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number 56    06.15.
Prisoners Demonstrate Extraordinary Commitment to PR
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In the days immediately following the
suicides of three detainees held
without charge at 'Camp Delta' in
Guantanamo, Cuba, American
officials have been criticized for
suggesting that the suicides were
“acts of war” and describing the
deaths as “good PR” for terrorists.

The senior Bush Administration
official who characterized the
suicides as a promotional stunt,
Colleen Gaffey, Deputy Assistant
Secretary of State for Public
Diplomacy, also told the BBC that the
deaths were best understood to be
“a tactic to further the jihadi cause”.  
Gaffey also intoned that the three
men did not value their lives or the
lives of those around them.
She told the BBC that the detainee’s
collective suicide was not a protest to
point out the captive’s  anger and
dismay for being detained without
charge, with no contact with the
outside world and no hope of
pleading their innocence in a court of
law but rather a tactic to “draw
attention” to a terrorist cause.  Ms.
Gaffey is the principle aid to Karen
Hughes, long time political advisor to
George Bush.

The Commander of the prison camp
in Guantanamo, Rear Admiral Harry
Harris also chimed in with an off the
cuff psychological analysis of the
detainees stating that in his mind the
suicides were an “act of asymmetrical
warfare waged
against us.”  The camp
commander further stated that the
three captives were
“smart…creative (and) they are
committed," to terrorize Americans.

Although administration officials
have backed off on their support of
the statements made by Gaffey and
Harris, in the past the camp’s
commanders have officially
described suicide attempts by
detainees at Camp Delta as
“manipulative self injurious
behavior”, a characterization in line
with the recent controversial
comments. Human rights group
Amnesty International has called for
an independent investigation of the
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Foods May Mutate
Inside Consumers
Remarks By UN Official Offend Bolton's Delicate Sensibilities
The United States ambassador to the
United Nations, John R. Bolton, has
threatened to withhold payments to
the international organization as a
result of a dispute with senior UN
officials. Bolton has demanded that
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan
apologize for comments made in a
speech by his deputy which were
seen by Bolton to be unacceptably
critical of the US. But spokesmen for
Annan said that Bolton had
misinterpreted the remarks and that
the situation had been needlessly

The dispute was precipitated by a
speech delivered last week by
Deputy Secretary General Mark
Malloch Brown that called
on the US to become more
constructively involved in the
operations of the UN. Without directly
addressing Bolton’s confrontational
tactics, Malloch Brown said “The US
tends to hold on to maximalist
positions when it could be finding
middle ground.” He noted that many
US political figures criticize the UN
because it plays well with their
electoral bases, but argued that
Americans remain largely unaware of
the importance and effectiveness of
UN missions and initiatives.

The US envoy objected to what he
called the “condescending,
patronizing tone” of Malloch Brown’s
speech, saying that Malloch Brown’s
criticism of the US  
“is the worst mistake by a senior
UN official that I have seen.”  
Bolton went on to make a veiled
threat of retaliation, saying, “Even
though the target of the speech
was the United States, the victim, I
feel, will be the United Nations.”  
UN officials and member states
are currently involved in difficult
negotiations over budget and
reform issues.

Later in the week, Bolton openly
referred to the possibility of
withholding US funding from the
UN if an apology from the
Secretary General’s office was
not forthcoming, even as Annan
sought to move beyond the
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Genetically modified crops that
are resistant to commercial
herbicides may pose a pair of
unforeseen health risks to
consumers, according to the
author of a forthcoming book.
Herbicide tolerance is a
common feature of genetically
modified (GM) crops, allowing
farmers to liberally treat the
plants with weed killers while
they are growing. But after the
GM crops are harvested and
processed, ingestion by
consumers carries a risk that
the herbicides may become
reactivated inside the human
digestive system. There is also
the possibility that the food’s
modified gene structure might
alter the DNA of bacteria in the

GM varieties of corn, cotton,
soy, and canola are widely
grown in the US, and
integrated into the general
food supply. But   independent
testing of these crops is not
required, and there are no
labeling laws for foods
containing GM content. Jeffrey  
M. Smith, author of
, writes that a number
of studies have raised
questions as to the safety of
GM foods, and that US
regulation is insufficient.

