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President Personally Pulled Plug on Politically Problematic
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Attorney General Alberto
Gonzalez has told the Senate
Intelligence Committee that
President Bush personally
intervened to quash an inquiry
into the warrantless wiretapping of
America's telephones by the
National Security Agency.

The intelligence program,begun
by the Bush administration in
2001, allowed government agents
to listen into the phone calls and
read the
e-mails of US citizens with no
judicial oversight. Gonzalez
intimated that the president
believes he has the constitutional
power to perform the surveillance
and also nullify any investigation
by government
authorities into the program.  "The
president," Gonzalez told the Senate
committee, "makes the decision."

The Justice Department’s Office of
Professional Responsibility had
begun an investigation into the role
of DOJ lawyers in the NSA
surveillance program earlier this year
only to have it's own investigators
refused security clearances by the
agency.  The chief counsel for the
OPR, H. Marshall Jarrett, wrote in a
letter to congress that without such
clearance the inspectors "cannot
investigate (the) matter" and the  
investigation was summarily closed.

Committee Democrats have drafted a
letter to the president demanding
that the OPR Investigation be
reinstated and called the president's
actions "dictatorial".

Although Committee Chair Arlen
Spector (R-PA) has recently
brokered a compromise with the
president that would change the law
that dictates national security
intelligence surveillance to make
judicial oversight an option, currently,
the law requires the president to
seek court approval.

Gonzalez disagreed, telling Spector's
committee that the president "has
inherent authority under the
Constitution"  to spy on Americans
without judicial oversight.   
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Centers Not
Faithful to
Medical Facts
Increased Wildfires, Drought Symptoms of Global Warming
Wildfires have burned a swath
through the south and southwest this
summer destroying hundreds of
structures and causing millions of
dollars in damage.  A new study
published in the journal
suggests that wildfires have
increased in number and severity in
the past 30 years due to the effects
of global warming.

The study analyzed a government
database of wildfires in the western
United States since 1970 to find that
since 1986 large fires have become
more frequent and more fierce.  
Researchers  found that the increase
in fires occurred in both developed
and forested areas which led them to
conclude that the increase was not
associated with land use practices,
but rather the longer, hotter
summers precipitated by global
warming. The study found that rising
temperatures could explain 66
percent of the yearly variation in
wildfires and that hotter years
produced more wildfires.

The study also linked increased
wildfires to years when snow melted
early because of higher
temperatures.  Records showed that
snow melted a week earlier after
1986 and spring and summer
temperatures have increased by
about1.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  The
authors of the study found that the
wildfire season has increased by 78
days in the west.

The National Climactic Data Center in
North Carolina reported that average
temperatures in the continental US
were the highest in recorded
history so far this year.  The
agency said that last month was
the second hottest June since
record keeping began in 1895.  
The warmth, combined with light
precipitation, has caused
drought conditions in 45 percent
of the continental United States.  

Carl Anderson,professor of
agricultural economics at Texas
A&M University, believes that the
middle and Southwestern United
States is currently in the midst
of  one of the most significant
droughts in history.  Anderson
predicts that prices of food and
other commodities could begin
to rise this fall.                
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The Congressional Committee
on Government Reform
investigated federally funded
“pregnancy resource centers”
to find that young women
seeking counseling about
abortion were often misled
about the medical risks of the

Investigators posing as 17-
year-olds were told inaccurate
medical information about how
abortion can heighten the risk
of cancer, increase infertility
and cause severe mental
illness by
87 percent of the centers

The committee investigated
pregnancy resource centers
that receive funding from DHS
and also through President
Bush’s Office of Faith Based
Initiatives.  Investigators called
the centers seeking advice
about an unintended

Committee investigators were
told by counselors at the
centers that a single abortion
could lead to future
miscarriages and cause
cancer.  Crisis counselors also
told investigators that many
women who have an abortion
fall into deep depression and
the suicide rate “goes up by
seven times” for such women.

50 pregnancy resource
centers have received more
than $30 million dollars from
the federal government since
2001 for pregnancy counseling
and “abstinence education”.  
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Propriety of Senators' Manoeuvre Highly
Iraqi civilian deaths in
the month of July
2003        2004        
Two US Senators created a fictional
account of a Senate floor debate that
never occurred, added their
comments to the
, and later cited the falsified
colloquy in an apparent attempt to
mislead the Supreme Court. But
defense lawyers for terrorism suspect
Salim Ahmed Hamdan discovered the
ruse and revealed it in a brief to the
court, which ultimately repudiated the
Senators’ argument.  

