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number 27     10.30.05
Oil Companies Pump Out Record Profits
With average gasoline prices up
more than 28 percent in the last
twelve months,and this winter's
heating fuel costs expected to be at
least 45 percent more than last
year's, reports of record profits for
the world's leading energy
companies have sparked debate in
Congress over possible price
gouging by the petroleum industry.

Last week Exxon Mobil Corporation,
the world's leading energy company,
posted $9.92 billion in profits for the
third quarter; the largest quarterly
profits ever recorded in the oil
industry. The profits, up 75 percent
from the third quarter in 2004, were
earned on
total revenues exceeding $100 billion.
It marked the first time a US company
has ever had more than $100 billion
in sales. Royal Dutch Shell PLC, the
world's number three oil company,
also announced record profits and
revenues. Shell's $9.03 billion in
quarterly profits on total sales of over
$76 billion represented an increase
of 68 percent.

Senate  majority leader Bill Frist (R.,
Tenn.) asked the chairmen of three
Senate committees to look into
energy prices and indicated he might
support Congressional action to curb
industry profits, either through a
windfall profits tax, or even federal
anti- price gouging
legislation. Energy Secretary
Samuel W. Bodman announced
that the Bush
administration is considering
creating stockpiles of refined fuels
for emergency purposes.
Spokesmen for the energy
industry argue that such
stockpiles are "costly  and

The unprecedented profits at
Exxon Mobil are among the
largest ever recorded, amounting
to more than $74,000 per minute
during the quarter. The quarterly
profits exceeded the annual
profits for 2004 of all but eight
companies on the Standard and
Poor's 500 list, one of the eight
being Exxon Mobil itself.
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Senator's Views
Resonate With
23% of Survivors
House Broadens Death Penalty For Terror Investigations
The US House of Representatives
has voted to approve legislation
which would significantly alter federal
death penalty procedures, changing
rules governing juries and
dramatically increasing the number of
death penalty -eligible offenses. The
provisions were contained in an
amendment to the bill that would
reauthorize the USA Patriot Act.
Attaching the amendment to the
reauthorization bill ensured that there
would be limited debate on the
controversial proposals.

The amendment, The Terrorist Death
Penalty Enhancement Act of 2005,
was sponsored by Texas Republican
Carter. The bill adds 41 terrorism
related offenses to the 20 currently
eligible for the death penalty. The
most significant of these is the
"material support" law under which a
person may be charged with a capital
offense for financially supporting a
terrorist group without any direct
knowledge of, or involvement in, a
particular crime.

Carter's bill would allow prosecutors
and judges to impanel juries with
fewer than  12 members in certain
cases, without the consent of the
defense. It would  
also allow cases that resulted in
juries deadlocked at the penalty
phase to be retried.
Because the proposals were
buried in the Patriot Act
reauthorization bill,  they only
recently came to light in
House-Senate conference
committee sessions.  The ACLU
called Carter's amendment a
"drastic and unwise expansion of
the federal death penalty."  
Human Rights Watch
said "These are radical changes
in the way federal death penalty
cases are litigated, and they were
added virtually without any

A spokesman for Rep. Carter said
that "the congressman believes
capital punishment is a deterrent
for all kinds
of crimes, including terrorism."
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Alabama state Senator Hank
Erwin (R) has joined a chorus
of exegetical commentators to
proclaim that the natural
disasters that devastated
America's gulf region this
summer were holy pay-back
punishing the residents of the
area for moral choices they
have made over the past two

Erwin toured the disaster area
recently where whole towns
were washed away and
thousands lost their homes
and was moved to write an
open letter to his constituents
that was published in the local

Senator Erwin wrote "If you are
a believer and read the bible,
you know sin has judgement."  
Erwin went on to state that
"America has been moving
away from God," and " we
have to realize sin has

Passing judgement on those  
effected in the six state region
hit by this year's storms places
Erwin in the company of other
holy men who have similarly
chastised the moral turpitude
of hurricane victims.

Revered Alex McFarland of
Focus on the Family,
anti-choice activist Steve
Lefemine and Reverend
Franklin Graham have all
blamed the hurricanes on the
victims.  Graham told his
followers that, "New Orleans
was a target for the wrath of
the almighty" because it is
known for "Satan
worshiping","sex perversion"
and Mardi Gras.

