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number 70  09.17.06
European Union Condemns Illegal Secret
The European Union has formally
condemned the United States’
practice of holding detainees in
secret prisons in foreign locations,
following the recent
acknowledgement by President Bush
that such a network of detention
centers was being operated by US
intelligence agencies. The disclosure
of the program has led to broad
international criticism of the US and
created controversy in a number of
European capitals, with many leaders
having previously accepted Bush
administration assurances that the
prisons did not exist.  The EU action
came just days after the British Lord
Chancellor described the US prison
facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as
“shocking affront to the principles of

The EU, meeting in Brussels to
discuss the ramifications of President
Bush’s admission for its 25 member
states, called on the US to adhere to
international standards in its
treatment of terrorism suspects, most
of whom are never charged with any
wrongdoing. In a statement on behalf
of the entire union, Finnish Foreign
Minister Erkki Tuomioja said, “The
existence of secret detention facilities
where detained persons are kept in a
legal vacuum is not in conformity with
international humanitarian law and
international criminal law.”
The confirmation of the existence
of the prisons has refueled
speculation about which countries
may host the secret facilities.
Within Europe, EU member
Poland and EU candidate
Romania are consistently named
as possible sites.  Other countries
alleged to host secret detention
centers include Egypt, Morocco,
Indonesia, and Uzbekistan.

In a speech earlier in the week,
the Lord Chancellor, Lord
Falconer, Britain's highest ranking
legal official, denounced a US
policy that he said was
"deliberately seeking to put the
Guantanamo detainees beyond
the reach of law."                     
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in Texas
Congressional Iranian Weapons Report Bombs at United
United Nations weapon’s inspectors
have lodged an official complaint
about a report released by
congressional republicans that
misstates the nuclear capabilities of
Iran suggesting that Iran is a threat.

The inspectors from the International
Atomic Energy Agency said in a letter
of complaint that was hand delivered
to a US ambassador and sent to the
head of the House Intelligence
Committee that the report greatly
overstates the capability of Iran to
produce weapons grade uranium in a
way that is “dishonest”.

The senior director of the IAEA wrote
in the letter that the House report
made claims that were "erroneous,
misleading and unsubstantiated.”  
The agency indicated that the 29-
page report
contained five significant errors and
provided documentation in its
refutation of the report’s allegations.  

One of the most frightening
assertions in the report is that Iran
has enriched uranium to a level of 90
percent.  The IAEA flatly denies the
claim citing  evidence that
demonstrates that Iran has produced
uranium enriched to less than 4

The report,  “Recognizing Iran as a
Strategic Threat: An Intelligence
Challenge for the United States”, was
written by a staff member of the
House Intelligence Committee who
was an assistant to John Bolton and
was the administration's former point
man on Iran at the State Department.
The report was released last month
and the committee said that the
intent of the
report was to convince the
American public to see “Iran as a
threat”.  The full Intelligence
Committee never discussed the
report and it was never brought
up for a vote.  

This is the first time that the IAEA
has challenged the US since the
White House began to pressure
the UN to sanction Iran for
processiong uranium.  As part of
what the Bush administration calls
“transformational diplomacy”, the
U.S. State Department recently
opened a special office to
promote a “democratic transition”
in Iran.  
When questioned about Iran’s  
nascent uranium enrichment
program President Bush told
reporters in April, “We want to
solve this issue diplomatically
(but) all options are on the
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A review of the theology
courses in Texas public high
schools has revealed that the
vast majority of such classes
are nothing more than school
sponsored prayer meetings.  In
some instances public high
schools actually bring in
ministers to ‘teach’ students.

The study found that Bible
history, the Bible as literature
and Biblical philosophy
courses that are taught at
public high schools as
electives “fail to meet minimal
standards for teacher
qualifications, curriculum and
academic rigor.”

The study also reported that
the majority of such public
school courses “push an
agenda that is hostile to
religious freedom, science and
public education.”

The study “Reading, Writing
and Religion: Teaching the
Bible in Texas Public Schools,”
was performed by the Austin-
based Texas Freedom
Network.  The year long study
analyzed courses taught in a
cross section of more than
1000 Texas public school
districts where high schoolers
can choose to take elective so-
called ‘Bible” courses for credit.

The report found that such
courses generally use the
Bible as the single textbook,
describe the Bible as being the
single “divinely inspired” work.
Teach that the separation
between church and the state
in America is a ‘myth’ and
promote an anti-science view
of the earth’s creations that is
favored by fundamentalist
Christians and contradicts
science courses also taught in
Texas classrooms.                 
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New Premium on Torture Insurance
Arable and permanent cropland
by country in thousands of
US counterintelligence agents and
interrogators have begun to take out
‘torture’ insurance policies to
indemnify themselves from costs
associated with court actions and
congressional investigations.

The insurance policies cost about
$300 and would cover legal fees and
judgments over $1 million should CIA
agents be sued by detainees who
have been released from US
detention facilities around the world.  
Many former detainees have alleged
that they were tortured and otherwise
brutalized by CIA agents in
contravention of article 3 of the
Geneva Conventions.  

