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Halliburton Secures Contract for Homeland Interment Camps
The Department of Homeland
Security has awarded a contract
worth up to $385 million to Halliburton
subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root,
for the construction and operation of
emergency immigration detention
and processing facilities. Under the
terms of the contract, KBR will
augment Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) Detention and
Removal Operations Program
facilities in the event of an
emergency influx of immigrants into
the US. KBR also held the previous
contingency contract with ICE from
2000 through 2005.

The contract, which is effective
immediately, also calls for KBR to
provide “migrant detention support”
to other unspecified government
agencies in emergency situations.
The contractor may also be asked to
assist with the federal response to
natural disasters. The contract does
not specify locations for the detention

KBR, the engineering and
construction division of Halliburton, is
the largest private US military
contractor operating in Iraq. The
Government Accountability Office
has rebuked both Halliburton and
KBR for over billing in relation to its
contingency contract work in Iraq,
and the Pentagon’s own auditors said
Halliburton had overcharged by
$169 million for its services. The
companies have also been at the
center of a controversy
surrounding a number of no-bid
government contracts, both in Iraq
and in the Gulf Coast area of the
US after Hurricane Katrina. Vice
President Dick Cheney is a former
Halliburton CEO.

The same week as the contract
with KBR was announced,
Halliburton reported 2005 profits
of $2.4 billion on total revenues of
about $21 billion. All six corporate
divisions   posted record
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United States,
Iran United in
Feds Fund Reading, Writing, and Retinal
The US Department of Justice has
provided a grant of $369,000 to a
public school district in New
Jersey to implement a retinal scan
security system.  Eyemetric
Identity Systems installed retinal
scanning machines in three of the
schools in the Freehold Borough
School District to identify parents
who arrive at the schools to pick
up children.

Parents who have had their retinal
biometrics read and stored on
school district computers will have
to produce a driver's licence and
submit to a retinal scan before
they are allowed in school
buildings.  The district allows up to
four adults
to register their biometric information
for each student on the district's Iris
Recognition Security and Visitor
Management System.

School district superintendent Phil
Meara said that the Teacher-Point
Authorization Security System
(T-Pass) is part of a "larger emphasis
here in New Jersey, on school
safety."  Meara said that the
Department of Justice was looking at
a "slightly urban" school to run a pilot
program to study the effectiveness of
biometric security systems when
used in a grammar school setting.  
Retinal scanning technology is  
currently being used in prisons and
police detention centers in the US.
The technology is also used in
British grade schools.  Children
attending the Venerable Bede
Church of England Aided School in
Sunderland are eye-scanned when
they buy hot meals in the school's
cafeteria or when they check out a
book in the school's library.

"Biometrics is the wave of the future,"
said superintendent Meara.  So far, one
fifth of the adults available to pick up a
child from a participating school have
had their retinal data
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The United States has backed
an Iranian initiative to deny
United Nations consultative
status to two groups working
for gay rights. The Danish
National Association for Gays
and Lesbians and the Brussels-
based International Lesbian
and Gay Association had
applied for membership of the
UN Economic and Social
Council but the Iranian
measure summarily dismissed
the applications without a
hearing. Some 3000 non-
governmental organizations
have consultative status, which
enables them to engage in
meetings of the council.

The US decision to vote for the
Iranian measure immediately
brought a torrent of criticism
from human rights groups.
Representative Tom Lantos
(D, CA), the co-chairman of
the Congressional Human
Rights Caucus, wrote a letter
to UN Ambassador John
Bolton, calling the decision a
“major setback.”

Critics pointed out that the US
had joined with nations it
regularly castigates for human
rights abuses in rejecting the
applications. Scott Long,
director of the Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, and Transgender
rights program at Human
Rights Watch, said “It is
astonishing that the Bush
administration would align itself
with Sudan, China, Iran, and
Zimbabwe in a coalition of the
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Tax cuts cost more than
some federal agencies-
in billions of dollars
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DOD Tracks Threat Posed
by Institutions of Higher Learning
The Pentagon has classified
major American universities as
potential terror threats by listing
them on the so called 'Threat and
Local Observation Notice'
(TALON) report.

