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interpreting the constitution
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source: National Science
verbatim                                      number 15.2
"However they put it, the
Democratic approach in
Iraq comes down to
...the terrorists win and
America loses."
Statesboro  GA  10.30.06
May Day  
March in
Justice Department attorneys have
filed a petition in federal district court
asserting that the detainees that the
president has designated as enemy
combatants should be disallowed
from telling their legal counsel what
types of interrogation techniques CIA
agents used on them to compel them
to admit to acts of terrorism.

The Bush Administration said in the
court filing that if the detainees
described to their attorneys what the
government referred to obliquely as
“alternative interrogation methods”
that were used on them in secret
“black site” prison camps around the
world, they would be revealing some
of America’s most sensitive national
security secrets.  

The Justice Department argues in
the court filing that if the detainees
allowed to advise their attorneys of
the so-called “alternative” techniques
that this would “reasonably be
expected to cause extremely grave
damage” to the United States.

The attorneys who represent the
detainees, some appointed by the US
military and some who have
volunteered to assist the captives,
say that they cannot effectively
represent their clients without
knowing what physical and mental
abuse and coercion led them to sign

Detainees who have been released
from captivity by the US military have
described that they were subjected to
brutal and inhuman treatment at the
hands of CIA agents during
interrogation sessions.  Captives
have reported being forced into
‘stress positions’ for hours
on end, being threatened by
snarling guard dogs, being forced
to eat and drink spoiled or tainted
food and water, having their holy
books desecrated by agents in
front of them, being deprived of
sleep and being threatened with
drowning until they signed forced

In the normal course of American
jurisprudence, confessions
achieved through cruel and
inhuman treatment would be
challenged by defense attorneys
as being inadmissible as
evidence.  The Justice
Department’s court petition is
based upon the administration’s
interpretation of a new law, the
Military Tribunal Act, under which
the president and his advisors
contend that ‘terror suspects’
have virtually no rights under US
its all true
Police outfitted in riot gear and with
weapons drawn and ready burst into
an eighth grade classroom and high
school classroom announcing that
there had been a threat to the Lee
Middle and High School in a suburb
of Grand Rapids, MI.  Officers
wearing protective tactical gear,
including bullet-proof vests and riot
helmets, forced the children out of
their classrooms into the hall where
they were lined up facing the walls
and subjected to body searches and
quizzed by the police about what they
had in their pockets.

The police, who were conducting a
pre-planned drill, advised the
teachers of the mock raid minutes
prior to the exercise, but the students
were not notified and were under the
impression that the threat was real.
Principal David Britton said that,
though the school and police officials
did not intend to frighten any of the
students, they felt that if they had
warned the children prior to the drill it
would not be “realistic”.  Britton, who
planned the mock attack with the
cooperation of school
Superintendent Jack Wallington, felt
that the raid would have more of a
dramatic effect on the students if
they thought that the threat was real
and that officer’s rifles were loaded
with live ammunition.  He told the
Rapids Press
, “We wanted a sense
of urgency.”

Local police were called to the school
to perform the drill but said that they
were not advised by school
administrators that the students had
not been warned of the raid being
its all true
The Director of National Intelligence,
John Negroponte, has ordered the
closure of a government website
after it was revealed that it provided
access to sensitive documents
detailing processes for developing
nuclear weapons. The site, called the
“Operation Iraqi Freedom Document
Portal,” was an Internet repository for
thousands of papers seized by US
occupation forces in Iraq. Recently,
officials of the International Atomic
Energy Agency had asked that the
US remove what they considered to
be potentially dangerous information
from the website, but the
administration did not act until last
week, on the eve of the publication
by the
New York Times of an   
investigation into the matter.

The documents in question pertain to
Iraqi efforts to build a nuclear device
before the 1991 Gulf War. Physicists
and experts on nuclear weapons
technology have confirmed the
validity and potential utility of the
material, which according to the
Times includes “detailed information
on how to build nuclear firing circuits
and triggering explosives, as well as
the radioactive cores of atom
bombs.”  In a separate incident,
documents describing the
manufacture of chemical nerve
agents were removed from the site
after protests by international
monitoring authorities earlier this
Negroponte had initially resisted
the creation of the website, which
was proposed last spring by a
group of pro-war Republican
Congressmen led by Intelligence
Committee Chairmen Rep. Peter
Hoekstra of Michigan and Sen.
Pat Roberts of Kansas. At the
time, Hoekstra said of the site, “It
will allow us to leverage the
Internet to enable a mass
examination as opposed to limiting
it to a few exclusive elites.” The
DNI felt that the purpose of the
project was an implicit rebuke to
the intelligence services, and
issued a warning that the millions
of pages of documents had not
been properly assessed by
its all true
The top one percent of US
households significantly increased
their share of the nation’s total
income between 1994 and 2004,
with those in the top 0.1 percent
faring even better, according to a
report by the National Bureau of
Economic Research.

