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number 32   12.04.05
Police Want to See  'That Shock and That Awe' on City
The Miami Police department
announced that it has implemented a
policy of conducting random high
profile security operations in public
places.  Spokesperson for the
department advised citizens to expect
to see  officers in public places
observing and randomly "checking"
individuals identification.  The
heightened security program is
intended to ward off terrorist attacks
by staging aggressive, visible and
unpredictable showings of police
force.  "This is an in-your-face type
of strategy.  Its letting the terrorists
know we are out there," said Deputy
Chief Frank Fernandez.

An example of the terrorist
tacics described by the Miami Police
would be for uniformed and plain
clothed police to cordon off the area
around a bank and request that all
persons leaving and entering the
bank produce identification.  Such
strategies would include leafleting
citizens encouraging them to be
vigilant about the threat of terrorism,
the police spokesman said, "in three
Deputy Chief Fernandez told the
press at a briefing recently, "We want
to shock, we want to awe"

The American Civil Liberties Union
has criticized the initiative.  The
group released a statement which
said that "If the Miami Police plan on
stopping people
and demanding identification
without any reason to believe
there is criminal activity, that is

Miami Police Chief John Timoney
told reporters that the security
plan was being implemented even
though there have been no
specific threats, credible or
otherwise, that a terrorist attack is
eminent in Miami.

Timoney told reporters that he was
concerned because Miami had
been mentioned in older
intelligence reports and that many
of the 9/11 hijackers had lived in
the South Florida region at various
times over the past ten
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Prepare To Grill
Terror Trial
Europeans to Investigate Secret US Prison Compounds
The United States has promised to
respond to the growing controversy
over reports that it has operated
secret prisons in foreign countries.
Appearing on the Sunday morning
talk show circuit, National Security
Advisor Stephen Hadley said that
Secretary of State  Condoleezza Rice
will address the matter during her
visit to Europe this week. The trip
includes a stop in Romania, one of
the countries suspected of hosting a
secret detention center.

An investigation by the
uncovered evidence that the
CIA was transporting prisoners to
locations throughout the world so
they could be questioned outside of
the jurisdiction of
the United States justice system.
Thailand, Afghanistan, Poland, and
Romania have been mentioned as
possible sites for the secret prisons.
Officials in each of these countries
deny the existence of such prisons,
but human rights advocacy groups
say that international air traffic data
makes these countries the likely
destinations of hundreds of prisoner
transportation flights.

In the wake of the initial reports, at
least seven separate investigations
have been undertaken in Europe.
The most prominent of these is being
conducted under the auspices of the
Council of Europe, by Swiss Senator
Dick Marty,
who said the Council had a "moral
obligation" to look into the
charges. Several European
countries are investigating
whether their airports may have
been used in the transportation of
prisoners to illegal detention
centers. European Union  
Commissioner Franco Frattini has
said that any country found to
have hosted a secret US prison
would be subject to sanctions
from the EU. Sir Menzies
Campbell, of Britain's  Liberal
Democrat party, said that
countries that assist in the
transportation of prisoners "are at
the very least facilitating and we
may even be complicit in" torture.
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Prospective jurors in the death
penalty trial of Zacarias
Moussaoui will face intense
questioning from both
prosecutors and defense
attorneys. After the
prosecutors filed a 31-page
proposal with 89 questions for
jury selection last week,
Moussaoui's lawyers
countered with an even more
extensive document,
containing over 300 questions.
At stake is the makeup of the
jury that will decide whether
Moussaoui, 37, a French
citizen from Morocco, will face
life in prison without the
possibility of parole, or
execution by lethal injection.

Moussaoui is the only person
to be charged in a US court in
relation to the September 11,
2001 attacks. He pleaded
guilty in April to charges that
he was a terrorist affiliated with
al-Quaeda network.
Prosecutors do not allege a
direct link to the attacks, but
are seeking the death penalty
because they contend that
Moussaoui withheld
information from his FBI
interrogators after he was
arrested in August 2001.
Moussaoui denies all
knowledge of the attacks.

The prosecution proposal
includes questions about the
ethnic and religious
background of the jurors, as
well as the education levels of
all their children, and any
relationships with Arabs or
Arab-Americans. Defense
questions include references
to botched  investigations by
the FBI against Richard Jewell
and Wen Ho Lee, and failed
operations at Waco, Texas
and Ruby Ridge, Idaho.
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GM Replaces Some of its Down-sized
Employees: Most Unwilling to Make the
Within days of announcing worker
layoffs that effect one quarter of the
workforce in General Motor's North
American manufacturing plants, the
company has announced that it
intends to increase its work force in
India by 30 percent.