Erwin, formerly a talk radio
host, was perhaps reaching
out to his political
constituency.  A recent
ABC/Washington Post poll
revealed the Erwin's belief in
the storms' divine pay-back is
shared by 23 percent of those
Americans polled.                     
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Raid Leaves Video Store Clerks
Pondering About Patriot Act Stuff
Acting on a tip from executives at
Sony/Columbia Entertainment,
officers from the New York Police
Department, representatives from
the Record Industry Association of
America (RIAA) and entertainment
industry employees recently
raided Mondo Kim's Music and
Video Store located at 6 St. Marks

The police offices evacuated
patrons and arrested five store
employees before spending
several hours rifling the store's
contents for bootleg CDs.
The store's employees, several
clerks and a store manager, were
arrested on charges of trademark
counterfeiting in the second

Brad Buckles, vice president of
anti-piracy for the RIAA, said that
the police department's "steadfast
commitment to the fight against
piracy had stamped out yet
another significant illegal
operation".  The RIAA claims that
music piracy costs more than
$300 million in lost revenues
every year.  

The owner of the store,
Youngman Kim, told the
that he has long supported
independent and
unsigned artists from New York and from
across the US.  Kim said that the music
confiscated by the police and record
company representatives was legally
produced and copied by local musicians
and DJs.  Mr. Kim told the
Voice, "We
have a strong platform for those
underground film makers and
musicians.  The hip-hop that the police
seized has a very little platform for those

RIAA representatives swore in affidavits,
however, that the CDs confiscated in the
seziure "listed unfamiliar company
names, do not properly display the
owner of the copywright, have
packaging inferior in  quality compared
with legitimate discs."

Mondo Kims reported that the police
seized 51 titles in the raid.  The store
stocks more than 120,000 titles.  The
police also confiscated the store's cash
registers and computer system.  

Sean Williams, assistant manager of
video rentals expressed his concern for
the store's patrons to the
Village Voice,
"They have all our customer's files and
they could be doing something for all we
know.  Patriot Act stuff.  You know, all
the people who rent porno here and
want to run for office, stuff like
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Government GPS to Track Exactly Where on the Range Farmer's
Homes Are
America's livestock ranchers,
small farmers and even pet
owners are bracing for one of the
largest and most intrusive
government data collection
enterprises in the country's
history as the Department of
Agriculture is moving towards the
implementation phase of its
massive National Animal
Identification System, (NAIS).

The USDA, working in cooperation
with corporate agribusiness giants
such as Monsanto, Cargill, the
North American Meat Processors
and the National Pork Board,
have been developing systems for
recording the birth, movement
and death of every livestock
animal in America since 2002.  

The program was conceived of
after the terror attacks in 2001
and in light of recent out breaks of
"mad cow" disease.  The system
will ostensibly track animals in the
food supply to prevent terrorist
attacks and be able to respond to
possible outbreaks of
disease in America's animal
herds.  The NAIS is described by
the USDA
as a bulwark to protect the
herd" from "intentional or
unintentionally introduced " disease

The NAIS plan requires every owner of
livestock to register to receive a seven
digit "premises ID number" and report
their name, address and telephone
number to be entered into a global
positioning satellite system.  All
livestock would be implanted with a
micro-chip assigned an individual 15
digit ID number that can be remotely

The plan stipulates that owners must
report every time animal leaves the
designated property, the death date of
all animals and if an animal goes
missing.  The plan contemplates
recording every veterinary visit and
would allow for veterinarians reporting
to the government every time an
animal is treated.

While the plan does not include the
implantation of government
micro-chips in domestic livestock kept
as pets, such as horses, the plan calls
for tracking all identified species using
methods".  All show animals, however,
will be required to be identified and
tagged with a micro-chip at
government approved "tagging
The animal species now included
in NAIS are; cattle, swine, sheep,
goats, equine and llamas and

Small farmers who criticize the
plan believe that the reporting
requirements are excessive and
onerous and would invade the
privacy of farmers.  Critics also
feel that only large agri-biz
interests can afford to comply with
the animal tracking requirements.  
Small farmers have pointed out
that the registration requirements
of the NAIS are more intrusive
than those related to owning a
gun or driving a car.

The USDA has begun a series of
hearings with the general public
and so-called "stake-holders" who
met in Kansas City, MO in
mid-October to discuss
privitization of the national animal
numbering system.  The USDA
hopes that private food producing
companies "integrate the
standards" of the NAIS into their
business practices to increase the
program's effencicy.  Full
implementation of the NAIS is
targeted for July 2006.        
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Muslims -- a lot of
Muslims have died
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