Republican Senators Lindsey
Graham of South Carolina and John
Kyl of Arizona wrote the dialogue that
they inserted into the
Congressional Record days after
Senate debate on the legislation in
question, the Detainee Treatment
Act, had closed. They then referred
to the bogus discussion in an amicus
brief they filed in
Hamdan v.
when the
case was pending before the US
Supreme Court. The brief sought to
advance the argument that Senate
passage of the DTA removed all
detainee cases from the jurisdiction
of the federal courts, including
pending cases such as
Referring to the “legislative history”
of the DTA, including extensive
citation of the false dialogue, Graham
and Kyl argue that the court should
dismiss the case to conform to the
legislative intent of the DTA.

Justice John Paul Stevens noted that
the Senators’ added remarks were
unrepresentative of the actual floor
debate. Both Graham and Kyl
maintain they did nothing improper or
unethical in inserting the false
dialogue to the  
Record, or in
subsequently citing it before the
Supreme Court.      
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source: Viroqua
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Feds Fund Research
Into Restricting
Public Information
Suspects Routinely Tortured at South Side
The report refrained from criticizing
the behavior of Chicago mayor
Richard M. Daley, who was the Cook
County State’s Attorney from 1981-
1989. More than 50 men accused
detectives at Areas 2 and 3 of torture
during Daley’s tenure as the county’s
chief prosecutor. His successors in
that office, Jack O’Malley and
Richard Devine, had even more
evidence than Daley of systematic
abuse by Burge and his deputies, yet
no charges have ever been filed
against any of the officers. Burge
was dismissed from the Chicago
Police Department in 1993, but
receives his full pension. He lives in

Daley defended his actions, saying
that his department lacked sufficient
information to initiate an investigation
at the time. Former Police
Superintendent  Richard Brzeczek,
who is sharply criticized by the  
prosecutors, called the report "a big
political cover-up."

The allegations of torture in Areas 2
and 3 are so widely known that
human rights group Amnesty
International called for an
investigation of Burge more than ten
years ago. Recently, the United
Nations cited Chicago police torture
in a report about human rights
abuses. In 2003, then Illinois
governor George Ryan pardoned
four Burge victims on death row,
saying that they had bee tortured
and were, in fact,
its all true
A long-awaited report by special
prosecutors confirms that a group of
Chicago police officers carried out
widespread and systematic abuses of
suspects in their custody for years,
forcing false confessions through
various forms of torture including
electric shocks and suffocation. The
special prosecutors found credible
evidence that torture had occurred in
at least half of the 148 cases studied,
but the report concluded that none of
the crimes they documented could be
prosecuted because the relevant
statutes of limitations had expired.

The investigation, which interviewed
some 700 witnesses over four years,
was the first official attempt to deal
comprehensively with the numerous
allegations of police brutality that
have been swirling around former
Area 2 Commander Jon Burge and
his officers for decades. At least five
federal lawsuits involving police
misconduct at Area 2 are pending,
and more than twenty prisoners are
currently challenging their
convictions or sentences based on
claims of torture by Burge and his

Advocates for victims of Chicago
police torture were disappointed with
the report, calling for charges to be
brought against those involved. They
also called for further investigation by
US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.
A Texas law school will receive
federal funding to study ways to
limit the scope of the Freedom of
Information Act. St. Mary’s
University School of Law in San
Antonio will conduct research into
new limitations on FOIA, which
have been proposed as part of
the “war on terror.”  The
investigation aims to produce a
model statute for federal and state
laws amending and restricting the
Act in an effort to protect civil

A number of states and
municipalities have changed laws
or policies regarding the public
availability of government
documents since the terror attacks
of 2001. Federal agencies, taking
their direction from the White
House, have been scaling back
FOIA compliance.

The Texas study, which will be
overseen by former Defense
Department lawyer Jeffrey
Addicott,  seeks to standardize the
rollbacks in information availability.
Speaking to the
San Antonio
, Addicott said,  
“The mission is to balance
increase in security with civil
liberties, which are precious. But
in a time of war, balance goes
toward security.”                      
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