one nation, under surveillance
President Tells Congress His Actions Were Approved By
President George Bush has spent
the week defending his
administration against a chorus of
critics-including some prominent
Republicans- who have questioned
the legality of executive orders to
place American citizens under
surveillance without any warrant or
judicial review.  

The president has admitted to
personally authorizing the
controversial program by the National
Security Agency, under which
hundreds of Americans at any given
time have been monitored under the
auspices of terror investigations.  
Although such spying on American
citizens is tightly controlled by a
judiciary body, the president's
executive order allowed investigators
to bypass the process for seeking
warrants completely.

Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney
and Attorney General Alberto
Gonzalez have all publicly claimed
that the wiretapping was legal, based
in authorizations provided by
congress immediately after
September 11, 2001.  But even
members of the president's own party
are questioning this rational. Senator
Arlen Spector (R-PA), Chairman of
the Senate Judiciary Committee, has
already called For Hearings as soon
as possible.  Warrantless wiretapping
of American citizens is specifically
prohibited said
Spector, "and can't be condoned
at all".

But the president has maintained
a defiant stance throughout the
week, saying that the surveillance
he authorized was a necessary
part of his "war on terror".  In a
special live radio address Bush
spoke of successful operations
against "terror cells" in several
states that had been made
possible by  the NSA spying.  The
president declined to go into
specifics, telling PBS "There's an
enemy that lurks, that would like
to know exactly what we're trying
to do to stop them."           
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one nation, under surveillance

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Congress Intent on
Ending Birthright to
US Citizenship
Faceless Bureaucrats Shall Remain Nameless
A research group has sued the
federal government's Office of
Personnel Management (OPM) over
its refusal to release data on over
900,000 civilian federal employees .  
The lawsuit was filed by the Syracuse
University-based Transactional
Records Access Clearinghouse
(TRAC), a data collection
organization that compiles and
analyzes governmental statistics.  
Since 1989, TRAC had received the
data from the OPM and published it
for use by academics and
journalists.  The Federal Register, a
list of employees, their job
description and salary has been
published by the government since
1816.  The OPM decision to break
with tradition and withhold the
information came without explanation.

After the initial refusal of the OPM to
release the data as usual, the
of TRAC wrote to the agency to
protest the decision: "Secret
governors are incompatible with a
free government.  Basic information
about the employees who carry out
the day-to-day actions of government
is critical for meaningful public
oversight."  TRAC asked for details
of the"newly implemented data
release policy" cited by the OPM as
grounds for withholding the
information, but was never provided
with them.

Most of the names withheld were of
Defense Department workers, and
the OPM referred all questions
relating to these employees to the
Pentagon.  But the office also
withheld names of workers in over
250 agencies such as the Federal
Emergency Management Agency
(FEMA), The Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA), and
Occupational Safety
and Health Administration.  The
TRAC lawsuit alleges that
withholding these names is a
violation of the Freedom of
Information Act.

The move by the OPM, in
conjunction with the Pentagon, is
seen by government watchdog
groups as further evidence of
increasing governmental secrecy
under the Bush administration.
Former Attorney General John
Ashcroft told law enforcement
officials in 2002 that he would
supportthem if  they increased
their denials of FOIA requests.
Statistics show that more
documents have been classified
by the federal government in each
successive year since 2001.
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A group of 92 congress
members have joined together
abolish a right guaranteed in
the constitution; birthright
The 14th amendment, which
emancipated states also gave
citizenship to "All persons born
or naturalized in the United
States and subject to the
jurisdiction thereof."

The group of congress
members seeking to abolish
the constitutional guarantee
argue that the phrase "subject
to the jurisdiction thereof"
excludes immigrants.  They
hope to pass legislation  that
would define who is entitled to
citizenship and who is not.  
The lawmakers are pushing to
attach an amendment to an
immigration bill that congress
will address this month which
would deny automatic
citizenship to children born of

Representative Lamar Smith
(R-TX) told the
Los Angeles
that he is concerned
that people are crossing the
border illegally for many
reasons "some are coming  for
jobs, some are coming to give
birth, some are coming to
commit crimes."