GM announced the North American
job cuts in mid-November which
would put 30,000 employee out of
work and shutter a dozen plants.  
The plan is intended to save the
company $7 billion by the end of

The company announced this week
that it would expand production in its
Halol (Gujart) plant in India.  The
expansion increases the force of GM
employees in India by 30 percent.  
The company plans to hire 400
assembly line workers and 50
managers to work in Halol.

GM is attempting to establish a
presence in the automobile
marketplace in India by introducing
both an economy car and a higher
end hatch back in early 2006.  GM
plans to add an additional 4000 jobs
at a yet to be built plant in Andhra
Pradesh or Maharashtra.

GM's decition to layoff one forth of its
North American Workforce has
angered unions, one of which is
currently in contract negotiations with
the car company.  Spokespersons for
the union attribute the company's
current financial problems to low

Some industry analysts have praised
the job contraction at GM and
suggest that the cuts may help the
company stave off a threatened
bankruptcy.  Others have called for
further cuts and restructuring.

Earlier this year GM announced that
it would begin increasing its purchase
of India-sourced components for its
automobiles.  GM plans to buy $1
billion worth of India manufactured
parts by the year 2008.  According to
the company, India-sourced parts are
30 percent cheaper than Eurpoean
or American made
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Death Penalty Acts
as Deterrent to
Respect     For US
Sony Music Infectious For the Wrong
The Texas Attorney General has filed
a lawsuit against Sony BMG alleging
that the company deceived
consumers by surreptitiously
installing destructive spy-ware on
their computers damaging their hard
drives and exposing the computers to
hacking.  Texas Attorney General
Abbott said that "Consumers who
purchased a Sony cd thought they
were buying music. Instead, they
received spy-ware that can damage
a computer, subject it to viruses and
expose the consumer to possible
identity theft crime."

The lawsuit is one of several filed in
November including private class
action suits and an action by the
Electronic Frontier Foundation
(EFF), a civil rights group that
focuses on protecting speech on the

In a widely criticized effort to thwart
unauthorized use of its music, Sony
placed self-installing spy-ware on
more than 50 of its artist's cds.  The
only way an owner of one of these
cds can play it on a computer is to
accept the installation of a Sony
'media player' on their computer.  
The media player contains a hidden
'root-kit' that can be used by hackers
to infect the computer with a virus or
gain access to personal data stored
on the computer's hard drive.
The secretly installed software
modifies the computer's operating
system to hide itself and makes it
difficult to remove.  The spy-ware
also adds random noise to duplicates
of the music preventing owners from
listening to the music on a portable
mp3 player.  The root-kit always
runs, slowing and sometimes
crashing a computer.  More troubling
to some is that the software tracks
the listening choices of the owner of
an infected computer and secretly
"phones home" that information back
to Sony when the computer is on-line.

Sony manufactured 24 million cds
with one of two hidden spy-ware
programs embedded on them in the
past year.  The EFF estimates that
500,000 computers have been
infected by the hidden spy-ware.  
The soft-ware has also been
detected on government and
commercial computer networks.

Although Sony has voluntarily
recalled 5 million cds, litigants are
seeking compensation for users
who's computers have been infected
and a guarantee that the company
will not continue the practice. The
Sony artists who's music carries the
hidden spy-ware virus  include Frank
Sinatra, Celine Dion, Ray Charles
and Trey Anastasio.               
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The execution last week of
Kenneth Lee Boyd by the North
Carolina Department of
Corrections marked the 1000th
implementation of the death
penalty in the United States since
its reinstatement by a decision of
the Supreme Court in 1976,
following a 10-year moratorium.
Boyd had been convicted of a
double homicide in 1988. The
unfortunate milestone was marked
by fresh criticism of the US justice
system by opponents of capital
punishment worldwide.

Boyd's execution was the fifth
carried out by the state of North
Carolina this year. Since 1976,
North Carolina has executed 39
prisoners, the sixth most in that
period. Texas leads the nation in
total executions with 355 since
1976, and 652 since 1930.

According to Amnesty International,
25 countries imposed death
sentences in 2004, with 97 percent
taking place in just four countries:
China, Iran, Vietnam and the United
States. 86 Countries prohibit capital
punishment. In the US, 38 states
and the federal government have
capital statutes.                          
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toxin...materials to
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tons of sarin, mustard
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...upwards of
30,000 munitions
of delivering
chemical agents...
several mobile
biological weapons
labs...thousands of
Iraqi security
personnel are
at work...
...hiding documents and
materials from the UN
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