interpreting the constitution
number 64   08.06.06
Constitutional Rights, Once Viewed as Quaint, Now a Security
Lawyers at the Justice Department
are crafting legislation that would
enable American citizens and foreign
nationals to be permanently
imprisoned at the whim of the
executive branch. The proposed law
would also strip various constitutional
rights from individuals deemed by the
president to be a threat to national
security.  The legislation is being
written as a result of the US Supreme
Court’s repudiation of the tribunals
system set up by the administration
to adjudicate terror suspects.  

The proposal nullifies many of the
protections granted accused
individuals under both military law
and American
jurisprudence.  The draft removes
the requirement for a speedy trail,
allows a prosecutor to use hearsay
evidence and disallow defendants
and their attorneys from reviewing
evidence.  Perhaps written in
anticipation of challenges to the law,
the proposal flatly asserts that the
Geneva Conventions “are not a
source of judicially enforceable

The draft allows “enemy
combatants”, which can include
American citizens under the
proposal,  to be imprisoned until
hostilities cease and broadly defines
such individuals as “anyone who is
engaged in hostilities against the
United States.”  The law also allows
individuals to be imprisoned using
secret evidence
and evidence obtained through
torture. The draft also allows
defendants and their attorneys to
be barred from court

Representatives of the military’s
Judge Advocate General Corps
recently told the Senate Judiciary
Committee that the armed forces
do not support the proposed law.  
Representatives of JAG told the
Senate that military codes of
justice demand fairness and
transparency in court
proceedings.  Attorney General
Alberto Gonzales, however, told
the Senate that in some cases
national security requires the
permanent detention of
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Canadians Now
Subjected to
Homeland Scrutiny
World Leader in Secret Detention Camps Plans Gitmo Grand Opening
Amid calls for the closure of the
prison camp at Guantanamo Bay,
Cuba by the European Union and
international human rights monitoring
agencies and the US Supreme Court’
s recent rebuke of the administration’
s system for adjudicating the
detainees housed there, the
president signaled earlier this
summer that he would “like to close”
the camp which has become an
international embarrassment.

The Defense Department has
recently reported that the president
may be getting his wish as a new $30
million state-of-the-art maximum
security prison is due to open next
month at Guantanamo that is
believed to be a replacement for the
notorious “Camp X-Ray” which
currently houses about 450
detainees captured over the past five
years in the president’s ‘war on

The new prison camp, called “Camp
6”, was constructed by a subsidiary
of Halliburton and will be able to hold
200 prisoners.  The new facility is
designed to function like privately
built maximum-security prison
facilities that are common in America
and was modeled after a prison in
Lenawee County Michigan.  Other
facilities at Guantanamo include
Camps 1, 2, 3 and 5, all of which are
maximum-security prisons and Camp
4 that is a medium security prison.

A study earlier this year by Seton Hall
University reviewed the military’s own
records to find that 8 percent of the
detainees held at the prison camp in
Guantanamo are affiliated with a
terrorist organization.  DOD records
also show that 55 percent of the
detainees at the prison camp
never committed a hostile act
against United States soldiers.  
More than 85 percent of the
prisoners housed in the detention
facility were captured by tribal
groups in Afghanistan when the
US military was handing out large
bounties for suspected terrorists.   
Only 10 prisoners held at the
prison camp have ever been
formally charged with a crime.

A spokes person for Amnesty
International told reporters that the
Defense Department's construction
of additional prison facilities at the
military base makes “a mockery of
President Bush’s statements about
the need to close down
its all true
The Department of Homeland
Security announced that it
intends to fingerprint
permanent resident aliens as
they enter the United States.  
The new rule is an expansion
of the US-VIST program which
currently tracks foreign visitors
when they come into the US by
requiring both fingerprints and
‘biographical’ information from

The new rule would apply to
holders of so-called ‘green
cards’ who are permanent
residents of the US.  The rule
also applies to asylum seekers
and refugees.  The
department expects that the
new requirement will increase
the number of foreign
nationals being tracked by the
government by 1.5 million

Homeland Security also
announced that 200,000
Canadians who live and work
in the US would now be subject
to fingerprinting as they enter
the country.  The department
has not yet extended this
requirement to visitors or
business travelers.

