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number 52     05.19.
NSA Deems Justice Department Investigators to be a
Security Risk
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The Justice Department has
canceled an investigation into the
Bush Administration’s wiretapping
of American’s telephones after
being stonewalled by another
federal agency.  The National
Security Administration has
refused to give  Justice
Department investigators the
security clearance to gather and
review evidence or interview NSA

The Justice Department’s Office
of Professional Responsibility had
begun an investigation earlier this
year into the role of DOJ lawyers
in the Bush administration's
acknowledged warrantless
surveillance being
performed by the NSA.  Although
Justice is unable to directly
investigate the NSA, the OPR was
seeking to clarify the role of
department attorneys in the
warrentless wiretapping program.

The chief counsel for the OPR,
H. Marshall Jarrett, wrote in a letter to
congress that Justice had “been
unable to make any meaningful
progress in our investigation
because OPR has been denied
security clearances for access to
information about the NSA program."  
Jarrett told congress that Justice had
attempted to get the security
clearance needed to begin
investigating for more than four
months and the NSA had finally
declined to clear OPR
investigators on May 6.  "Without
these clearances” Jarrett wrote, “we
cannot investigate this matter and
therefore have closed our

A spokesperson for Justice said that
the spy program was deemed to be
“exceptionally sensitive” by the NSA
and those who seek to be informed
about the program must have a
“specific need to know”.  The
spokesperson did not say if the
cooperation of his agency in the
surveillance of private telephone
calls of US citizens with no judicial
approval created a ‘need to know’ for
Justice Department investigators.   
George Bush has defended the
spying program saying that it is
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Diebold Design Makes it Easy to Hack the Vote
Life Protection Bill
Leaves Rape
Victims Unprotected
Software systems analysts have
confirmed reports that a major
security flaw has been discovered in
an electronic voting machine that is
used in several states. The potential
security risk, which has been
acknowledged by the machine’s
manufacturer, could allow large-scale
tampering with election results that
would remain virtually undetectable
to auditors. Access to a single
machine could affect results
upstream in the central tabulating
software, according to computer
scientists familiar with the flaw.
Election officials in at least four
states have initiated investigations
into the threat to security with many
primaries underway and national
elections scheduled for November.

Spokesmen for the manufacturer,
Diebold Election Systems,
downplayed the scope of the security
risk as they sought to reassure their
clients. A letter from Diebold to state
election supervisors stated: “The
probability for exploiting this
vulnerability to install unauthorized
software that could affect an election
is considered low.” Nevertheless, the
company will attempt to devise a
software “patch” to address the

The flaw was discovered by Finnish
computer security expert Harri Hursti,
working in Emery County, Utah for, a nonprofit
group that tracks election security
issues. What he found was a
“hole,” or “gateway” in the system
that was put there intentionally by
the designers to facilitate future
software upgrades. Because of
the nature of the risk, computer
experts are calling this the worst
flaw ever discovered in the
controversial electronic voting
machines. Systems analysts
declined to discuss the problem in
detail, fearing they might provide
a blueprint for  election
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The state Senate of Louisiana
has passed a ban on abortions
in almost all cases and
imposes criminal penalties on
doctors who may perform
abortions in the future.  
Louisiana’s ‘Human Life
Protection Act’ would not allow
women who have been raped
or impregnated through an act
of incest to receive abortions.
If the bill becomes law a
woman could only get an
abortion in the state if her life
were threatened by carrying
the pregnancy to full term.

The proposed law would go
into effect immediately after
the US Congress outlaws
abortions federally, abortion is
banned by amending the US
constitution or the president
promulgates an executive
order banning the now legal
medical procedure.

The measure is written to
prevent women from using the
legal birth control medication
RU486, also know as the
‘morning after pill’.  The
measure stipulates that the law
goes into effect “when a male
sperm penetrates the zona
pellucida” of a woman’s ovum,
or at the moment of
conception.  The bill also
disallows using any “drug,
potion or medicine” that would
result in an abortion.  Under
the proposal, doctors who
perform the procedure can be
sentenced to up to 10 years in
jail and fined civil penalties of
up to
$100,000 dollars.      
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Europeans Follow Secret Flights into Stone Wall
Members of a European Union
delegation looking into the CIA’s
alleged illegal transfers of suspected
terrorists on secret flights throughout
Europe have sharply rebuked US
officials for their lack of cooperation
with the investigation. The EU group,
which traveled to Washington last
week to interview State Department
personnel and members of
Congress, said they were
disappointed by what they called
“stonewalling” by the United States.
They also described several
European governments as
uncooperative with the EU probe,
suggesting that these countries had
been pressured by the Bush

