one nation, under surveillance
number 54    05.31.
Department of Homeland Security Receives NSA Wiretap Intel
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In testimony before a Congressional
subcommittee, the chief intelligence
official of the Department of
Homeland Security seems to have
indirectly confirmed that his
department has received data
obtained by the National Security
Agency as part of its controversial
warrantless wiretapping program.
Charles Allen of the DHS told
members of the committee, “We
receive information from all of the
collection agencies of the US
intelligence community, and we also
receive information of a law
enforcement nature.” Allen denied
that the DHS had received any
illegally obtained data .

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D, CA), the
Democrat on the House Homeland
Security Subcommittee on
Intelligence, Information Sharing, and
Terrorism Risk Assessment, told DHS
officials that they “should be able to
track the origin of intelligence
information it receives, segregate out
information that it learns has been
obtained illegally, and report such
instances to the relevant
Congressional committees.” Lofgren
expressed concern that the DHS
might be injudiciously sharing
questionably gathered intelligence
with state and local law enforcement

Allen suggested that the DHS relied
on intelligence agencies to monitor
themselves in this regard, saying,
know of no indication that information that
we have received is unlawful because we
knew that those agencies work with their
general counsels, with their inspector
generals, and we know of no unlawful
information that’s been received by the
Department of Homeland Security.” It has
been reported that the NSA has conducted
thousands of surveillance operations within
the United States each year since 2001
without obtaining warrants, and that the
agency has developed a database of
billions of phone records with the
cooperation of telecommunications
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one nation, under surveillance

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Gulf of Mexico "Dead Zone" Fertilized With Federal Funds
Christ to Tempt
A vast low-oxygen "dead zone" that
forms annually in the Gulf of Mexico
is largely the result of nitrogen-based
fertilizers used in a few Mississippi
River  basin counties, according to a
recent report by the Environmental
Working Group. The study found that
more than 80 percent of the nitrates
that contribute to the formation of the
low- oxygen, or hypoxic, zone can be
traced to a relatively small number of
agricultural counties along the river.
The study also found that farmers in
these counties are heavily subsidized
by the federal government.

The Gulf of Mexico dead zone has
been appearing each summer since
the mid-1980's. It has grown to an
area of about 6000 square miles,
larger than the state of New Jersey,
and efforts by state
and federal authorities to alleviate
the problem have been unsuccessful.
The hypoxic zone is created when
fertilizers washed into the Gulf by the
Mississippi River affect marine plant
life, causing massive unnatural algae
blooms. As the algal blooms die off,
they consume all of the oxygen in the
seawater, rendering the area lifeless.
Fish and swimming crabs flee the
hypoxic zone, and all other life forms
are killed.

The local fishing industry, one of the
most important in the US, is severely
impacted by the vast floating dead
zone, which even threatens marine
life beyond its perimeter. A  Duke
University study found that the low
oxygen waters may affect the growth
and reproduction of fish and shrimp
outside the dead zone. The area, off
the coasts of Louisiana and
Texas, is prime habitat for shrimp,
tuna and red snapper.

The report by the Environmental
Working Group concludes that  
federally subsidized agricultural
operations in just 15 percent of
the counties in the 31-state river
basin are responsible for the vast
majority of the pollution that
causes the formation of the
hypoxic zone each year. Farms as
far North as Illinois and Indiana
contribute to the more than 2.5  
billion pounds of nitrogen that is
deposited into Gulf waters
annually. The report notes that  
those counties received over $30
billion in federal farm subsidies
from 1997-2002. Federal
spending on conservation during
the same period was about $75
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Teenage Americans are being
recruited to become militant
Christians in events being held
across the country by a
fundamentalist group that calls
itself FORCE Ministries.  The
events, called “Battle Cry” for
Christ, employ elaborate
staging, pyrotechnics and
appearances by armed military
and law enforcement officials
to present the message that
today’s youth must “take a
stand” for the type of
militarized religiosity that
FORCE Ministries promotes
because Jesus will give the
“kingdom” to “the violent-the
forceful ones”.

FORCE Ministries has held
events this spring in cities
including Philadelphia, San
Francisco and Detroit and
intend to bring the message of
an intolerant, weaponized and
highly buffed Christ to 25 more
cities throughout this year.

