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number 67   08.27.06
NRA-Backed Laws Ensure More Altercations Result in a Draw
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Since October 2005, fifteen states
have enacted legislation expanding
the legal right of self-defense,
allowing private citizens to kill
perceived assailants in a wide range
of cases. The so-called “Stand Your
Ground” laws are the result of a
coordinated initiative by the National
Rifle Association, which lobbied state
legislatures and in many instances
drafted the new statutes. The laws
dramatically increase the right to use
deadly force in situations in which a
private citizen may feel threatened,
including in public places.

The new laws sanction the use of
deadly force against intruders into
private homes and vehicles,
removing a previous
requirement to prove a threat to the
safety of the homeowner. For
confrontations in public places, the
previous standard of a “duty to
retreat” to safety if possible is
eliminated. Those covered under the
law are protected from arrest,
detention, and prosecution by law
enforcement agencies; they are also
immune to civil suits, even by
innocent bystanders who may be
injured. The NRA has announced
plans to lobby for passage of similar
statutes in eight more states.

In Florida, the first state to enact
such laws, a homeowner who shot his
neighbor in a dispute over trash
collection regulations was not
after he claimed the man had
attempted to enter his house. A
prostitute who killed her client with
his own gun was also released
without charge. Critics of the
legislation argue that it gives too
much discretion to parties
involved in disputes, and
essentially grants private citizens
the right to kill other citizens to
protect themselves from threats
against their property.

In a statement to the press, NRA
executive vice president Wayne
LaPierre said, "For someone
attacked by criminals to be
victimized a second time by a
second-guessing legal system is
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Party of Sinners
Defense Department to Deploy Computer Chipped
The US Department of Defense is
currently negotiating with a private
sector contractor to explore the
development of a soldier
identification system that would
require members of the armed forces
to receive a physically implanted
computer chip.  Soldiers in a pilot
program would volunteer to have a
computer microchip, also known as a
Radio Frequency Identification
Device, implanted under the skin of
their right arm that can be remotely
scanned to obtain identification
records, military history, medical
records and even combat mission

The system that is being promoted
by the company VeriChip relies upon
a computer chip encoded with a
16-digit identification number.  The
chip, that is
slightly larger than the size of a grain
of rice, is implanted under a soldier’s
skin.  The identification number is
tied to a database that contains
personal information about the
‘tagged’ soldier.

VeriChip spokespersons say the
computer chip can only be read by
company manufactured and encoded
RFID scanners and encrypted
information about the computer chip
implanted soldiers would be held on
secured computers.  

The database would contain basic
information such as a soldier’s
personal identifiers, or more specific
information, such as a soldier’s
medical history and what VeriChip
spokespersons referred to as
“advanced directives”.
The device can be inserted non-
surgically with a hypodermic
needle and, in the case of the US
military, would be implanted above
the triceps in a soldier’s right arm.  
The RIFD chips can also be
implanted in the hand of a tagged
soldier.   Remotely readable
microchips are currently being
used by the British military in a
program called the Army
Personnel Rationalization
Individual Listing project, or
APRIL.  Military commanders in the
UK anticipate that 100 percent of
its soldiers will be computer chip
identifiable by 2010.  

VeriChip promotes it’s RFID
implant as the 21st century
replacement for the metal military
‘dog tags’ worn by US soldiers
since 1906.      
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A Roman Catholic Bishop
recently compared politicians
who support a woman’s right to
choose to Nazis and intimated
that legal abortion in America
has led to a tolerance of
worldwide terrorism.  Bishop
Thomas Doran was writing to
exhort the faithful in
preparation for the coming
elections, what he referred to
as “November madness.”  

Doran,of Rockford, IL writing in
a diocesan journal, chastised
“adherents of one political
party", presumably Democrats,
for instituting a “true culture of
death” in modern America.  
Doran said that members of
that political party support the
“seven ‘sacraments of death’
of our secular human culture."  

Doran wrote that,“toleration of
sexual perversions among
inverts, widespread
contraception, easy access to
'no fault' divorce, the killing of
the elderly, radical feminism
(and) embryonic stem cell
research,” has led to the
decline of both America and
the world.  

Doran, who previously served
on Catholic commissions on
Science and Human Values
and Women in Society and in
the Church, compares those
who support  abortion to
terrorists, writing that, “those
who have killed millions under
their mother’s hearts cannot
be expected to balk at a mere
few thousand killed in
Afghanistan, in Iraq...in Madrid,
in London, in Baghdad, in
Beirut, in Washington (and) in
New York.”           
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Matthews Mulls Super Race of Super
Annual payments received
by Dick Cheney from
Halliburton since he
became vice-president
2001   2002    2003    2004    
The August 24 edition of the popular
political talk show
Hardball with
Chris Matthews
featured an
appearance by right wing pundit Pat
Buchanan, who is on a nationwide
media tour to promote his new book,
State of Emergency: The Third World
Invasion and Conquest of America
The broadcast drew some criticism
for providing a mainstream platform
for Buchanan to make his incendiary
statements. But largely overlooked
was a bizarre exchange during the
debate that seemed to reveal certain
attitudes of the moderator. Matthews
foreshadowed the strange incident at
the top of the show when he said,
“Oh yeah I give Pat Buchanan the
Heidi Klum test tonight. Stick around
for that one.”

