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one nation, under surveillance
Government Spy Agency Chooses AT&T as its Primary Service Provider
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Documents filed in support of a
lawsuit against AT&T reveal the
technical details of a secret program
in which the telecommunications
giant allowed the National Security
Agency complete access to its
customers’ telephone and internet
traffic. A former AT&T technician
provided the confidential documents
to the Electronic Frontier Foundation,
a civil liberties group that has sued
the company in federal court in San
Francisco. The suit alleges that
AT&T illegally permitted the NSA to
monitor phone and computer
communications without obtaining

The documents detail the installation
sophisticated data mining equipment
in a secret room within an AT&T
switching facility in San Francisco.
According to retired technician Mark
Klein, who submitted an affidavit in
the case, NSA personnel were
involved in the construction of the
secret room, and AT&T’s regular
technical crews were not allowed into
the area. Klein heard from coworkers
that similar programs were being
implemented in other locations,
including Los Angeles, San Diego,
and Seattle.

Klein told reporters he came forward
because he felt that the nature of the
equipment being installed under the
secret program meant that the scope
NSA wiretapping must be much
broader than government
statements have indicated. During
recent testimony before the
Senate Judiciary Committee,
Attorney General Alberto
Gonzalez refused to rule out
warrantless wiretaps on domestic
communications between US

The manufacturer of the
equipment installed in the secret
enclosure, Narus, of Mountain
View, California, says that its
filters can scan billions of bits of
internet traffic per second,
including e-mails and e-mail
attachments. The company would
not confirm any contracts with the
federal government.           
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US Treasury
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Destruction of Babylon one of the Blunders of the
US military officials involved in the
construction and operation of a
coalition base camp in the ancient
city of Babylon have offered to
apologize to Iraqi authorities for
damaging artifacts and contaminating
one of the world’s most important
archaeological sites. The widespread
destruction to Babylon has been
documented in the report of a
detailed investigation conducted by
the British Museum. Colonel John
Coleman, the former Chief of Staff of
the First Marine Expeditionary Force,
which occupied the ancient city in
2003 and 2004, has said that if the
chairman of the Iraqi Board for
Heritage and Antiquities demands an
apology, “if it makes him feel good,
we can certainly give him one.”

The British Museum report found
“substantial damage” and “severe
contamination” to Babylon, one of
the most famous and influential cities
antiquity, the site of the Palace of
Nebuchadnezzar and the Hanging
Gardens, one of the seven wonders
of the ancient world. Upon their
arrival in 2003, US troops excavated
large areas of the site to build
parking lots, a fuel depot, and a
helicopter landing pad, filling
sandbags and metal mesh baskets
with sand and earth containing
countless artifacts and fragments,
and driving tanks and bulldozers
across 2600 year-old paving slabs.
Later, tens of thousands of cubic feet
of earth were brought into the area,
further contaminating the sensitive

Pentagon spokesmen defended the
US occupation of Babylon, saying
that archaeologists were consulted
regularly, and repeating the claim
that it was necessary to occupy the
city in order to protect the site from
looting. But John Curtis, Keeper of
the Ancient Near EastDepartment of
the British Museum,
said the deployment of troops in
the region was “regrettable,” and
called for an international
investigation to determine the
scope of the destruction. Lord
Redesdale, the head of the
Parliamentary Archaeological
Group and an archaeologist
himself, said “These are world
sites. Not only is what the
American forces are doing
damaging the archaeology of Iraq,
it’s actually damaging the cultural
heritage of the whole world.”

Iraqi officials have also demanded
that US troops leave the ancient
city of Kish, another sensitive site
that has been significantly
contaminated by occupation
forces. The US military has been
accused of limiting access to Kish,
preventing an assessment of the
damage to the 5000 year-old city.
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Many American travelers are
aware of the
no fly list
maintained by the Department
of Homeland Security, what
many American consumers
may not know of is the
no buy
that maintained by the
Department of the Treasury.  

The law is written to take into
account any and all banking,
financial, insurance and
mercantile transactions in the
United States, no matter how
small.  Penalties for not
screening transactions can
include up to 30 years in
prison and millions of dollars in
criminal and civil fines.

The Office of Foreign Assets
Control administers the
no buy
, also known as the bad guy
. The agency is charged
with enforcing various trade
and economic sanctions that
are in effect due to US foreign
and national security policies.