US-VISIT was designed to
track aliens entering the United
States and reduce document
forgery.  US-VIST also requires
that foreign nationals carry
visas that contain computer
data chips that transmit a
signal containing information
about the visa holder.

Homeland Security said that
since the inception of the US-
VISIT program in 2004, it has
uncovered 1,160 aliens with a
prior criminal conviction or who
"pose a security threat to the
United States."              
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Oakland Peace Group Finds Undercover
Agents to be Enthusiastic Volunteers
Police offices who joined a California
peace activist group to monitor its
activities were so successful in their
infiltration that they were elected to
leadership positions to influence the
group’s strategic planning.  The
undercover police were able to “plan
the route of the march” and decide
the location where the protest would

The undercover police officers from
the Oakland Police Department were
revealed to have spied on the
activities of the group Direct Action
for Peace during the months leading
up to an anti-war rally in March 2003
in the deposition of Deputy Police
Chief Howard Jordan relevant to a
lawsuit filed by the protesters.

The Oakland Police approved the
surveillance of peace activists and
undercover operatives were
assigned to infiltrate groups because
of interest expressed in the protest
by the California Anti-Terrorism
Information Center.  The center was
organized by the California Attorney
General’s Office to coordinate law
enforcement agencies in the fight
against terrorism.  The police were
also reportedly monitoring the
Internet activities of anti-war
protesters during the same period.

Jordan told the court that the
decision to spy on peace activists
was part of the department's goal of
achieving "long term intelligence

Jordan added that the police hoped
to get the protesters to "do
something that we wanted them to
do."  The deputy did not comment on
the fact the protest was
its all true
source: Congressional Budget
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Capital Gains Sent to Offshore Laundromats
Chitmo Report
Shocks Chi-town
Complex financial schemes involving
lawyers, accountants, tax advisers,
and bankers enable America’s
wealthiest citizens to evade paying as
much as $70 billion in federal taxes
each year, according to a recently
released Senate report. Capital is
transferred to offshore tax havens
where it is laundered through a
succession of untraceable, possibly
fraudulent, transactions. The Senate
Permanent Subcommittee on
Investigations found that in many
cases the funds are then illegally
moved back to the United States for
private disbursement.

The report investigated tax
avoidance plans based in the
Cayman Islands, Belize, The British
Virgin Islands, the Isle of Man,
Panama, and Nevis. All are notable
tax havens that shield financial
transactions from international
regulators and foreign governments.
But Senators emphasized that the
schemes could not succeed without
the assistance of licensed
professionals and financial
institutions in the US. Indeed, the
report highlighted several cases in
which professional advisers were
found to be more culpable than
taxpayers in illegal tax evasion.

During the course of the
investigation, which took 18 months,
the committee issued 74 subpoenas
and catalogued over
two million documents. The ranking
Democrat on the committee, Senator
Carl Levin of Michigan said, “These
outrageous tax haven abuses are
eating away at the fabric of our tax
system, and it is long, long past time
to shut them down.”  Republican
Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota,
the committee chairman, took the
unusual step of adopting the minority
report as the final report of the full

Internal Revenue Service officials
who appeared before the committee
said that tax evasion schemes are so
widespread, and so sophisticated,
that law enforcement agencies lack
the resources to keep up. The report
recommends several changes to the
tax code and banking regulations to
address the increasingly complex,
highly compartmentalized
arrangements brokered by financial
consultants. “We need to significantly
strengthen the aiding and abetting
statutes to get at the lawyers and
accountants and other advisers who
enable this cheating,” said Levin.