The report, “The Evolution of Top
Incomes,” reveals that in 2004,
the highest-earning one percent
of households accounted for 19.8
percent of national pretax income,
which represents an increase of
5.6 percent over the decade. The
report also found that in the same
year the top one-tenth of one
percent received 9.5 percent of
total pretax income. With US
median family income rising only
1.6 percent between 2001 and
2004, the figures document one
aspect of the increasing
concentration of the nation’s

The report also surveys income
inequality internationally, noting
that in 2005 France’s richest 0.1
percent held 1.19 percent of
national income, and in 2002
Japan’s top 0.1 percent received
2.16 percent.        
its all true
Justice Department Seeks to Silence Suspects, Shield
Students Learn Lesson in Police State Tactics
National Wealthcare
System Shows
Improved Performance
Nuclear Weapons Data Leaked Under Partisan
Global seafood stocks are becoming
disastrously depleted, with all
commercially viable fisheries facing a
state of collapse by 2048 if current
trends in fishing practices, climate
change, and other areas of human
impact continue unabated, according
to projections by the authors of an
international study. Economists warn
that widespread depletion would
have catastrophic consequences for
human food supplies, as seafood is
the primary source of protein for a
majority of the world’s population.
The results of the investigation are
reported in the current edition of the

The four-year study analyzed
archival data pertaining to 7800
marine species over a period of 1000
years. The scientists, from five
countries, concluded that under
current conditions catches of all
presently fished species would
collapse by mid-century. Fisheries
are designated “collapsed” when
catches fall to 10 percent of historic
highs. According to this definition,
some 29 percent of the world’s
fisheries have collapsed since 1950.
Species already in a state of collapse
include Atlantic cod, bluefin tuna,
Pacific salmon, and Alaskan king

The leader of the research group,  
Dr. Boris Worm of Dalhousie
University in Halifax, Nova Scotia,
described the cumulative nature of
the decline, saying, “Every year a
higher percentage of the currently
fished stocks has collapsed. We are
losing it piece by piece.” Effects of
the loss of species will reverberate
throughout the ecosystem, said
report co-author Stephen Palumbi, a
marine biologist at Stanford
University, who warned, “Animals like
seals, dolphins, and killer whales eat
fish. If we strip the ocean of these
kinds of species, other animals are
going to suffer.”

The researchers found that in 12 of
the regions they studied, 38 percent
of all exploited marine species had
collapsed in the past 1000 years.
Seven percent of these species
became extinct. The report
concludes that over-fishing and other
forms of human impact on marine
environments reduce the oceans’
resistance to disease and pollution,
making them more susceptible to
adverse effects of climate change.

The report notes that active harvest
management programs can preserve
and even improve endangered
fisheries, citing the example of the
North Pacific areas off Alaska as a
positive example. Those highly
productive fisheries have been
federally managed since 1976.  
its all
A group of 17 nations including
Germany and France have
joined together to advance a
UN resolution that would
mandate transparency in the
weaponization of space and
calls for the prevention of an
“arms race in outer space.”

The group’s proposal before
the UN General Assembly
recalls a resolution adopted by
160 nations that calls for the
“peaceful use of outer space”
and stresses the need for
verifiable treaties to control
space weaponization.

The group’s action comes
shortly after the Bush
administration made the first
changes to the National Space
Policy in ten years.   

The new policy mandates the
aggressive militarization of
space by the US and opposes
any “development of new legal
regimes or other restrictions
that seek to prohibit or limit US
access to or use of space.”

Contrary to the provisions of
the UN resolution, the new NSP
asserts America’s right to
“freedom of action in space”
and denies “adversaries use
of space.”  The Policy also
calls for the “robust” use of
science to support space
based “intelligence collection”
for the purposes of homeland

The US was the only nation
in the UN to vote against
the UN resolution with Israel
its all true
UN Resolution
Can't Control
Planet Pentagon
Research Reveals Overfishing Has a
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