The OFAC does warn
merchants to use care as they
run the names of their
customers through the
government database so as to
minimize “false positives”.  
Merchants are reminded to
check to see if the name is an
exact match before notifying
the agency, as is required by
federal law.  Although the
buy list
is public and has been
in existence since prior to
2001, the department
developed what is referred to
control list in response to
the terrorist attacks which is
not disseminated to the
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Top petroleum consuming
states - expressed in millions
of barrels
SF Wireless Network Comes with Strings Attached
A free wireless network for internet
users in San Francisco includes
technology that will enable network
operators track the physical location
of each user to within a few hundred
feet. The Wi-Fi service, which is
being provided by Google, Inc. and
its partner Earthlink, will also store
the location data for up to 180 days
“for marketing purposes.” Privacy
advocates have warned that the
technology is open to abuse by
computer hackers, law enforcement
agencies, and private litigators.

Google’s plan to provide the network
was chosen by San Francisco mayor
Gavin Newsom from 26 such
proposals after a lengthy review. The
Mountain View, California- based
search engine will
offer free Wi-Fi services within the
San Francisco city limits, to be
supported by online advertising.
Earthlink will offer a high speed
subscription service, in effect
creating the two-tiered internet
structure that civil libertarians have
warned of for some time.

Wi-Fi networks have been built in
several US cities, and there are
proposals on the table for many
more. But the openness of wireless
connections leaves them vulnerable
to viruses, hackers and identity
thieves. Critics also charge that
smaller, more progressive internet
providers are being left out as major
corporations like Google and SBC
scramble to line up exclusive
agreements with municipalities.
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Company Funded Tests Produce Schizoid
Nation Notches
Noxious Notoriety
A report published in the American
Journal of Psychiatry
found that
when pharmaceutical manufactures
sponsor tests of drugs used to treat
patients for the symptoms of
schizophrenia, the drugs that are
manufactured by the sponsoring
company are revealed to be the most
effective drug over 90 percent of the
time.  The authors of the study wrote
that “on the basis of these
contrasting findings in head-to-head
trials, it appears that whichever
company sponsors the trial produces
the better antipsychotic drug,"

The authors reviewed results of
comparative studies antipsychotic
drugs that were paid for by
pharmaceutical companies to
“determine if a relationship existed
between the sponsor of the trial and
the drug favored in the study’s
overall outcome.“  The study
reviewed every known test
sponsored by drug manufacturers
since 1966.  

The study’s authors, who include DR.
John Davis, Gillman Professor at the
University of Illinois Chicago,
Psychiatric Research Center,
concluded that various design flaws
in the tests led to misleading and
inaccurate results that tended to
benefit the sponsors of the studies
and often did not consider the real
life needs of psychiatric patients.  
The study found
that tests funded by pharmaceutical
companies often resulted in contrary
conclusions regarding the effect of
and dosage for common drugs used
to treat schizophrenia.  Manufactures
of the drugs say that contradictory
test results don’t cancel each other
out but help doctors better
understand the drugs.

The authors of the UIC found that
biases were built into company-
sponsored studies with respect to
dosage and statistical methods,
among other criteria, that resulted in
biased “reporting of results and
wording of findings.”  The study
concluded that the test’s biases
tended to “limit the validity of head-to-
head comparison studies”.  
Psychiatrists rely on company-
sponsored tests in deciding which
drugs to prescribe to their patients.  
Doctors prescribe over $10 million
worth of antipsychotic medications
each year.  

The Washington Post reported
recently that tests by the federal
government on a broad range of
psychiatric drugs performed over an
extended period attempted to provide
the perspective missing from
pharmaceutical industry tests.  The
studies showed that the newer
patented drugs tested by
pharmaceutical companies were
actually less effective than cheaper
generic drugs.  
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The United States recently set a
record for the largest emission of
greenhouse gases in world
history. In the year 2004, the last
year there are statistics available
for, the US released the
equivalent of 6,300 million tons of
carbon dioxide into the earth’s
atmosphere.  This represents an
increase of 1.7 percent over the
emissions carbon dioxide in
2003.  The increase was the
largest percentage increase since

The US is required to report
emissions of greenhouse gases
as a party to the United Nations
Climate Change Convention.  
Over the past 15 years emissions
of carbon dioxide by the US have
increased nearly 16 percent.  94
percent of carbon dioxide
emissions come from fossil fuels.  
The US accounts for 25 percent
of the total emissions of carbon
dioxide worldwide.

Greenhouse gases are a
contributor to rising surface
temperatures on the planet.  2005
was the warmest year on record
with carbon dioxide levels
reaching the highest levels in
650,000 years.                           
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...I assured all four of these
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difference is they pass the
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