The schools that were reported
on the list of groups of
organizations assessed to be a
potential threat to the Department
of Defense and national security
in general include New York
University, the University of
California at both Berkeley and
Santa Cruz, the University of
Wisconsin at Madison among
other institutions of higher

The Pentagon's TALON report
was initiated after 9-11 and is a
of thousands of incidents reported by
federal, state and local law
enforcement entities.  The database
was ostensibly created to monitor the
activities groups and individuals that
are deemed to be a threat to the
Department of Defense.

The reason given for the inclusion of
the universities on a Pentagon terror
threat list was that each of the
schools were host to a protest in the
past where students and faculty
demonstrated against military
recruitment on their campuses.  The
protests were all small, approximately
250 people at the USC event, and
non-violent.  It was previously
reported in that
anti war groups had been monitored
and placed on the TALON terror
threat list.             
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source: Congressional Budget






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Generosity to Poor a Foreign Concept
2005: Yet  Another
Warmest Year Ever
Vermont has become the latest state
to  accept Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez's offer to provide
discounted heating oil to its poorest
citizens.  In an agreement reached
with Vermont Independent congress
person Bernie Sanders, the
Venezuelan state run oil company
Citgo will sell heating oil at a reduced
price to Vermont on the condition
that the discount is passed along to
low income Vermont residents.

Spokesperson for Representative
Sanders said that the agreement will
"bring at least several millions of
discounted oil" into the state resulting
in millions of dollars of savings for
Vermont's lowest income residents.

Other cities and states have already
accepted Chavez's offer of buying
reduced priced heating oil from Citgo
on the condition that the savings
would be passed along to low income
Americans.  President Chavez, a
passionate supporter of the rights of
workers and the poor in Central and
South America who also has been a
vocal critic of George Bush, first
offered low priced oil to Americans as
a charitable response to Hurricane
Katrina.  Venezuela is the largest
exporter of oil in the Western

Last month Venezuelan officials
came to a similar agreement with New
York where heating oil will be sold
directly to
low income housing authorities in the
Bronx at a 40 percent reduction in
price.  The single condition stipulated
by Venezuelan officials was that the
dollars saved by the housing
organizations would be reinvested in
the community in the form of rent
reductions and vouchers.   

Congressman Jose Serrano, who
helped broker the agreement, said
that the low income residents who will
benefit from the generosity of Citgo
are "truly grateful" and that it is
"shameful that no American oil
company has similarly stepped
forward to help communities" in the
way that Citgo has.

Citgo has also agreed to provide
heating fuel to Philadelphia, Rhode
Island, Massachusetts and American
Indian reservations in Maine.  While
the low income recipients of the
heating oil have praised the
agreements many republicans, at
both the state and federal level have
castigated the Venezuelan
government's act as a political ploy.  

In Maine, state representative
Kenneth Fletcher, the Republican
leader of Maine's Utility and Energy
Commission said of the plan to help
heat the homes of the poor in his
state, "It seems to be a very shaky
strategy, to have to depend on
another kind of government-a
dictatorship-for our supply of oil."
President Chavez is the
democratically elected leader of
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Last year was the warmest ever
recorded on Earth, according to
scientists at NASA’s Goddard
Institute for Space Studies. The
record-breaking global average
temperature continued a 25 year
trend of steady warming. Eight of
the ten hottest years since
modern meteorological record
keeping began in the 1860’s have
occurred within the last decade,
and the five hottest have all been
recorded since 1998.

The news comes as scientists are
noticing other dramatic effects of
global warming, such as the
significant shrinkage of the Arctic
sea ice cap reported by NASA last
summer, and increasing
extinctions among certain plant
and animal species, as reported
last week by
. The research shows that the
Earth is warming at a faster rate in
the Northern Hemisphere, where
there is a greater land mass. The
Northern Hemisphere also has a
much higher rate of consumption
of fossil fuels.

In the past century, temperatures
have risen by 1.44 degrees, with
about 70 percent of that increase
coming over the past 30 years.
Scientists predict that global
averages could rise by as much
as 6 to 10 degrees in the next
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