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Bush Reconstruction Plan: No Rules, Except-Hire
Pesident George Bush called for
national unity in a live message to
the American People last week
from the evacuated city of New
Orleans.  The president gave a
broad outline of his vision of how
the recovery and rebuilding of the
gulf coast will take place. Although
the president did not delve into
specifics, he said that the
government is "moving forward
according to some clear
Conservative cabinet members
and lawmakers have come
forward to flesh out the direction
of the Bush plan by proposing the
suspension of anti-segregation
laws, environmental protection
rules and wage guarantees.
Mr. Bush's Secretary of Education,
Margaret Spelling, is prepared to
argue for the suspension of the
Vento Act, an act which bars the
segregation of homeless children in
American schools.  The act was
made law in 1987. The governor of
Utah supports the suspension of the
segregation law.  Utah recently
created a make-shift school at a
National Guard training center
instead of integrating the school age
children of evacuees into the Utah
public school system. The Utah state
school system is 99 percent white.

The Republican chairman of the
Senate Public Works Committee
drafted a bill  
that would give the head of the
Environmental Protection Agency the
authority to "waive or modify" any
code or regulation necessary to help
the reconstruction effort.

Shortly after the hurricane, president
Bush suspended the Davis-Bacon
Act that guarantees that the
prevailing wage be paid to federal
workers.  The suspension of the 74
year old federal law will undercut
union worker's pay and encourage
hiring non-union shops. A subsidiary
of Vice President Dick Cheney's
former firm Halliburton has recently
received a no-bid "cost plus" contract
to clear debris in the gulf region.
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Bolton Torpedoes
UN Summit
Corporate Payoffs Lead to Increased Layoffs
When world leaders gathered
in New York last week for an
historic summit celebrating the
60th anniversary of the United
Nations, they were to have
endorsed a document calling
for programs to alleviate
poverty, curb environmental
pollution, and control nuclear
proliferation. But because of a
flurry of last-minute
disagreements among member
states, largely caused by an
intransigent US delegation, the
final draft was    generalized
and watered down, according
to diplomatic sources.  

The sections on poverty and
world hunger were
substantially revised, as were
the environmental reforms,
which US ambassador John
Bolton amended to remove all
mention of global warming and
its relationship to fossil fuel
combustion. But the sections
on nuclear proliferation and
disarmament were dropped
from the text altogether.
Calling it a “disgrace,” UN
Secretary General Kofi Annan
said, “The stakes are too high
to continue down a path of
diplomatic brinkmanship.”

For his part Bolton expressed
satisfaction with the outcome
of the tense negotiations that
followed his eleventh-hour
introduction of over 750
amendments to the 29-page
draft agreement. (See
redstateupdate.net 8.28.05.)
Among the sentences to which
Bolton objected was the
following: “We believe that the
proliferation of weapons of
mass destruction and their
means of delivery, and the
possibility that terrorists might
acquire such weapons, remain
amongst the greatest threats
to international peace and
A special one-time tax break that
allows corporations to repatriate
profits held overseas at a fraction of
the normal tax rate is failing to
achieve its proponents’ stated goal
of spurring US job growth.

Although the special flat rate of 5.25
percent has enticed corporations to
repatriate substantial profits, many of
these same companies are actively
engaged in job-cutting programs.
Analysts say that some US firms are
using the repatriated funds to
underwrite layoffs and downsizing.
The normal tax rate for repatriated
funds is variable between 15 – 35

Economists estimate that more then
100 companies will return more then
million under the so-called
American Jobs Creation Act this

Hewlett-Packard, which had
indicated it will use the amnesty to
repatriate approximately $14.5
billion, is also in the process of
shedding more then 14,000 jobs.
Pfizer, the worlds leading
pharmaceutical company, is
involved in an ambitious
restructuring program in a bid to
cut costs by 12 percent. At the
same time the company will
repatriate $37 billion under the
act, achieving a savings of over
$10 billion.

