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red state rebate
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red state rebate

The US House of Representatives has
passed a bill to the Senate that opens
Alaskan wilderness to energy
exploration for the first time and
provides tax breaks and subsidies for
oil and gas companies totaling 12
billion dollars.  Although President
Bush has admitted that the energy bill
would do little to relieve high gasoline
prices for consumers, it was approved
on a house vote of 249 to 183.    
One of the subsidies provided for in the
measure is compensation for oil
crowd control
Motorists stopped at safety
checkpoints in Washington D.C.
have their personal information
entered into a police database,
even if they are not cited for any
violations.  Most of the innocent
detainees don’t realize that their
information is being stored,
according to a recent article in the
Washington Post.
The checkpoints, located in high
crime areas, have been used to
gather data since 2002.  But
keeping records on law-abiding
drivers has raised privacy concerns,
even among some members of the
D.C. police.  Officials  stressed the
fact that the database was only
accessible to police ,saying this
would protect individual privacy.
Local police increasingly employ
safety and sobriety checkpoints as
law enforcement tools, but civil
libertarians  aren’t alone in
questioning their use.  Recent
studies cast doubt upon the
effectiveness of sobriety
checkpoints, even though 40 out of
50 states have such programs.   
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A Justice Department study of the
safety of Taser stun guns
employs an adviser who is a paid
consultant to Taser International,
the manufacturer of the
controversial weapon.  The
Justice Department denied that
the involvement of the adviser,
formerly the medical director of
Taser, would unduly influence the
conclusions of the study.

There have been several
reported incidents in which
suspects subjected to the effects
of the “non-lethal” Tasers have
died or suffered heart attacks.  

A 54 year old Indiana man died of
a heart attack after Chicago
police used a Taser to subdue
him as he fought with the officers
at an apartment building.  In a
separate incident, a Chicago teen
was hospitalized after his heart
stopped as a result of being
shocked by police.  The Chicago
Police have temporarily
suspended their use of Tasers.

In April an Orlando police officer
was accused of using a Taser on
an eighteen year old suspect who
was handcuffed to a hospital bed.  
The officer is alleged to have
discharged his weapon twice,
administering 50,000 volts each
time, in an effort to force the
suspect to provide a urine
sample.  The officer is charged
with misdemeanor battery.  
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Scientific Discussion Devolves Into Religious
continuation of the current policy
of teaching the theory of
evolution. Two of the three
presiding board members hadn't
read the proposal.

In 1999, Kansas became one of
the first states to remove
references to evolution from its
science curriculum, provoking
local controversy and making
national headlines. Since then,
two election cycles have produced
two different Boards of Education,
and each board has sought to
revise the science standards. The
current board has a conservative

According to the nonprofit
National Center for Science
Education, five states have
adopted educational standards
de-emphasizing evolution. Similar
proposals are under
consideration in several other
it's all true
A subcommittee of the Kansas
State Board of Education has
recently concluded hearings
about the role of the theory of
evolution in science
education.The hearings were held
in advance of consideration of the
issue by the full board next month.

Testimony was heard from
proponents of Intelligent Design
Theory, a quasi-creationist view
of the origin of life, as well as  
supporters of a traditional science
curriculum. Many scientific and
educational associations
boycotted the hearings, citing a
perceived bias in the proceedings
of the subcommittee.

During testimony several of the
witnesses admitted not having
read the "evolution friendly"
standards proposal, which argues
for the
Army tries new Marketing
Techniques to Boost Enlistment
Administration Has Chilling
Effect on Environmental





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The US Army has ordered a stand
down of recruitment operations for
one day this month to reemphasize
the organization’s commitment to
proper conduct.  1700 recruiting
stations will be closed on May 20th as
the US Army responds to recent
allegations of coercion, threats and
other inappropriate methods
employed by some of its 7500

Two times last week Texas youths
have reported that Army recruiters
made threats to coerce them into
unwillingly joining up for a tour of
duty.  In one incident a Houston youth
reported being threatened with court
action or charged with desertion if he
did not follow through with an early
enlistment commitment.  

In another case, 20-year-old
Christopher Monarch reported that
Army recruiter Sgt. Thomas Kelt left a
voicemail message for him telling him
to appear at the local recruiting
station or a warrant would be sworn
out for his arrest.   

When later questioned by Monarch
about the phone message, Sgt. Kelt
said that the threat was a “marketing
The Army is investigating a recruiting
center in Colorado after 17-year-old
high school student David McSwane,
writing for his high school newspaper,
reported that a military recruiter
encouraged him to lie and take drug
masking medications to gain entry
into military service.  

McSwayne reported that a military
recruiting officer advised him of an
Internet web site where, for $200, he
could purchase a phony high school
degree and offered to help him
secure over the counter drug
masking medications to pass the
military’s drug test.  The Army
recruiter involved in McSwane’s
complaint has been relieved of
recruitment duties pending the
outcome of the Army’s investigation.   

Army spokesman Douglas Smith said
that the army has investigated 480
allegations of misconduct since
October 2004.  The Army has
suffered a decline in recruitment
since the occupation of Iraq.  The
Army has missed recruitment goals
for the past three months and Army
ROTC recruitment is down 16% over
the past two years.    
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Studies released this week
reported a dramatic decrease in
prosecutions of environmental
crimes during the Bush
Administration's first term in office .

A report released by the
Environmental Integrity Project
reported that federal prosecutions
for violations of environmental
laws have dropped 75 percent
when compared with the previous

The Transactional Records
Access Clearinghouse examined
records of  criminal referrals to the
Justice Department, and reported
that more than half of the criminal
referrals  were not acted upon by
prosecutors, 58%.

Though the Environmental
Agency claims that it intends to
"bring the full force and strength of
the agency to bear" in its
prosecutions of environmental
criminals, 28 percent fewer
individuals convicted of such
crimes have been sentenced to
prison terms since 2000.     
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Police Say Fears of Illegal Search are Unwarranted
Justice Department
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Apparent Conflict of
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Tax Payers to Compensate Energy Corporations
companies in a buy-back scheme that
would require the government to
repurchase nonproductive leases from
oil companies.  Energy companies
taking advantage of this scheme will be
further compensated for costs they
incurred for “seismic and ecological
studies” up to 115% of the cost of the
original leases.  The mandated buy-
back affects oil leases in waters off the
Florida and California coasts and in
the Rocky Mountains.  80

The energy bill also stripped federal
funding that supported conservation
and re-allocated the monies to fund
research into “ultra-deep water” oil
and gas exploration.  The bill
provided some funding for renewable
energy sources:  93% of the tax
breaks contained in the bill were
targeted for gas, oil and nuclear
energies and 7% were for solar and
wind energy sources.  Oil and gas
companies posted record first-
quarter income in 2005.  The
Street Journal
reported that energy
company CEO compensation
averaged $16.5 million.  
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"I trust God
through me...
...without that...
...I couldn't do my job."
Lancastser County PA,   07.09.04
source: US Department of
Service sector jobs created in
April 2004 by industry
total service sector jobs
created:211,000 77% of jobs
created in April 2005 274,000 total
jobs created:
monthly growth rate of 0.21%
8,800   real
11,700   warehouse
28,000   health
29,200   retail
47,000   building
58,000   hospitality