Last week, the Center for Food
Safety sued the FDA in federal
court in an effort to force the
agency to institute mandatory
reviews of GM foods.    
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10 Mile Fence Built With Flags and Political
The anti-immigration group known as
the ‘Minutemen’ have begun the
construction of a fence on the US-
Mexican border in hopes of indicating
their support of the federal
government building a border wall.

The Minutemen, a group of
landowners and anti-immigration
activists have created its own “Civil
Defense Corps” who have raised
over $300,000 in donations to build a
perimeter wall on private property in
Arizona.  The fence is made of steel
beams, razor wire and American
flags.  The Minutemen plan to build
the fence on a 10-mile stretch of
private property that borders Mexico
in the desert of Arizona.  After the
construction of the fence, members of
the Minuteman’s volunteer Civil
Defense Corps will perform border

Politicians of both parties have
signaled their support for the
construction of a border fence. A bill
appropriating funds for increased
border security was recently
approved by the US Senate. New
York Senator Hillary  Rodham
Clinton, who is widely  expected to
run for president in 2008, has
announced that she supports the
construction of what she described
as a "smart fence" on the US border
with Mexico. Clinton believes that a
“physical structure” of some sort is
“appropriate” to exclude immigrant
workers.  The border between the US
and Mexico is over 2000 miles
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source: CIA World






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Team Seeks to
Lead League in Saves
Fake News Reports Prompt Real
A report compiled by the non-profit
group Center for Democracy and
Media has prompted the Federal
Communications Commission to
initiate an inquiry into over 70
American television stations that
aired government and corporate
propaganda as real news, without
notifying their unsuspecting viewers.

The Center for Democracy and
Media tracked the broadcast of so-
called ‘video news productions’ by
companies to sell product and by the
Bush administration to promote policy
initiatives. The government
sponsored fake news pieces included
segments that promoted the policy
plans for at least 20 federal agencies
including the State Department and
the Department of Education. The
government program was previously
reported by

In one instance, the State
Department produced a segment that
promoted the invasion of Iraq in
which American Iraqis praised the
president personally for the
occupation of Baghdad.  Although
the interview was staged by the State
Department, the segment was
passed off to TV stations as
unbiased news reporting.  The
stations did not advise viewers of the
US government's involvement in
scripting the interview.
The FCC is also reviewing
broadcasters’ use of canned product
promotional pieces that are created
by companies such as General
Motors, Pfizer and Intel.  The video
news releases created by the
corporations are designed to appear
as independently produced news
reports, complete with generically
named news reporters who are in
reality paid actors.  The segments
are often passed to newsrooms at
television stations with no explanation
or disclaimers identifying that the
pieces are advertising.  In some
cases the promo films are identified
to be company sponsored, but
television newsrooms neglect to
advise their viewers. Often, local
news personnel will rerecord the
voiceovers. The FCC is investigating
instances where TV stations did not
disclaim promotional segments.  

Earlier this year the FCC issued a
warning to the nation’s broadcasters
advising them to be careful to make
full disclosure of corporate
sponsored fake news or government
created propaganda if it chooses to
air such segments instead of real
news reporting.  The FCC can levy
fines of up to $32,000 for each
instance where an advertisement is
televised but not clearly identified.  
The FCC has not publicly
commented on the on-going
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The Colorado Rockies, currently
in third place in the National
League West at 34-32, are having
one of their best seasons in
years, and the organization is
crediting God. Over the past four
seasons, the Rockies have quietly
transformed themselves into a
predominantly Christian franchise:
the team’s owner, general
manager, and manager have all
become born again Christians,
and they have actively sought
what they see as “character”
players for the roster.

While an increased emphasis on
religious belief has spread
throughout major professional
sports in the last decade, the
Rockies are unique in that
evangelical Christianity is the
guiding principle of the franchise.
Team executives have held
prayer meetings, and are open
about their preferred players.

Even with a roster filled with high
character players, the Rockies
aren't averse to some assistance.
According to general manager
Dan O’Dowd, “You look at some
of the games
we’re winning. Those aren’t just
coincidences. God has definitely
had a hand in this.”                
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"I didn't join the International Criminal
Court because I don't want to put our
troops in the hands of prosecutors from
other nations...
...Look, if somebody
has done some
wrong in our military,
we'll take care of it.
We got plenty of
capability of dealing
with justice."    
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