact on the city of
New Orleans stating “this act of God
destroyed a wicked city.”

As rescue teams struggled to locate
and bring to safety thousands of
residents of New Orleans stranded in
the ravaged city, Repent America, a
radical Christian group that promotes
theocratic governance in the United
States advised faithful people to pray
for the victims of the calamity but that
New Orleans’ tolerance of  
“wickedness” and its “celebration of
sin” resulted in its destruction by the
angry Christian deity.
The extremist religious group
explained that the annual events of
Mardi Gras and “Southern
Decadence”, both week-long city-
wide celebrations, caused the
Christian God, characterized in the
Bible as both vengeful and
compassionate, to reach out and
smite the 300 year old city.
Mardi Gras, the centuries old festival
that precedes the Lenten season of
abstinence and atonement in the
Christian religion, draws thousands
of visitors to New Orleans every year
and is one of the city’s most
important civic and economic events.  
Southern Decadence is the 34-year-
old annual
celebration of Gay pride in New
Orleans that, like similar events in
Chicago, New York and San
Francisco, receives enthusiastic
support from the city’s mayor and
other leaders as it highlights and
promotes openness and the
acceptance of all of the city’s

The Director of Repent America,
Michael Marcavage, said that “the
citizens of New Orleans tolerated
and welcomed the wickedness in
their city for so long” that Hurricane
Katerina, as a mechanism of God’s
wrath, had destroyed the city.  
Marcavage added a warning to
other US cities, “May this act of God
cause us all to think about what we
tolerate in our city limits.”
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one nation under surveillance
FBI Advises Local Cops How to Prepare for Terrorizing Peace
New Rules for
National Parks
Ensure Cell
Phone Service
to Strip Mines
activity’ is a threat to legitimate
dissent”, and added that the
expression of dissent “has never
been considered a crime in this

The ACLU has also filed a lawsuit in
federal court to due to the FBI’s
delay in releasing documents it has
relating to surveillance of groups
including Greenpeace, United for
Peace and Justice and the Muslim
Public Affairs Council. The ACLU has
previously obtained internal FBI
memoranda on United for Peace and
Justice and other peace activist
federal law enforcement agencies
apprised of the activities of the
various groups and individuals within
the state of Michigan who are
thought to be involved in terrorist
activities.”  The report is called
“Domestic Terror Symposium”.  The
groups named in the report are
Direct Action, an anti-war group, and
BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), an
organization that supports affirmative

Sarah McDonald, a member of Direct
Action said that the group was
disturbed and dismayed that the FBI
is misusing its power by spying on
anti-war groups.  Kary Moss,
Executive Director of the
ACLU of Michigan is fearful that
“labeling political advocacy as
The American Civil Liberties Union
recently released an FBI document
that was obtained through a
Freedom of Information request that
characterizes two Michigan-based
activist groups as potentially
“involved in terrorist activities.”  

The ACLU initiated the information
request after peace activists and
student groups reported being
questioned by FBI agents during the
2004 presidential campaigns. The
group feels that the document
indicates that the FBI and it’s Joint
Terrorism Task Force engage in
political surveillance.

The FBI document is a tutorial
prepared by the FBI to “keep the
local, sate and
A Bush appointee at the
Department of Interior has
proposed a series of sweeping
changes in the management
codes of the National Parks
Service which threaten to
weaken protection of America's
natural resources while
allowing opening the parks to
increased commercial activity
and the damaging effects of
snowmobiles and off-road
vehicles. The proposed
changes, the second set of
changes in the park service's
history,  were leaked this week.

The changes represent a
seismic shift in policy away
from conservation and
preservation of the national
parks by altering the definition
of impairment from "an impact
to any park resource or value
[that] may constitute an
impairment" to only those
impacts which "permanently
and irreversibly adversely
[affect] a resource or value."  

The potential changes would
allow placement of cellphone
towers and would jeopardize
rules that prohibit mining in our
national parks.  The code was
also changed to omit
references to evolution but
allow the sale of religious
souvenirs in park shops.
Pat-Downs Before First Downs at Football
Football fans entering NFL stadiums
will be subject to full pat-downs by
security personnel as part of a
league-wide “security enhancement”
program announced recently by
commissioner Paul Tagliabue.  Some
teams were already using the pat-
downs as part of their security
protocol over the past three years,
but the commissioner’s directive
makes the practice mandatory for all
teams for the upcoming season.  NFL
owners approved the measure at
their August meeting in Chicago.

According to,
“Fans will be separated by sex at
gates and will be screened by wired
security officers of the same sex.  
Everyone entering the stadium will be

Tagliabue stressed that the new
security measures were not the result
of any specific threat or new
information.  The NFL used hand
searches of individual fans at last
year’s playoff games, and has used
pat-downs at the last three Super
Bowls.  The league, in conjunction
with law enforcement agencies, has
also made use of facial-recognition
software on security cameras that
scan the crowds during  recent Super
Bowl games.
Reading the Inscriptions on the Tombstones
The Pentagon has ordered that
all grave markers of fallen soldiers
who were killed during the
invasion and occupation of Iraq
be inscribed with the slogan
“Operation Iraqi Freedom”.  The
slogan “Operation Iraqi
Freedom”, created by marketers
in the Pentagon and White House,
has been used by the military,
major television media outlets and
the president since the invasion in
Iraq as a shorthand or catch
phrase eluding to the overall
military and diplomatic mission in
the occupied country.  

The slogan is in addition to what
has been traditionally inscribed on
grave markers at the nation’s
military cemeteries; name, rank
and other essential information,
and is thus
precedent setting.   

While soldiers families are
supposed to approve what goes
on the military tombstones, the
slogan is now being engraved on
the gravestones of all soldiers
killed during America’s
Occupation of Iraq, whether the
families ask to have the wording
added or not.  

The first military operation to
employ the use of a marketing
catch phrase was the invasion of
Panama to arrest the former CIA
asset Manual Noreiga who was
alleged by the then President,
George Herbert Walker Bush, to
be involved in the sale of drugs.  
The Pentagon brainstormed the
slogan “Operation Just Cause” for
the invasion of Panama in 1989  
in an admitted attempt to positively
spin domestic and international
perceptions and reporting of
America’s unilateral military
invasion.  Hundreds of civilians were
killed during the invasion of Panama.

The Pentagon reports that it does
not know how many grave markers
of the more than 1800 casualties
from the invasion of Iraq have been
inscribed with the slogan, but the
majority of the markers of the 193
soldiers interred at Arlington
National Cemetery who were killed
in Iraq are inscribed with the
wording.   The owner of the Vermont
Based company that supplies the
grave markers for Arlington National
Cemetery told the Associated Press
that he thought the requirement
“might be connected to politics.”





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