According to the report, losses in
revenue to the United States
Treasury from illegal tax evasion by
the super-rich now equals roughly
seven cents out of every dollar paid
in taxes by all US
its all true
The release of a report
documenting the torture of
suspects in Chicago police
custody over two decades has
renewed calls for US Attorney
Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate a
possible conspiracy to obstruct
justice by city and police officials.
The report, the result of a four-
year probe by special prosecutors
of pervasive evidence of routine
police torture, sustained the
allegations but concluded that
statutes of limitations prevented
any prosecutions of the officers

Lawyers representing victims of
torture at Chicago facilities
overseen by former Commander
Jon Burge have said that Mayor
Richard M. Daley and Cook
County State’s Attorney Richard
Devine failed to act on evidence
of systematic police abuse in
1982, when they Daley was the
State’s Attorney and Devine his
chief assistant. The defense
attorneys say that newly
published transcripts include
evidence of obstruction of justice
by the top prosecutors, and have
called on the US Attorney to act.
In a related development, a group
of Chicago aldermen are seeking
to have Burge’s pension benefits
its all true
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May Day  
March in
verbatim                                                                               number 12.4
"I think-tide turning...see,
as I remember, I was
raised in the desert...
...but tides kind of...
it's easy to see a tide turn."
Washington DC 06.14.06
Projected international financial
assistance for Iraq, 2004 to 2007
in billions of dollars
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Weather : Heat
Global Warming May Lead to Park Name
The Rocky Mountain Climate
Organization and the Natural
Resources Defense Council found
that 20 parks in the western United
States are at “grave risk” from the
climate changes associated with
global warming.  

The researches found that “climate
disrupted by human activities poses
such sweeping threats to the West’s
national parks that it dwarfs all
previous risks to these American
treasures.”  The list of national parks
threatened by global
warming includes Glacier National
Park, Grand Teton National Park
and Yosemite National Park.

The study found that all of the
glaciers in Glacier National Park
could melt by 2030, Joshua trees
could disappear from Joshua Tree
National Park and beaches in four
national parks are threatened by
sea-level rise resulting from global
its all true
Bush Swept Ground Zero Dust Under Rug
Acidification Threatens World's Oceans
President Bush signed an executive
order in 2002 authorizing the
Environmental Protection Agency to
classify information relating to toxicity
and possible health risks at the sites
of the September 11th terrorist
attacks, according to published

The EPA has been criticized for
downplaying the risks from airborne
toxins for rescue workers at the sites.
Many of these workers have  
become seriously ill or died,
and their families’ efforts to
obtain information from the
government have met little
success, leading to charges of
an official cover-up. Advocates
for these families say  that the
disclosure of the executive
order confirms their
suspicions. Over 10,000
workers were exposed to
conditions at Ground
its all true
Absorption of growing amounts
of atmospheric carbon dioxide
has dramatically increased the
acidity of the world’s oceans,
according to recent reports by
government and independent
scientists. As the oceans’ pH
has dropped, acidity of the
seawater has increased more
than 150 percent since 1800,
after being stable for more
than 1000 years. Ice core
samples reveal that the
oceans have not been this
acidic in at least 650,000
years. The acidification
threatens all marine life that
relies on calcium carbonate to
thrive, including corals, snails,
and pteropods.

A National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration
report, Impact of Ocean
Acidification on Coral Reefs
Other Marine Calcifiers, details the
effects of the increasingly corrosive
waters on marine species that
support the food chain. In some
concentrations the carbonic acid
dissolved the shells of living
organisms. Scientists
warn these fragile species will be
unable to adapt to permanent
increases in oceanic acidity.

Industrial processes pump over one
million tons of carbon dioxide into the
oceans each hour. Environmental
scientists estimate that 500 billion
tons of the gas have been absorbed
by the oceans since the dawn of the
Industrial Revolution.

The authors of the NOAA
report also stressed the need to  
develop research protocols for the
study of marine acidification over the
next century.                       
its all true
200 years of median
air temperature,
depicting a one
degree Fahrenheit
increase in the 20th
1800                              1900                                2000
source: Viroqua
verbatim                                                                         number 12.5
"Anyway, I'm so
thankful, and so
gracious, I'm gracious
that my brother Jeb is
concerned about the
hemisphere as well."   
Miami FL 06.04.01