Critics of the measure see the
proposal as an attempt to
pander to anti-immigrant
sentiments among
conservative voters in the
border states and beyond.  
Experts point out that the
primary incentive for people
who cross America's borders
illegally is economic, to seek
employment rather than to
gain birthright citizenship for
yet to be born
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Dem Pandering Has Legions of
Democratic lawmakers in
Washington have agreed to
support legislation that would limit
speech and criminalize a form of
political protest.  New York
Senator Hillary Clinton has agreed
to co-sponsor a law with
Republican Senator Bob Bennett
of UT that would outlaw the
burning of any American flag, no
matter how small.

The "Flag Protection Act of 2005"
calls for a fine of up to $100,000
and a year in jail.  The new law is
written to make flag burning a
criminal offense only if the flag
burner knows that the act is "likely
to produce imminent violence or
breach of the peace" in an effort
to withstand constitutional

Last summer, Clinton signaled that
she supported a federal law that
would outlaw flag burning.  Clinton
said that the law would be "much
like laws that currently prohibit the
burning of crosses."  She said at
the time that she does not support
amending the constitution to
protect the flag.

Clinton's sponsorship of the
legislation has received criticism
from both free speech advocates
and the American Legion.  The
Legion said in a statement that
Clinton's sponsorship of the law
was a "tired political ploy".  

According to a poll by the
Freedom Forum reported in
, 53 percent of Americans
believe that the constitution
should not be amended to make
flag burning illegal.
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source: National Center for Education
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Health Club Puts the Fetus Back into
Members of a physical fitness center
in Lawrence Kansas have asked to
have their contracts canceled after
being confronted by a holiday display
at the gym that featured a Christmas
tree with plastic figures intended to
represent fetuses.

The Body Boutique, a fitness center
that caters to women clients, placed
the holiday tree in the lobby of the
gym at the request of a local
'pregnancy counseling' group that
opposes abortion.

The tree was adorned with pink and
blue stockings containing small
plastic figures each labeled with a
card identifying the figure as
being an unborn fetus between
"11 and 12 weeks old".  The tree
also held coupons for videos that
attack abortion and women who
seek the legal procedure.

The management of the Body
Boutique has refused to refund
any monies paid to those patrons
who were offended by the fetus
tree and has not yet removed he
offending holiday
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one nation under surveillance : teens in
Canadian Teens Targeted as
Threats to American Homeland
High school students from
Vanier Catholic Secondary
School in the Canadian Yukon
region have been targeted by
the US Department of
Homeland Security as a terror

The students participated in a
demonstration in Alaska at
Fort Greely called "Anti-missile
Peace Camp" in September.  
Recently leaked Department of
documents placed the teens on a
list with other subversive groups
including the Quakers and
student unions from state schools
across America.  

The DOD reported that the group
of adolescents were downgraded
from "threat" status to "not
credible" status after the
documents were made public,
although the students remain on
the list.                     
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Teen Questioned by FBI After Being
Charged for Notebook Doodling
A 16 year old high school
student from a suburban
Sacramento, CA school was
recently questioned by federal
authorities  after it was
reported by one of his
teachers that the teen had
scribbled the initials 'PLO' on
his notebook.

The student, who's identity has
not been revealed by
authorities but who was
identified as a forth generation
American of Arab descent, was
scolded by his mathematics
teacher who said
that the doodling identified him
as a supporter of terrorism.  
is the acronym for the Palestinian
Liberation Organization, a group
that opposes Israel's illegal
occupation of Palestine.

The lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and the Council on
American Islamic Relations have protested that the FBI did not
secure the permission of the boy's parents prior to the
interview.  The school's spokesperson said that the that the
rights of those involved are important "including those of law
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49ers Flagged For Illegal Procedure
A longtime season ticket holder
and his family filed a lawsuit
against the San Francisco 49ers
stating that their privacy has been
transgressed by the football
team's institution of bodily
searches of fans who enter the
team's stadium to watch football

The ticket holders Dan Sheehan
and his family have sought the
assistance of the American Civil
Liberties Union in their lawsuit.  
Sheehan and his family have
been season ticket holders since
1967.  Sheehan, a
retired glazier, told reporters that
felt that the searches were
intrusive window dressing that
don't enhance security but do
intrude on the spectators'
privacy.  "You don't get a
pat-down for going to a public
event", Sheehan said, "That
doesn't happen in my country."

