one nation, under surveillance
number 61   07.16.06
Newly Revealed Spy Operation Causes Bush Backer to
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The Republican chairman of the
House Intelligence Committee has
rebuked the Bush administration for
its failure to comply with laws
mandating Congressional oversight
of government surveillance
programs. In a private letter to the
President, which was leaked to the
New York Times, Representative
Peter Hoekstra of Michigan warned
that the lack of White House  
cooperation with his committee may
be a violation of the law, adding that
future support of the committee for
administration initiatives was in
doubt. Hoekstra, who had previously
been a vociferous proponent of
expanded federal surveillance
programs as part of the “war on
terror,” referred in the letter to
intelligence activities on which his
committee had not been briefed.

Mr. Hoekstra wrote that he had
learned of significant intelligence
programs only through the recent
testimony of a “whistleblower” before
the Intelligence Committee. Although
the testimony is classified, press
reports have indicated that the
program may involve using
sophisticated satellite technology to
spy on American citizens. There has
also been speculation that the
administration may have conducted
investigations of its perceived
adversaries,  perhaps including
journalists and members of Congress.

After the
Times story broke, Hoekstra
repeated his concerns in
television appearances,
confirming that he had strongly
admonished the President. “I want
to set the standard there, that it is
not optional for this president or
any president or people in the
executive community not to keep
the intelligence committees fully
informed of what they are doing, “
he told
Fox News.

Hoekstra’s criticisms and apparent
efforts to distance himself from the
administration are significant
because he has consistently backed
efforts by the federal intelligence
agencies to increase their domestic
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one nation, under surveillance

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Christian Army
Battles Equal
Rights on Multiple
California Outsources Surveillance of Political
The California Office of Homeland
Security has received documents
from private security analysts that
detail the activities of an array of
political and antiwar groups in the
state. The reports appear to be the
result of tracking the targeted groups
in California and other states.
Prepared for the OHS and forwarded
to the California Highway Patrol and
the office of the Attorney General,
the security reports include a
schedule of upcoming protests and

The reports, which were compiled by
SRA International of Fairfax, Virginia,
a private security consulting firm,
were disclosed after an investigation
by the
Los Angeles Times. They
consist of an overview of antiwar and
advocacy groups and issues, and
details on the location and purpose
of numerous rallies and marches in
California and neighboring states.
Among the events covered in the
reports are an antiwar demonstration
in Walnut Grove that included
speeches by several prominent
politicians, a rally in Santa Barbara in
support of antiwar activists facing
federal trespassing charges, and a
protest outside the Canadian
consulate in San Francisco against
the hunting of seals in that country.

Civil liberties and privacy advocates
quickly condemned the apparent
surveillance of political organizations
by a private security firm under
contract to the state government.
SRA International will receive $4
million this year to
provide intelligence analysis for
the OHS and other state
agencies. A spokesman for
California Attorney General Bill
Lockyer said that the security
reports represented a violation of
the civil rights of the groups in
question. “Collecting information
on protests has no legitimate anti-
terrorism intelligence function.
None. No intelligence agency has
any need to maintain this kind of
information,” Lockyer spokesman
Tom Dresslar told the

The federal Immigration and
Enforcement Agency is reported
to have provided SRA with data
on the activities of political
organizations in the
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In the wake of three recent
state Supreme Court rulings
that represent setbacks in the
advance of the recognition of
equal rights for same-sex
couples, fundamentalist
religious groups have ramped
up their attacks on government
bodies and intuitions that
recognize and offer benefits to
gay and lesbian families.

A fundamentalist Christian
group called MassResistance
initiated a successful campaign
to intimidate the Boston Macy’s
store to tone down a window
display that celebrated the city’
s Gay Pride Week.  The group
has also pressured Governor
Mitt Romney to abolish a state
advisory commission on the
welfare of the state’s gay
teens.  MassResistance has
joined other fundamentalist
groups to back an amendment
to the state’s constitution that
would ban gay marriage.

Last week an activist Christian
group from Michigan, the
American Family Association,  
sued to stop Michigan State
University from offering health
benefits to the partners of gay
and lesbian employees.  Three
Michigan state universities
offer equal benefits to same-
sex couples.

