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Shop Ship Sails in Unregulated Waters
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An American software company plans
the opening a software production
facility staffed by non-American
workers three miles outside of El
Segundo, California in the Pacific
Ocean.  Sea-Code, a San Diego
based “hybrid-sourcing” software
engineering company, plans to open
what it refers to as a “unique ship-
based engineering facility” on a
converted cruise liner which they plan
to purchase from Sun Cruises.

Sea-Code plans to classify the foreign
born engineering staff working on the
vessel as
“seamen” thereby skirting American
immigration laws and visa

The engineering company will likewise
not be required to render payroll taxes
to the United States Treasury.  By
anchoring in international waters just
three miles off the coast of California,
Sea-Code will also be exempt from
California labor and environmental

Sea-Code plans to pay engineers it
from countries such as Russia and
India between $25,000 and $60,000 to
twelve hour shifts for periods of four
months.  The salary for an American
software engineer performing
comparable work ranges between
$65,000 and $125,000 per year.

In addition to the foreign born
the company intends to hire some
Americans.  These will be what the
company has characterized as “very
high-end individuals” working as
liaisons between the firm and its
American clients.  “We’ll need
Americans for that”, Roger Green, a
founding partner of Sea-Code, told
Sourcing Magazine.
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red state rebate
interpreting the constitution
Tax Holiday Just What Doctor Ordered
Mississippi Enacts
A tax break contained in the American
Jobs Creation Act will enable six drug
companies to avoid payment of over
$20 billion in taxes on profits they
transfer to the US from international
tax havens, according to an article in
New York Times.

The measure will benefit any company
that has substantial profit in foreign  
markets, but the drug industry has
particularly adept at using
avariety of maneuvers to transfer
profit into countries with attractive
tax rates.  Instead of the normal
rate of 35 percent, companies
have a one year window to return
these profits at a tax rate of 5.25
per cent.

According to the
Times, “the six
major US drug companies- Pfizer,
Johnson and Johnson, Merck,
A new Mississippi law permits the
display of certain religious texts in
public places, such as schools,
courthouses, and government
buildings. State Senate Bill 2486,
signed by Governor Haley
Barbour, specifically mentions the
Ten Commandments, the
Beatitudes, and the slogan  “In
God We Trust.”

The Mississippi American Civil
Liberties Union will await the
results of two cases pending
before the US Supreme Court
before moving forward with a legal
challenge to the new law. The
Court is reviewing similar laws
from Kentucky and Texas.

Barbour, a former Chairman of the
Republican Party and a possible
2008 GOP presidential candidate,
is widely reported to have a Ten
Commandments display in his
gubernatorial office.

In recent years Mississippi has
been the scene of several
successful legislative initiatives
promoted by Christian special
interest groups.
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Unemployment rates and length
of unemployment status in the





1998 1999  2000   2001  2002   2003  
bottom line: unemployment rate
top line: average weeks
Pastor Heeds Legal Counsel
A North Carolina pastor who
drove members from his
church for their political
orientation is
practicing a new-found
reticence on the advice of his

Reverend Chan Chandler, of
the East Waynesville Baptist
Church, told supporters of
Senator John Kerry to leave
his congregation during the
2004 presidential election
campaign. Recently, he led a
move to expel a further nine
members for their lack of
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Phillip H. Morse, a minority owner of
the Boston Red Sox, was reportedly
“stunned” when it was recently
revealed that a private jet, which he
owns, was chartered by the Central
Intelligence Agency to ferry terror
suspects from American custody to
foreign destinations where there may
be no legal prohibitions to torture.  

Records obtained by the
from the Federal Aviation
Administration place Morse’s private
Gulfstream IV luxury jet in
Afghanistan, Morocco, Azerbaijan
and Egypt in the past three years.  
The US State Department's 2003
"Country Reports on Human Rights
Practice" found that in Egypt "there
were numerous, credible reports that
security forces tortured and
mistreated detainees".  Records also
reveal that More's plane made over
50 trips to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
during this same time period.  

Morse acknowledged publicly that he
aware that his private jet had been
to the CIA stating that they are one of
back to top of
back to editions
support for President Bush,
causing a furore that received
national media attention.

A group of the ousted members
have met with attorneys in an
effort to regain their standing in
the church, and possibly even
remove Rev. Chandler himself.

Questions are also being raised
as to whether such overt political
activity by the pastor jeopardizes
the tax-exempt status of the
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"Iraqis are sick of foreign
"...coming into their country
and trying to destabilize
their country."
Washington DC,  05.05.04
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Meyers Squibb, Wyeth and Eli Lilly-
collectively pay a federal tax rate
of less than 15 percent on their
worldwide profits, and some
companies pay much less”.

The American Jobs Creation Act
was signed by President Bush in
October 2004.                        
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Owner Plane Embarrassed Over
in bed with the red
he received by Syrian Security
Forces after being rendered by the
US in 2002.

Morse, who founded North American
Instrument Corporation in 1969,
which developed a manifold that is
widely used in cardiac catheterization
procedures, told the
New York
that the Gulfstream was in
such heavy use by the CIA that he
himself was unable to use the jet on
several occasions for personal trips.  
The Gulfstream leases for
approximately $128,000 per day.  

Morse told the Boston Red Sox's
hometown paper, the
, that he was “a little
embarrassed” over the revelations
that his personal jet had become
involved in the intelligence agency’s
clandestine operations, in so far as
the Boston Red Sox’s “link” to the
affair was concerned.  

But he is reported by the
Globe to
have assured Boston fans that,
“when its chartered, it never has the
logo of the Red Sox on it.  They
cover it up”.
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many clients to whom the airplane is
leased.  Morse told the Boston Globe
that he “assumed” that the intelligence
agency was using his airplane for
legitimate purposes in furtherance of
national security interests.

It is estimated that, since 2001, under
a program called “extraordinary
rendition”, the CIA has transferred
more than 100 suspects from
American to foreign custody.  In some
cases the suspects have not been
charged with a crime.  

Some suspects who have come
forward after being released from the
custody of the country they were
rendered to by the CIA report that their
abductors cut off their cloths, forcibly
sedated them with drug laden
suppositories, clothed them in crude
diapers and orange jump suits and
delivered them into the hands of

One suspect, Maher Arar, a Canadian
citizen, is currently suing the US
Government for the maltreatment