The torture protection policies are
offered by the Special Agents Mutual
Benefit Association, an insurance
company founded by retired FBI
Although CIA interrogators would be
provided the legal assistance of
Justice Department lawyers to defend
them in actions brought by detainees
who claim to have been abused
during their confinement and
questioning, in instances where
torture is alleged, government legal
assistance could be withdrawn. The
White House has insisted that
various forms of torture are legal in
the ‘terror war’. Some of the agents
fear that they may face civil and
criminal prosecution in the US and
abroad. Additionally, Congressional
hearings into torture at Abu Ghraib
and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba may
give rise to the need for legal
representation for agents involved in

Agents who can elect to purchase
torture insurance include
supervisors, guards and
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State Officials Deputize Online Vigilantes
Epidemic of
Increasingly Ails CDC
Colorado authorities have
implemented a program that allows
private citizens to report their
suspicions about other citizens’
activities through a state-run website
that is linked to federal intelligence
databases. Tips received from online
informants are forwarded to a data
analysis center, called a “fusion
center,” which provides an interface
between federal, state, and local law
enforcement agencies. Counter
terrorism agents working at the
fusion center then evaluate the
significance of each report of
suspicious activity, in some cases
referring the reports to the FBI for

State officials launched the program
on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11
terrorist attacks, encouraging citizen
participation in anti-terror
surveillance efforts. According to a
report in the
Denver Post,
authorities said that suspicious
activities might include “unusual
requests for information,” “unusual
interest in high-risk or symbolic
targets,” “unusual purchases,” or
“persons who appear out of place.”  
Reports received through the system
are sent for initial analysis to the
Colorado Information Analysis Center
in Centennial, where they are
checked against an array of state
and federal
databases. If data analysts feel
further investigation is warranted, the
report is forwarded to the FBI, and
state counter terrorism officials are

Privacy rights activists and civil
libertarians have assailed the
program as unconstitutionally
intrusive. Legal experts warn that the
newly implemented program will
eventually be challenged in court.
“This is encouraging people to spy
on one another,” Colorado ACLU
executive director Cathryn Hazouri
told the
Post, “Be careful. Be aware
that you could ruin peoples’
reputations; ruin their ability to go on
an airplane. There are so many
things that grow out of this kind of

The Colorado fusion center has
forwarded approximately 300 tips to
federal authorities over the past 18
months. Officials have designed the
new system to increase the flow of
information into state and federal anti-
terrorism programs. Citizens may
even upload photos with their
reports. The CIAC also operates an
anti-terrorism telephone hotline for
would-be informants, which receives
about 20 tips each
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Unprecedented turnover among
top administrative and scientific
staff at the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention has led to
what some insiders are calling a
crisis of morale within the agency.
Retirements and resignations
since 2004 have been well above
annual averages, and the exodus
is particularly acute among senior
scientific officials. The trend
prompted five former directors to
write to current CDC Director Julie
Gerberding to express their
concerns about the structure and
direction of the organization.

The letter, which was obtained by
Atlanta Journal-
as part of an
investigation into the effects of
policy changes at the CDC, was
written last December. Signed by
five of the six directors to have led
the agency over the last 40 years,
the letter speaks of “the inability
of many of the partners to
understand the direction in which
CDC is headed.”
Critics charge that the current
management team has expanded  
bureaucracy while de-
emphasizing scientific
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Wrigley Field
Brown Tribute
verbatim                                                                                    number 13.5
"We are in a conflict
between good and evil...
...and America will call evil
by its name."
West Point  NY    06.01.02
"I glance at the
headlines.  I rarely
read the stories and
get briefed by
people who are
probably read the
news themselves."
Washington DC  
verbatim                                                                      number   13.6
Traffic : Merge Right
FCC Killed Report: No Story at Ten
A report on the effects of increased
media consolidation was ordered
destroyed by senior officials of the
Federal Communications
Commission, apparently because its
conclusions were at odds with
policies being implemented by the

A copy of the report, which was
prepared in 2004, was forwarded to
Senator Barbara Boxer (D, CA) by
an agency whistleblower. Boxer
raised the issue during Senate
confirmation hearings for FCC
Chairman Kevin
Martin. In a letter to Boxer, Martin
claimed that he had never before
heard of the report, and noted
that Michael Powell was the FCC
Chairman at the time that the
report was destroyed.

The study showed that locally
owned news broadcasts added
significantly to local coverage,
especially on-location segments.
The report was compiled as the
FCC considered easing rules
limiting media ownership.   
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Reporters Paid by Administration to Bash Cuba
Ten journalists from South Florida
have been revealed to have been on
the pay-roll of the government
sponsored US Office of Cuban
Broadcasting.  The office runs both
Radio and TV Marti and is a
propaganda enterprise of the US
government created to broadcast
pro-American media into Cuba to
“promote democracy”.  Its programs
cannot be broadcast in the US.

Documents obtained by the
disclosed that since 2001 the
journalists received amounts
ranging from $1500 to more than
$174,000 in government
payments.  Three of the
journalists found to be receiving
government monies have written
for the Herald.  The paper later
severed its relationship with the

The president of Miami Herald
Media Company said that the
reporters had violated a “sacred
trust” by accepting the
government payments.  
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Bush Writer Finds Home at Newspaper
One of America’s leading
newspapers, the
, widely viewed to be a liberal
leaning media voice, has hired the
former Bush administration speech
writer who coined the phrase “axis
of evil.”  

As the occupation of Iraq
continues and the justifications the
US used to invade the country
have been discredited as
exaggerations and outright lies,
the Post has hired Michael Gerson
to write for its editorial page.  

Gerson was also responsible for
conjuring up the nightmarish
image of America being attacked
with nuclear weapons by terrorists
when he wrote the now infamous
line “the first sign of a smoking
gun might be a mush-room
cloud.”  That phrase was
spoken by Mr. Bush, Vice-
President Cheney and
Condoleezza Rice as they each
attempted to convince the
American public to support their
plan to invade Iraq.  

The newspaper's editorial page
editor assured readers that
Gerson is “a different kind of
conservative from the other
conservatives on
our  page.”          
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The five largest owners of US radio
The five largest entertainment companies-revenues in
Viacom  NewsCorp  Bertelsmann Disney  Time Warner
Entercom    Infinity     Citadel    Cumulus   Clear Channel
source: Viroqua
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