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Drugs For the Rich to be Tested on the Poor
In an effort to cut costs, multinational
pharmaceutical corporations are
increasingly turning to developing
countries such as India, China, and
Brazil-- not just to manufacture their
products, but to carry out  the clinical
testing required by the FDA for
approval of new drugs. India, with
one of the world's fastest growing
economies, has seen a dramatic
surge in pharmaceutical research
over the past five years.

American and European subjects are
typically reluctant to participate in
clinical trials of new drugs, and many
have high levels of medications or
other products which make them
unsuitable for clinical
testing. Researchers in developing
countries find a more willing, and
frequently healthier, test pool, at
enormous cost savings over
conducting trials in the US. This is
particularly the case in India, where a
large, well educated,  English-
speaking  population enables
pharmaceutical giants to realize
savings of more than 60 percent on
research and development of new

Bioethicists and advocates for the
disadvantaged warn that paying
subjects  in developing countries to
participate in drug trials may amount
to a form of coercion, when the local
population is overwhelmingly poor.
But with so much
potential revenue for the host
country, governments are
encouraging pharmaceutical
companies to outsource their
clinical testing  programs. Major
drug makers that have  expanded
their Indian operations to include
clinical testing include
GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Novo
Nordisk, Sanofi-Aventis, and Eli

Spokesmen for the
Pharmaceutical Research and
Manufacturers of America
Foundation stressed that no
matter where clinical trials are
performed,new drugs are still
subject to FDA approval.              
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interpreting the constitution

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spread of the red

one nation, under surveillance

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interpreting the constitution
BLM Proposes
Toxic Treatment
For Western
Ohio Bans Personal Nuclear Bombs and Demands to See Your
The state legislature in Ohio has
recently passed a law that
disallows state employees and
local townships from acting in
“disagreement with or critical of"
the USA Patriot Act. The new law
also makes it a crime for a citizen
to refuse to identify themselves to
a police officer, even if no crime
has been committed or is even

The law, which critics have
dubbed the ‘Ohio Patriot Act’,
specifically outlaws any state
employee or local government
body from enacting a law or taking
an action in ‘disagreement’ with
the dictates of the Patriot Act. As
previously in,
towns and local governments across
the country have imposed
ordinances which effectively nullify
some of the components of Patriot
that usurp constitutional rights
granted to Americans.

The Ohio law makes it a crime for
municipalities, state employees and
local city employees from acting on
their criticism of the Patriot Act and
refusing to carry out the dictates of
the act or to codify any ordinance
that contradicts the act.

The new Ohio law also makes it a
for a private citizen to refuse to give
a police officer their identification if
requested to do so in an “airport,
train station, port or other similar
infrastructure site.” The rule does
allow that citizens who are directed to
identify themselves can refuse to
answer additional police questioning
without being arrested. The American
Civil Liberties Union and other critics
of the law feel that such broad
ranging and ill-defined police
authority is prone to abuse and may
also be considered an  
unconstitutional search. The new
Ohio law also expressly forbids
citizens from “knowingly” possessing
a nuclear weapon.
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The Bureau of Land
Management has announced a
proposal to apply herbicides to
932,000 acres of rangeland,
forests, and aquatic areas, as
part of a campaign to reduce
fire risks and combat the
spread of invasive species.
The program, which will involve
the aerial application of a
variety of herbicides to BLM
lands in 17 Western states,
has drawn criticism from
ranchers, and organic farmers.

Among the territory that would
be affected by the spraying of
chemical weed killers would be
National Monuments and
National Conservation Areas.
BLM officials emphasized the
extensive risk assessment
procedures employed in the
development of the spraying
program, and assured the
public that it is safe."We spent  
a long time analyzing the true
risk of using herbicides at that
level. We can do it, and do it
safely so long as we follow the
label directions and apply the
appropriate mitigation
processes," said Verlin Smith
of the BLM in Utah.