A similar action filed by the ACLU
representing Tampa Bay
Buccaneer fans caused that team
to halt body searches at its
stadium when judges ruled that
the searches violated both Florida
state and federal protections
against unreasonable searches.
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red state rebate
CIA Agents Render Themselves into the Lap of
After an Italian judge charged 22
CIA operatives with kidnapping
and other crimes pertaining to
alleged incidents of
rendition last
month, Italian police began
investigating the incident to find
that the fugitive spies lived a life
of luxury during the kidnapping

Italian police have reported that
the American intelligence
operatives who kidnapped a
Muslim cleric off the streets of
Milan in broad daylight in 2003 to
be delivered to Egypt for torture,
treated themselves to the high life
at taxpayer's expense staying at 5
star hotels and eating 28 dollar
The police uncovered hotel bills
left by the 22 CIA operatives
totalling over $158,000 including
$40,098.81 at the Milan Westin
Palace for less than 40 days
lodging.  One operative charged
as much as $500 a day on his CIA
Diners Club credit account.  The
22 kidnappers opened 59 cell
phone accounts and fled Italy
after incurring hundreds of dollars
of traffic fines.

After the kidnapping operation the
hard working CIA agents repaired
to luxury resorts on the Italian
coast and in the Alps for some
post-rendition relaxation.
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US Endangered By Rising Tide of Pollution
The United States recently became
party to two separate actions
regarding its responsibility as a
nation in the natural destruction
caused by global warming.

A coalition of three environmental
groups and an organization that
represents more than 150,000 native
Inuit people filed petitions alleging
that the US has jeopardized the
environment by not restricting
emissions of greenhouse gases.

The three environmental groups; The
Center for Biodiversity, The Natural
Resources Defense Fund and Green
Peace, filed a lawsuit in federal court
in San Francisco seeking a judicial
order requiring the US Department of
Interior act on a petition the groups
filed earlier this year.  The group had
petitioned the department to classify
polar bears as threatened species.  
This would be a step toward granting
endangered species status to the
polar bear.

The bear is now threatened by rising
warmer arctic waters.  The polar bear
hunts from ice flows that are melting
into an arctic Ocean warmed, the
group allege, by man made carbon
dioxide trapped in  the earth's
atmosphere.  The US is the world's
largest emitter of CO2.
The department itself has
reported an increase of drowning
deaths of polar bears, significant
because there is a total estimated
population slightly more than
20,000 polar bears left alive in the

The second action was initiated
by the Inuit Circumpolar
Conference representing native
people in the vast arctic regions
comprised of Canada, Greenland,
Russia, Scandinavia and Alaska.

The group filed an action with the
Washington based Inter-American
Commission on Human Rights
seeking the body's declaration
that the US stands in violation of
the 1948 American Declaration of
the Rights and Duties of Man.  
The groups is asking that the us
help peoples of the arctic region
adapt to the loss of their centuries
old way of life due to the
catastrophic effects of global
warming in the arctic.  The groups
site rising sea levels and the
extinction of animals the Inuit hunt
such as polar bear and caribou
and argue that it is only a matter
of time before their traditional way
of life will be lost.                    
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National Public Radio has responded
to critics who say that the network
relies to heavily on conservative
leaning sources in its news
reporting.  The Ombudsman for the
network, Jeffrey Dvorkin, performed a
review of interviews done with
'experts' from think tanks in th year
2005 on NPR news programming that
revealed that 63 percent of the
experts represented right leaning
points of view.

The study analyzed 380 interviews
broadcast in the past year. 239 of
the NPR's experts were from
conservative think tanks and 141
were characterized by Dvorkin as left
leaning.  From this analysis Dvorkin
concluded that "NPR needs to be
consistent about how thin tanks are
identified."   Further, Dvorkin stated
in his report that the network has to
"make sure that it is presenting an
appropriate range of ideas and not
just one side of the debate."

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
did a review of NPR programming
that was released in the summer of
2005 which found that the majority of
the public news network's sources
were either corporate, government or
other professional experts-64
percent of all sources.                         
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there is a check of people
being sworn to uphold the law,
for starters.  There is
oversight.  We're talking to
Congress all the
suggest that there's
unchecked power is not
listening to what I'm saying."
Washington DC  12.20.05
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