The spectacle’s sponsors, who
include the founder of the
Teen Mania Ministries, Ron
Luce and Ted Haggard who
established the National
Association of Evangelicals,
state in the promotional
materials for Battle Cry that the
“mega-events” use “dramatics
and firepower” to  “mobilize
and equip” young Americans
to “fight for the holy land” of
their hearts.  The group’s
organizers promise that youths
who attend the stadium events
will “get their marching orders”
from FORCE Ministries.
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Election Security A Temporary Concern
States with the most new
shopping centers added
In the wake of recent revelations
about new concerns over the security
of electronic voting machines, it has
been reported that California election
officials are attempting to recruit
temporary workers for the upcoming
election cycle through staffing firm
Kelly Services. An internet
advertisement offering $11.99 per
hour for up to three weeks’ work
“dropping off election voting
machines and picking these
machines up when voting is
complete” was quickly removed after
bloggers and verified voting activists
discovered it last week. Computer
scientists have confirmed that
recently disclosed flaws in the design
of some electronic voting systems
make them vulnerable to anyone with
brief physical access to just one

The susceptibility of the Diebold
Accu-Vote TSx to undetectable
hacking has been widely reported
since last month,
when Finnish computer security
expert Harri Hursti discovered the
flaw as part of an examination of the
Diebold system in Emery County,
Utah. Hursti, who was working for, found that the
manufacturer’s attempt to allow for
easy software upgrades provided a
path for system-wide election
tampering. In Utah, testers were able
to alter results without laving any
traces of their activities in a matter of

Spokesmen for Diebold have sought
to allay fears of potential election
fraud by advising local officials to
physically secure voting machines
prior to Election Day, but the use of
temps to transport the machines to
and from polling places would seem
to compromise these efforts. The
company acknowledges that election
officials could tamper with results, but
casts doubt on the idea that such
fraud will actually occur.  
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Secret Weapons Spending Busts the Black
Migrate into Border
Control Business
The military spending for classified
programs has risen to 19 percent of
the total Pentagon budget
accounting for the highest spending
on secret military projects since the
cold war.  The estimated $30.1 billion
requested for 2007 Pentagon ‘black
budget’ programs is greater than any
amount requested since 1988, in
inflation adjusted dollars.  Funding
for classified programs has increased
at faster rate than other military

The Pentagon’s black budget funds
clandestine research and
development programs and is
classified.  Spending on secret
projects has increased dramatically
since the terror attacks in 2001.  
Classified military spending has
increased 48 percent since 2001 and
more than doubled analyzed
procurement reports that the
Department of Defense has made
public to arrive at the $30 billion
dollar figure.

75 percent of the monies requested
were for Air Force, CIA and National
Security Agency funding.  The NSA  
has recently been criticized for it
surveillance of Americans with no
court supervision.  Approximately 44
percent of the
total 2007 fiscal budget for the Air
Force went for clandestine and
secret programs.  The Air Force
budget included monies for programs
code-named ‘Black Light’ and ‘Link
Plumeria’, as well as other line items
referred to as ‘selected activities’
and ‘special update program’.

Although congress can request
secret briefings on classified
projects, sensitive military spending
budget requests are rarely
questioned.  Additionally, the Bush
administration has not advised
congress how black budget monies
have been spent to date.  

Critics who analyze the budget point
out that minimal congressional
oversight and the Bush
administration’s general furtive
nature has created a potential for
overspending and graft.  

The arrest of Rep. Randy
Cunningham has brought to light
corruption in the process of funding
military projects including one
instance where a company was
awarded a $23 million contract for
services that the Pentagon did not
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The Senate has approved and
President Bush has shown public
support for the construction of a
border fence between the US and
Mexico.  Several of the nation’s
largest military contractors have
stated that they will bid for the
contract to construct the border

The Department of Homeland
Security issued a request for
proposals to patrol, secure and
wall off the US border early this
year.  Lockheed Martin,
Raytheon, Northrup Grumman
have all sought the contract for
the border wall, and it is expected
that Ericsson and Boeing will both
also submit a bid.

The Senate has approved $425
billion for border control and
security to be spent over a five-
year period.  Experts believe that
the contract to build the fence is
estimated to be worth at least $2
billion. The department plans to
award the contract to begin
construction of the fence this
coming fall.      
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