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interpreting the constitution

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Judge Orders Defendant to Become Functional in English, by Tennessean
Judge Barry Tatum, who sits on the
Wilson, Tennessee Circuit Court, has
recently ordered several Mexican
immigrants to learn English in cases
that have appeared before him in
Family Court.  At least five times
Judge Tatum has required
non-English speakers to become
functional in English in rulings he has
handed down.

In the most recent case that came
before Judge Tatum, he ordered
Felipa Berrera to learn English or
possibly lose
custody of her eleven-year-old
American born daughter.  Berrera's
attorneys expected she would be
“tested” by the judge in an April 2005
hearing as stipulated in an order
handed down to Berrera in October

While Judge Tatum disputed the term
"test", his original order required that
Berrera answer questions posed by
the judge in English or risk
“termination of her parental rights”
and “losing any connection, legally,
morally and ,
physically with her daughter forever”.
Judge Tatum, defending his original
order in
Nashville Scene
said he is fearful that
Berrera’s daughter will “risk losing
out on all opportunities if she is not
assimilated into the culture”.

In another recent case Judge Tatum
ordered the plaintiff to both learn
English and take birth control
medications.  Said Tatum, “If all you
have is a push mower, you don’t
need to have a five acre yard.”    
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crowd control
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Memo Reveals White House Staged Town Hall Meetings
Catholics Withhold
A group of young parents and
workers appeared with President
George Bush at the Milwaukee Art
Museum on May 19th, to support his
plan for changing the social security
system.  Students, a teacher, a small
business owner and a dairy farmer
and his working wife, all under thirty
years of age, voiced their approval of
the Bush plan which would allow
workers to opt out of guaranteed
social security benefits.

Also reported last week by the
Angles Times
was the circulation of
a memo from the White House to a
Rochester, New York based group
called Women Impacting Public Policy
(WIPP).  The memo calls on the
group to provide participants for an
as yet unscheduled
social security event in Rochester.  
The memo requests that the group
provide people “under the age of 29
years old” whose views echo the
specific policy components that the
president highlighted in Milwaukee
last Thursday.

The White House Memo requests
that the president be able to“visit
with” a young worker who “knows”
that social security “could run out
before they retire” and a single
parent who believes that the Bush
plan would “provide more retirement
options and security” than the
current system.

The revelation of the memo re-
ignited criticism of the social security
the president has devoted so much
time to in the first year of his
second term in office. Earlier this
year citizens attending the
president’s social security forums
reported being screened for party
affiliation and barred for holding
views other than those espoused
by the Bush Administration.  

White House spokesman Trent
Duffy responded that the Bush
White House is simply using its
“bully pulpit” to advance the
president’s scheme to change
Social Security.  Mr. Duffy did not
comment on the recently revealed
White House memorandum.  
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Father Michael Sklucazek
refused communion to more
than one hundred
congregants at the Cathedral
of Saint Paul in MN in May
because they expressed
support for fellow Catholics
who are gay.

Churchgoers have, since
2001, worn rainbow-colored
sashes to show support for
gay parishioners and gay
Catholics in general.   
Congregants who wore the
sashes last week were allowed
to be blessed by the priest but
were refused Holy
Communion.  Arch Bishop
Harry Flynn had ruled earlier
this month that the congregant
wearing of the sashes was
considered to be a broad
critique of church doctrine.  
Father Flynn rejected what he
said was “to use the reception
of communion as an act of
protest."  The Catholic Church
has resisted urgings from
adherents to soften its  stance
against homosexuality.

In a separate incident, the
administration of Roman
Catholic High School Saint
Jude Educational Institute in
Alabama barred a pregnant
student from participating in
graduation ceremonies last
week.  Saint Jude had gone so
far as to not list the pregnant
student in the program with
the other graduates.  The
graduate, Alysha Crosby, took
matters into her own hands
and-after the entire class of
2005 had been announced-
walked on to the stage and
announced herself.  The
father of Ms. Crosby’s baby,
also a student at Saint Jude,
was allowed to participate in
the ceremony.      
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'Bill of Rights' Limits Speech
The General Assembly of the State
of Ohio has introduced legislation
that aims to ban the introduction of
“controversial matter into the
classroom or course work.”  

Senate Bill 24, labeled the “Academic
Bill of Rights” also includes
prohibitions on studying any matters
that may be interpreted as
“antireligious indoctrination”.  The bill
is modeled on conservative activist
David Horowitz’s “Academic Bill Of
Rights” versions of which are being
considered by six states and have
been introduced in the U.S. House of
Representatives.  The Ohio bill was
introduced by State Senator Larry
Mumper (R) who feels “anti-
American” professors are
dangerous and teach things
student’s parents would disagree

David Horowitz, who has likened
American liberals to Islamic
terrorists, runs the Academic
Freedom Abuse Center.  Horowitz
has agitated a movement critical of
colleges that he believes hire
radical left wing ideologues as

The American Civil Liberty Union of
Ohio has criticized the measure
fearing that Senate Bill 24 could be
used to “encourage thought
policing in institutions of higher
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Benefits of EPA
Plan Somewhat
President Hopes to Impede Medical
The Environmental Protection Agency
has proposed a new policy that would
allow sewage treatment plants to
discharge partially treated human
waste into rivers and lakes.

The Clean Water Act restricts sewage
treatment plants from discharging
partially treated waste into the
nation's waterways, but the new EPA
policy would allow ''blending", where
untreated sewage is mixed with
treated sewage before it is

Wastewater is generally treated first
by allowing waste solids to settle and
then pathogens in the water are killed
through a biological treatment
process.  The EPA's proposal would
allow discharges of non-biologically
treated wastewater whenever it rains.  

Local governments have welcomed
the measure, as it would reduce costs
associated with water treatment.  
Critics have assailed the proposal as
putting economic concerns before
those of community health.               
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This week President George Bush
threatened to use the first veto of his
presidency to defeat a bill working its
way through Congress that would
provide funding for stem cell
research. The House of
Representatives is moving
aggressively to provide funding for
research that could use embryos
abandoned by parents who
attempted invitro-fertilization so that
they could have a child.  The
measure has over 200 co-sponsors,
46% of all congress members.  

Joining President Bush in the fight
against medical research is a group
of conservative politicians who are
troubled by the religious and ethical
ramifications of the research.  
Senator Sam Brownback, (R-KS)
who has gone on record opposing
embryonic stem cell research stated,
“Young lives must never be
sacrificed for any reason”.  Tony
Perkins of the evangelical religious
group the Family Research Council
also opposes the bill, fearing that
human beings will be created for
experimentation purposes.  

This month South Korean scientists
made substantial strides in
embryonic stem cell research,
creating more than ten dozen new
cell lines.  Research into embryonic
stem cells could advance treatment
for chronic and debilitating diseases
such as Parkinson’s Disease
and Alzheimer’s Disease that afflict

There are more than 100,000 frozen
embryo cells in America that are
currently considered medical waste.  
Four states have passed laws that
circumvent the federal embargo on
funding embryonic stem cell research:
New Jersey, Massachusetts,
Wisconsin and California, which has
created a 3 billion dollar trust fund for
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