41 states currently have laws
that define marriage exclusively
as heterosexual and 18 states’
constitutions have approved
amendments that would ban gay
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Terror Target List Terribly Tabulated
Nuclear weapons
by country
us           russia       
The National Asset Database,
compiled and maintained by the
Department of Homeland Security to
determine security and funding
priorities, contains so many entries
“whose criticality is not readily
apparent,” that it is of little use to
departmental authorities, according
to an internal review. The study, by
DHS Inspector General Richard
Skinner, found that the database
includes sites such as a children’s
petting zoo, a flea market, an Amish
popcorn farm, and various local
parades and festivals. The database
catalogs more assets vulnerable to a
potential terrorist attack in Indiana
than in any other state.

The database contains a total of
77,069 entries submitted by officials
from each state. Although nominally
a list of the nation’s critical
infrastructure, the
database includes local and regional
events such as a Mule Day Parade, a
Beanfest, an Apple and Pork Festival,
and a Bourbon Festival. The
document also lists numerous
commercial interests such as 4C’s
Fuel and Lube, Nix’s Check Cashing,
Jay’s Sporting Goods and several
Wal-Marts. A spokesman for the DHS
said that the list was a “valuable tool.”

The report by the Inspector General
calls into question the utility of entire
categories of sites listed in the
database, which was found to include
3773 malls, 1305 casinos, 718
mortuaries, 571 nursing homes, 244
jails,  163 water parks, and 159
cruise ships. Indiana, at 8591 sites,
catalogued more targets potentially
vulnerable to terrorist attack than
New York, with 5687, and California,
with 3212.              
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source: Viroqua






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FBI Law Demands
High-Speed Internet
Surveillance Hubs
New Gitmo Rules Ensure Attorney-Client Monitoring
The military commanders at the
prison camp in Guantanamo Cuba
have suspended any written
communication between the
prisoners detained there and the
attorneys and legal representatives
who are defending them in US District
Court.  The military has also
confiscated over 1000 pounds of
attorney-client privileged documents
from the cells of the detainees.  
Government lawyers have sought the
permission of a judge to review the
documents with what was described
in court pleadings as military “filter

Attorneys who represent the
detainees have criticized the actions
of the US military warning that the
seizure destroys the right of the
prisoners to have private and
unmonitored communication with
their legal representatives; a
fundamental right in American

Although the US government has not
identified the specific reason for its
abolition of private written
communication between the
detainees and their legal counsel or
the confiscation of legal documents
from the prisoners, the statements of
some of the detainees and military
commanders indicate that the actions
were precipitated by the three
prisoner suicides at the detention

The facility commander for the camp
stated in recent court filings that the
“detainees had developed practices
for misusing the existence of a
privileged attorney-client
communication system.”  The
commander said that the detainees
could hide documents in their cells by
marking them as attorney-client
privilege papers.  He said that notes
left by the prisoners who committed
suicide were written on the backs of
correspondence stamped attorney-
client privilege.  He also said that
guards found notes in the cells of the
detainees about how to tie knots and
information regarding the cell
locations of the camp's prisoners.

The military appointed attorney for
one of the detainees, US Air Force
Maj. Yvonne Bradley, said that her
client informed her that the guards
who seized the papers from the
prisoners told them that the
documents were taken as part of an
investigation into “whether the
lawyers had actually encouraged
detainees to commit suicide.”

Lawyers who act as counsel for the
detainees dismissed the assertion
that the attorneys conspired with the
prisoners who committed suicide as
“ludicrous” and “patently offensive”
believing that seizure of the
protected documents and banning of
written communication by the
government is an attempt to both
monitor and paralyze their defense of
the detainees.  
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In an unusual occurrence, the FBI
has drafted legislation that
proposes to significantly simplify
the ability of law enforcement to
monitor Internet users’ habits and

The legislation would require
Internet Service Providers to
install surveillance hubs in their
networks and also mandate that
so called
‘back doors’ are built into
computing hardware that would
allow eavesdropping.  The bill also
requires hardware companies that
manufacture routing hardware to
up-date their products with
“modifications” that support
Internet wiretapping.

The bill also expands federal
wiretapping requirements to
govern all commercial Internet
traffic.  This would allow the
government to eavesdrop on all
types of Internet conversations
and correspondences, including
instant messages.

The FBI argues that the wholesale
expansion of traditional
wiretapping to include all Internet
services is necessary to combat
terrorism.  The legislation would
amend the Communications
Assistance for Law Enforcement
Act of 1994.   
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