The secret flights were documented
by human rights group Amnesty
International in a report released in
April. The report tracked over 1000
flights that it linked to the CIA,
through known “front” companies,
that had traversed European
airspace since 2001.
An unknown number of these flights
may have been used for the
“extraordinary rendition” of terror
suspects, a procedure in which the
suspects are kidnapped and
transported to foreign countries for
interrogation which may involve the
torture or even the execution of the
secret prisoners. Allegations of
extraordinary renditions by US
agencies have previously been
reported by

The EU investigation has noted a
particular lack of cooperation from
the governments of  Macedonia and
Albania, countries widely supposed
to house secret US detention
facilities. But members of the
delegation said it was difficult to
imagine that the CIA operations were
unknown to other European
countries. US statements that it
respects the sovereignty of other
nations may indicate that the
Europeans knew of the CIA
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Unemployment rates by
figures from March 2006
%         2           4           6          8
source : Bureau of Labor






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EPA Protects Homeland, Neglects Environment
Dept of Agriculture
Presenters Advise
Farmers of Farm Bill
and Global Terror
The federal agency that is charged
with monitoring and safeguarding the
environment in the US, the
Environmental Protection Agency,
has established a new bureau within
its organizational structure called the
EPA Office of Homeland Security.

The agency, which is know
traditionally to ensure the purity of
the nations’ air and water and protect
endangered species, will now help
protect the American homeland from
terror attacks and assist the federal
government’s response to what the
agency’s administrator, Stephen L.
Johnson, describes as a “possible
pandemic” of contagious disease.
The Director of the EPA Office of
Homeland Security will be
responsible for planning the agency’
s response to an “incident of national
significance” in “coordination with
relevant” federal agencies, such as
the FBI, the Pentagon and the
Department of Homeland Security.

The Bush administration has
earmarked over $180 million for the
new EPA office at the same time it
has reduced overall funding for
agency.  Earlier this year, the EPA
Inspector General criticized funding
inadequacies that led to a reduction
in the agency's ability to assess the
effects of pesticides in unborn
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The US Department of Agriculture
has issued talking points to its
undersecretaries; assistant
secretaries and other appointees
instructing them how to intertwine
comments about the success of
President Bush’s strategy in Iraq
in their speeches and other public

The memo advises USDA staff
that, "the President has requested
that all members of his cabinet
and sub-cabinet incorporate
message points on the Global
War on Terror into speeches,
including specific examples of
what each agency is doing to aid
the reconstruction of Iraq.”  The
department memo says that USDA
secretaries may get inquiries
about the Farm Bill or agricultural
trade when they appear at public
events, but they should be
prepared to speak about
“progress in Iraq”.  

The memo gives speech outlines
and pre-written “transition
examples” that incorporate Iraq
occupation boosterisms into
speeches for  audiences
traditionally made up of farmers
and agribusiness audiences
regarding agricultural exports and
USDA provided school lunches.

USDA speakers are  advised to
inform  audiences that  President
Bush has a “clear strategy” for
the occupation of Iraq, and that
his plan  “incorporates every
aspect of American power.”           
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Congress Votes to Keep Inspector Out of the
Earlier this month, when the US
Senate approved a supplementary
spending bill for the continued
occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan,
the $1.5 billion that was allocated for
infrastructure improvements was
removed from the oversight of the
Special Inspector General for Iraq
Reconstruction. At the request of the
White House, the money was
designated Foreign Operations
funding, and therefore will not be
subject to the same controls as Relief
and Reconstruction funds. Although
both sources of revenue are
managed by the State Department, a
different entity will have oversight
authority over the new funds.

The Special Inspector General,
Stuart Bowen, has been assiduous in
pursuing fraud, incompetence, and
corruption in  
the massive, $22 billion
reconstruction effort. Working with a
staff of 55 auditors, Bowen has
become what the Wall Street Journal
has called “one of the most
prominent and credible critics” of the
US occupation of Iraq. But the new
money for reconstruction won’t be
part of Bowen’s portfolio. Instead, the
State Department inspector general
office will oversee the disposition of
the funds. In Congressional
testimony last year, the State
Department said that this office did
not have the resources to continue
its work in Iraq.

Senator Patrick Leahy (D, VT) called the
move “ a transparent attempt to shut down
the only effective oversight of this massive
reconstruction program which has been
plagued by mismanagement and
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"The government does
not listen to domestic
phone calls without
court approval...We are
not trolling through the
personal lives of millions
of innocent Americans...
...Americans expect their
government to do everything
in its power under our laws
and Constitution to protect
them and their civil liberties…
That is exactly what we are
doing. Thank you for
Washington DC