Last January, just after the act
was announced, National
announced that it would seek to
repatriate some $500 million in
overseas funds. On the same day it
also announced it would cut 550
jobs, 6 percent of its work force. A
spokesman for National
Semiconductor said that calling the
tax holiday the American Jobs
Creation Act was essentially
marketing gimmick for Congress.
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The Roman Catholic Church is
preparing to undergo what is known in
the religion as an
apostolic visitation
in the effort to purge it ranks of
homosexual seminarians and priests.

The church plans to perform an
on-site review of each of the more
than two hundred and twenty in the
United States.  
The New York Times
reported that it had obtained an
internal Vatican document which
related that the church's investigators
will be searching for "evidence of
homosexuality" and deviations from
approved church teachings.

The American Bishop in charge of the
apostolic review stated that catholic
seminaries should bar "anyone who
has engaged in homosexual activity
or has
strong homosexual inclinations."
The Vatican apparently wants to
excludefrom its seminaries even
faithful gay men who live lives of
chastity.  The Roman Catholic
Church has no such rule barring
heterosexual men who are chaste
from becoming priests.

The Catholic Church has been
plagued by revelations of the
molestation of children by it priests
over the past few years . Pope
Benedict is in jeopardy of being
summoned to be deposed in the trial
of a priest from  Huston, TX.  Experts
have pointed out that being
homosexual has no relation
scientifically or psychologically to
child molestation.

There are more than 4500 Roman
Catholic seminarians in the United
States.  The last apostolic visitation
that was ordered to be performed by
the Vatican was 25 years ago.
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Local Cops Want
Your Blood
As part of an aggressive
campaign targeting drunk drivers,
officers of a suburban Dallas
police department are drawing
blood samples from suspects at
traffic stops. The Dalworthington
Gardens department of Public
Safety has implemented the
measure as part of a program
called “We Just Can’t Take No for
an Answer”.

The department has already
trained 13 of its 34 officers to take
blood samples on the scene at a
traffic stops. Suspects who do not
voluntarily submit to the
procedure are held while a
warrant is obtained. Even the
local District Attorney admits the
measures are unusually
proactive, noting that the trouble
and expense of obtaining
warrants prevented most law
enforcement agencies from
adopting such programs.

Civil libertarians warned that the
measures were excessive and
prone to abuse. But the local
Public safety Chief downplayed
these concerns, saying, “Blood is
more accurate than a breath test.
This is just another tool for us”.
O'Reilly Factors in Narrow-Mindedness
and Vengeance in Hurricane's Aftermath





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In the weeks since Hurricane Katrina
devastated the gulf coast, national
commentators have followed the lead
of political and religious leaders by
broadcasting messages of support
for the survivors of the tragedy and
sorrow for the great loss of life.  
Commentator for the Fox
communications empire Bill O’Reilly
last week dispensed with
sentimentality all together in his
analysis of the catastrophe and
speculations about the storms
devastating effects.

On his Fox network radio station O’
Reilly offered his opinion of why
some New Orleans residents were
unable or chose to not evacuate as
the storm approached the city.  He
told his audience that because some
residents of the city spend “all the
entitlement money they get they
spend on heroin or crack or alcohol,”
they could not leave the city.  O’
Reilly went on to describe that
“many, many, many of the poor in
New Orleans” were not going to
leave the city because they “were
addicted (and) they weren't going to
get turned off from their source.”  The
commentator opined that the poorest
New Orleans weren't stranded in the
city due to “society's neglect,” but due
to “the absence of personal
responsibility.”   O’Reilly advised his
loyal listeners that the “government
can not force you to be responsible,
not in a free society.”

Later this week O’Reilly seemed taken
with the devastating power of the killer
storm when he mused, “I just wish
Katrina had only hit the United Nations
building, nothing else, just had
flooded them out.”   The comment
came during the week of the opening
meetings of the 59th yearly session of
the world body.  The President of the
United Nations Foundation, Timothy E.
Wirth wrote a letter to Roger Ailes,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
of Fox News and Rupert Murdoch, the
owner of the network, demanding both
a retraction and a public apology for
the remark.
Catholic Church to Purge Seminaries of Gay Students
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my administration sees
a responsibility
to help people...
...we will look first to        
faith-based institutions,
to charities and to
community groups...
...that have shown
their ability to save
and change lives.”
Indianapolis   IN       06.22.99
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