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US Shows Signs of Removing Black Site Prisons from Europe
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The United States is currently
assisting Morocco in the construction
of a secret interrogation facility, or
black site prison, in the African
nation.  Although the American
Embassy in Morocco has not
commented on the construction of
the prison, the
Times (UK) reports
that the compound is being built near
the capital in Rabat.  The project is
being overseen by the Direction de la
Securite’ du Territoire (DST), the
secret military police force in

Reports of the construction of the
interrogation facility come as the US
attempts to deflect criticism from the
United Nations and others for the
existence of secret prisons
throughout the world.  Last week an
employee of the Inspector General’s
Office in the CIA was sacked for
advising reporters of the existence of
black prisons in Europe.

Human rights groups have previously
reported on the partnership between
the US and Morocco in the notorious
rendition program where terror
suspects are kidnapped and spirited
to locals beyond the reach of
humanitarian groups to be
interrogated and in some cases
tortured.  Amnesty International in
cooperation with other rights
groups have documented CIA
airlifts of kidnapped suspects from
Washington DC and the prison
camp in Guantanamo Cuba to
Morocco for interrogation that in
some cases resulted in torture and
the mutilation of suspects.

Secretary of State Donald
Rumsfeld, who visited the country
earlier this spring to discuss the
possibility of opening a field office
of the FBI in the country,
characterized Morocco as “friends
and constructive partners” in the
world wide war on terror that the
US is currently prosecuting.
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Protest Organizers Warn of Possible Workplace Retaliation
UN Ruling or
Divine Strike?
Even as they prepare for an
unprecedented national day of
protest in support of immigration
rights and against legislation
proposed by Congressional
Republicans, community organizers
must address the possibility of
disciplinary action by employers
against workers who take the day off
to attend the massive rallies planned
across the country. After last month’s
marches in major US cities, hundreds
of immigrant workers were reportedly
dismissed from their jobs in apparent
retaliation for their involvement in the

In many cases the workers were
rehired, or offered reinstatement,
after local advocacy groups brought
pressure to
bear on employers. Businesses that
rely heavily on an immigrant labor
force have been increasingly
cooperative with protest organizers,
and many such businesses will simply
close during the May 1st marches
and rallies. But there have been
some reports of threats by
supervisors of retaliation, and there
has been a debate among various
worker’s rights groups and
immigration advocates about how to
deal with these situations. Typically,
the firings cannot be challenged
because most states have so-called
“at will” employment laws, which state
that any employee not specifically
protected by a contract may be
terminated at any time, for any
reason, at the discretion of the
Among the immigrants who faced
retaliation for participating in
protest rallies were welders,
assembly line workers,
meatpackers and restaurant
workers. There were reports of
retaliation from at least eight
states, including Florida, Kansas,
Texas, Michigan, and Illinois.
Protest organizers have cautioned
their constituencies to consider
the possible consequences of
attendance, with some groups
opting out of the boycott entirely.
In the Los Angeles area, the
debate over participation in the
protest has been particularly
heated; in many cities, local
religious leaders are heavily
involved in  immigration rights
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Native Americans recently
received a ruling in their favor
from a United Nations
committee in a dispute over
land in Nevada at a site that
the US military has selected to
test the effects of the types of
tactical nuclear weapons that
could be used in an air strike
on Iranian nuclear processing

The weapons test, referred to
as “Operation Divine Strike”, is
designed to use 700 tons of
conventional and chemical
explosives to simulate a
battlefield-nuclear attack.  The
weapon to be tested is
reported to be five times larger
than the military’s largest
conventional weapon.

This spring, the US escalated
its rhetoric insisting that Iran
not be allowed to develop
nuclear energy resources so
that it cannot make nuclear
weapons. President George
Bush recently told reporters
that “all options are on the
table” with respect to the
confrontation with the nascent
nuclear power, including a
small yield nuclear strike.