During the discussion of immigration
policy, Matthews interjected, ”I don’t
think anybody out there pushing
is trying to unite this country.” Later,
returning from a commercial break,
Matthews said, “Before we get to
these complicated national issues, I
want to go to some tribal questions. I
want Pat to take a look at this video
right now of Heidi Klum, the world
famous model. I want to see her
picture. I haven’t seen it yet. Are we
going to show it? Let’s look at her.
Pat, if she were bopping across the
border right now from Mexico, would
you try and stop her from coming into
the country?”

When Buchanan tried to duck the
question, saying he couldn’t see the
video from his remote location,
Matthews continued. “Return to your
teenage fantasy notion of a perfect
Nordic blonde walking along a
runway looking like a million bucks. If
those were the people coming across
the border, you know my point.”  
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source: Viroqua Institute






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Israeli Tech Firm
Just Another
Brick in the Wall
Court Convicts Cash in Nebraska Traffic Stop
he did not disclose to the troopers
before they searched the car, he was
taken to the Nebraska State Patrol
center in Lincoln. Once at the
command center a sniffer dog alerted
the troopers to possible drug residue
on the money.  Although the police
did not have evidence sufficient to
arrest Gonzolez, they seized the
money under federal drug forfeiture

In an effort to have the money
returned to him, Gonzolez challenged
the government’s claim on the seized
cash.  In the initial trail, Gonzolez
successfully argued that the money
was acquired legally and that he and
associates intended to buy a
refrigerator truck with the funds so
they could start a produce delivery

The appellate court threw out the
lower court’s ruling adopting what it
wrote was the “common sense view”
that “possession of a large sum of
cash is strong evidence of
connection to drug activity.”  Judge
Donald Lay dissented from the
majority  writing that
Gonzolez’s “plausible, and thus
presumptively trustworthy”
explanation was not contradicted or
rebutted by government
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A panel of judges in the 8th Circuit
Court of Appeals recently ruled that
more than $120,000 seized by police
in a traffic stop can be retained by
state authorities even though the
driver of the vehicle was never
arrested or charged with a crime.

The driver of the car and owner of
the money at issue in the case US v.
$124,700 in US Currency, Emiliano
Gomez Gonzolez, is a US citizen and
resident of Nevada who was stopped
for exceeding the speed limit by
Nebraska State Troopers in 2003.  

Gonzolez, who speaks little English,
was questioned by a state trooper,
who speaks no Spanish, who asked if
Gonzolez was carrying any weapons,
drugs, alcohol or large sums of
money in the rented vehicle he was
driving.  After receiving  consent to
do so from Gonzolez, the trooper
searched the vehicle where he found
the money stowed in a cooler in the
auto's backseat.

When Gonzolez was unable to
satisfactorily explain the
circumstances that led him to be
driving a rented vehicle that was not
leased by him, that contained a large
sum of money, which
A surveillance technology firm that
was involved in the construction of
the internationally controversial
Israeli border wall is part of a
consortium bidding to perform
similar work in the United States.
Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest
privately held defense contractor,
has joined a group of companies
led by Boeing that submitted a
proposal for the development of
US border walls in Arizona and
New Hampshire. An executive at
Elbit subsidiary Kollsman, Inc.,
based in New Hampshire,
confirmed the bid.

Elbit Systems provided hardware
and software management and
control systems to the Israeli
Defense Forces that are
considered by surveillance
experts to be state-of-the-art. The
systems utilize a combination of
photographic, infrared, and
thermal imaging processes to
provide site security and
suspicious activities

An Elbit official told the
Union Leader, "We
did some significant work in
it's all true
back to top of
...You know, I've heard this
theory about, you know,
everything was just fine until
we arrived and -- you know,
the stir-up-the-hornet's-nest
theory. It just doesn't hold
water, as far as I'm
"I square it because
imagine a world in which
you had Saddam
Hussein, who had the
capacity to make a
weapon of mass
destruction, who was
paying suiciders to kill
innocent life...
verbatim                                                  number 13.2
...The terrorists
attacked us and killed
3,000 of our citizens
before we started the
freedom agenda in
the Middle East"    
Washington DC 08.21.06