Critics say that the program
includes toxic pesticides such
as bromacil and chlorsulfuron.
A similar proposal by the BLM
in Alaska has been opposed
by the Alaska Inter-Tribal
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Household savings
rate by quarter  
2003            2004            
US Tries to Pitch Around Cuba
The Treasury Department has told
organizers of the inaugural World
Baseball Classic that a Cuban team
cannot participate because it would
violate US law. The 16-team
tournament is to take place in March
at sites in the US, Puerto Rico, and
Japan. The Cuban team was slated
to compete in the first round against
Panama, the Netherlands, and
Puerto Rico. But officials from the
Treasury Department's Office of
Foreign Assets Control have
concluded that Cuba's participation is
prohibited under the terms of the
United States' long standing trade

The decision was immediately
assailed by a chorus of critics
including tournament managers,
Major League Baseball, and the US
Olympic Committee. Cuba
denounced the decision as
"shameful" and
"absurd." The Cuban Baseball
Federation has offered to donate any
revenues earned from participation in
the WBC to the victims of Hurricane
Katrina, in an effort to be in
compliance with the terms of the
trade embargo.

The organizers of the tournament are
trying to obtain a special permit from
the OFAC that would allow Cuba to
field a team in March. Several
countries have threatened to boycott
the WBC if Cuba is excluded, and
many in the US have decried what
they see as the politicization of  a
sporting event. All sides are involved
in last minute negotiations to rescue
the tournament, which is to feature
many of the biggest stars of Major
League Baseball. Cuba won the
Olympic gold medal for baseball in
1992, 1996, and 2004.        
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Soldiers Sound
Suspiciously Like
Bush While on
Southwest US to Become Gated
Legislation has been presented to
congress that proposes the
construction of high tech security
barrier on the American Southern
border to keep out illegal immigrants
and protect the homeland.

The border wall, which has been
compared to the Berlin Wall and the
Israeli Security Fence in occupied
Palestine, will consist of two parallel
wire mesh fences with a lighted strip
and topped with razor wire extending
from the Gulf of Mexico in the east to
the Pacific Ocean in the west. If built,
the immigration wall will be the largest
on earth after China’s Great Wall.

The wall is a component of a
legislative package proposed by
republican congresspersons Duncan
Hunter (CA) and Geoff Davis (KY).
The bill also would require a
computerized entry and exit system
at America’s points of entry and
criminalizes the act of assisting
undocumented immigrants.  

Davis has lashed out at those who
criticize the wall from the stand point
of it’s effectiveness and that it is a
symbol antithetical to America’s
historically open society saying
“Those who say a fence
can’t work, frankly, don’t have
experiences with fences”.  Davis has
previously written or co-sponsored
four bills targeting illegal immigration,
but this time he describes the plan to
erect a wall at the US border as a
hedge against terrorists who “exploit
the open border”.  

Mexico has aggressively condemned
the proposed border wall. Mexican
president Vincente Fox called the
proposal “shameful” and Mexican
Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto
Derbez said that the wall was a
“stupid idea”. The Mexican congress
has requested that other countries in
Latin America and Europe join with
Mexico to protest and work against
the proposed border wall. The
Mexican government has also hired a
Dallas, TX based public relations firm
to counter what Mexico perceives as
a growth of anti-immigration
sentiment in the United States.

President George Bush recently
called for increasing the use of
electronic surveillance on the border
and  unmanned aerial drones that
are programmed to detect “criminal
behavior”.  The House also recently
passed legislation that makes
unlawful presence in the United
States a felony and would allow the
use of the US military to patrol
America’s borders.
its all true
Soldiers on leave from the war
zone in Iraq have been charged
with a mission to carry out on the
home front; to seek out media
interviews to promote the success
of the Iraq war.

The independent non-profit news
Capitol Hill Blue has
reported that ‘Operation Home
Front’ is designed to spin the
situation in occupied Iraq
positively to unwitting small town
media outlets echoing the positive
message the Bush Administration
has also been promoting in the
past weeks.

The report's analysis of several in-
country interviews by soldiers on
leave this Christmas across the
US suggests that soldiers are
working off a set pattern of
“talking points” including that
American soldiers must stay until
the “job is finished”.  In one
instance an interviewed soldier
admitted to the reporter that he
had been “encouraged” to seek
out press interviews while he was

Capitol Hill Blue also reported
that there is a large and vocal
group of Iraq War Veterans who
view the situation in Iraq as
unsuccessful and
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"When we say
'serious consequences'..."
...for the sake of peace,
there must be
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