Members of the Shoshone
Tribe brought the action
before the UN Committee on
the Elimination of Racial
Discrimination disputing the
Treaty of Ruby Valley signed
in 1863. The committee ruled
that the treaty “did not comply
with contemporary human
rights norms, principles and
standards that govern
determination of indigenous
property rights.”
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Pols Push Process to Provide Pork for Pet
Public expenditure per
student,primary level,  as  a
percentage of per capita GDP
Despite a budget deficit of more than
$400 billion and large emergency
appropriations for hurricane relief
and further funding for the war in
Iraq, members of Congress still
managed to deliver some $29 billion
worth of so-called “pork barrel”
projects for their constituents,
according to watchdog groups that
have studied this year’s spending
bills. Several of the more
controversial proposals have led to
squabbling among Congressional
Republicans, some of whom seek to
cut back on this type of federal

Among the questionable projects
approved this year are $13.5 million
for the World Toilet Summit, to be
held in Ireland; $6.4 million for “wood
utilization research;” $1 million for the
study of waterless urinals; and
$500,000 for the Sparta Teapot
Museum in Georgia. At $325 million,
Alaska received more funding for
pork than any
other state, although the total was
down more than 50 percent this year
as Alaska Senator Ted Stevens left
the chairmanship of the Senate
Appropriations Committee

Last week saw rancorous debate
over a $700 million railroad project
for Mississippi, which was inserted
into the Senate emergency
appropriations bill. The confrontation
pitted influential Republican Tom
Coburn of Oklahoma against
Mississippi Senators Thad Cochran
and former Majority Leader Trent
Lott. The legislative tactic of attaching
local projects to emergency spending
measures in order to shorten or
eliminate Congressional discussion is
increasingly unpopular with the
public, polls show. Observers say that
some members of the Republican
delegation want to respond to the poll
numbers ahead of November’s mid-
term elections.
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source: UNESCO
Funding Drives
Public Radio
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Groups Averse to Justice System Want to Jail
A review of funding trends at
National Public Radio has shown
that corporate sponsorship and
advertising have become
increasingly vital sources of
revenue for the nominally public
broadcasting service. According
to the most recent figures
available, NPR receives over 18
percent of its annual revenues
from corporations, with just 11
percent coming from the federal
government. Long –time
subscribers to public radio and
broadcasting professionals say
that federal de-funding of NPR
has led to the commercialization
of the network.

Facing steady reductions in
government revenues, NPR has
aggressively promoted corporate
partnerships. The trend has even
led some broadcasters to
complain about unfair advantages
that NPR may have in attracting
advertising dollars, because
public radio underwriting is tax

The network may also risk
alienating its listener base as its
on air product comes to resemble
other news outlets. That base,
with its significantly higher median
income, higher level of education,
and sought after consumer
profile, is largely what attracts
corporate sponsorship to NPR in
the first place, according to
industry analysts.                
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The states of Idaho and South
Dakota are asking their citizens to
consider removing legal immunity
from the judges who sit on state
courts in ballot initiatives to be voted
on this November.  The Judicial
Accountability Initiative Law for
Judges (JAIL for Judges) would strip
immunity from judges submitting them
to both civil and criminal prosecution
for decisions that they make in cases
that come before them.  

Judicial immunity as a theory in civil
jurisprudence predates the American
Constitution and is intended to allow
judges to render their findings with
impartiality and fairness and without
fear of legal action being taken
against them.  The U.S. Supreme
Court first recognized the legal
theory of judicial immunity in 1868 in
a case that found judges to only be
liable for decisions that are rendered
"maliciously or corruptly."

The ballot initiatives are motivated by
a loose affiliation of libertarian,
Christian, disaffected ‘freemen’ and
right wing political groups throughout
the country.  The attack on the
independence of America’s courts
began in earnest in the mid-1990s
when the US congress was
enamored with notions of dismantling
federal controls and returning power
to the states.  
In the past few years, however, the
movement his grown embracing  
fundamentalist Christians who are
seeking to prosecute judges who rule
in favor of a woman’s right to choose
for crimes including murder.  Such
initiates to the JAIL for Judges
movement have been agitated and
goaded by preachers, such a James
Dobson and Pat Robertson, and
politicians, such as Tom DeLay and
Bill Frist.  Although the JAIL for
Judges movement has achieved its
greatest successes in rural states
like Idaho, the group has chapters
and affiliates in urban states
including New York and Florida.  The
influential rightwing/libertarian think-
tank the Cato Institute has sponsored
research that endorses limits on
judicial immunity.  

In general, the groups rail against
“rampant and pervasive corruption”
that exists in the legal system.  The
seek not only to remove protections
that shield judges from criminal and
civil prosecution but to amend the
constitutions of each state to set up
tribunals of citizens who act as fact
finders in complaints against judges
because, in the logic of the
movement’s organizers, such
complaints cannot be heard in a
corrupted court system.  The
movement also seeks to amend the
US Constitution to forbid judicial
immunity in the federal courts.            
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