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Agency Tests Drugs on Foster Kids without Reading
Warning Label
Controversial programs for testing
AIDS drugs on foster children
without their knowledge violated  
Federal guidelines, according to a
government report made public
this week. The agency which
oversees federally funded drug
testing confirmed that
experimental AIDS treatments,
with serious possible side effects,
were given to foster children in
several studies that failed to
provide mandatory safeguards for
the interests of the subjects.
The finding, by the US Department
of Health and Human Services’
Office of Human Research
Protections, comes on the heels of
an investigation in early May by the
Associated Press. In a series of
articles the
AP found that hundreds
of foster children had been used in
drug testing studies since the 1980’
s but that special protections for the
children’s interests had routinely
been ignored by the agencies
The research programs – in which
drugs known to have serious side
effects on adults were administered
to foster children ranging from infants
to teenagers – were performed in at
least seven states: Louisiana, North
Carolina, Colorado, Texas, Maryland,
Illinois, and New York. Last November
a feature on
BBC Radio News
highlighted the struggles of New York
City children in one such program.
spread of the red
California Assemblyman Dreams of Tight
G8 Draft Reflects
White House
Tampering and Big
Oil Pampering
California State Assemblyman,
Ray Haynes, has suggested
changes in the California state
constitution that would create a
border police force to patrol the
California-Mexico border for illegal
migrants.  Haynes has also
submitted a ballot initiative, “The
California Border Police Initiative”,
for review by the California
attorney general as a first step to
get the proposal on the 2006
state ballot.

The ballot initiative also provides
for the construction of new jails to
house the illegal immigrants.  If
approved by the attorney  general,
the initiative’s supporters would
be required to get the signatures
of 600,000 Californian’s for the
proposal to appear on the ballot.
Rescue California, a group that
assisted the movement to oust
former California Governor Gray
Davis, has pledged its support in
the effort.

Haynes’ proposal has further
intensified an already heated
debate about illegal immigration
in California.  Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger recently called
for the closure of the US Border
and a posse of self-styled
vigilantes, the   
“Minutemen”, perform armed
patrols on California’s border.  

Haynes complains that immigrants
get “welfare and food stamps”
and the federal government
doesn’t reimburse the state.  
“There are plenty of bureaucrats
who benefit by the increased
personnel and budgets that come
from servicing the illegal alien
population”.  The goal of both the
ballot initiative and the
constitutional amendment, Haynes
theorizes, is to create a state
border patrol force that would
“enforce federal immigration laws"
on a  uniform basis.  
A leaked draft of a communiqué to
be adopted at next month’s G8
summit shows that US officials are
lobbying to weaken the group’s
stated position on global warming
and related issues. The
document, a proposal for joint
action to address climate change
by the eight major industrialized
nations, has been significantly
altered compared to an earlier
version leaked May 2. All of the
changes indicate pressure from
the White House to relax the
standards to be ratified at the
The changes include placing
square brackets around key
passages to indicate a lack of
consensus over the wording.
Disputed in such a manner are
the statements “The problem is
urgent” and “The world’s
developed economies have a
responsibility to show leadership”.
Several sections have been
excised entirely, including all
discussion of funding for
alternative energy sources.

In a related story, Philip Cooney,
the White House official who was
revealed to have edited
government reports to downplay
global warming, has resigned. A
former oil industry lobbyist with no
scientific background, Cooney put
his personal spin on several
official reports on climate change.
06.12.05) A White House
spokesperson said that Cooney
to  “spend time with his family.”
Within a week he was lured away
from his vacation by a position
with ExxonMobil.
Halliburton Reaps Contracts, Bonuses and
Although the company is currently
the subject of several on-going
investigations for improprieties
related to its contacts with the
Pentagon, Halliburton Co. was
awarded a contract last week to
expand the detention facilities at
the US military base in
Guantanamo Cuba.
The US Navel Facilities
Engineering Command has struck
a deal with Halliburton to build
“detention camp 6” and a security
perimeter at the Guantanamo
facility for $30 million, part of a  
planned $500 million construction

The Halliburton deal comes during
a period of intense scrutiny of the
facility in Guantanamo and the
detention practices carried out
there that some critics have
described as inhumane. Human
Rights groups and members of
Congress have called for closing
the detention center at
Halliburton has received over $10
billion in military contracts in the past
two years.  But allegations of poor
performance and profiteering have
plagued the company. In one
instance investigators reported
Halliburton charged the military $27.5
million for fuel that only cost $82,000.
Concurrent investigations by the
Government Accounting Office and
the Justice Department are focusing
on the company's over billing and bid
rigging billion dollar projects in Iraq.
In spite of these irregularities,
Halliburton was recently awarded
bonuses by the Pentagon totaling
$72 million.

Over 500 prisoners are currently
imprisoned at Guantanamo, none are
considered prisoners of war and
many have not been charged with a
crime.  Some of the detainees who
have been released describe
organized humiliation and abuse that
took place at the facility.  President
Bush recently characterized the
former detainees as “people who
hate America”.





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Public Broadcasting Funding Cut by Half-
Budget for Program Monitoring not Disclosed
The House Appropriations
Committee voted to cut public
broadcasting funds by 100 million
dollars and eliminated a $23 million
program that helped fund children’s
programming.  The committee also
withdrew $80 million earmarked for
upgrading the PBS satellite network
and conversion to digital
programming.  Together these cuts
amount to almost half of the yearly
budget for the Corporation for
Public Broadcasting.

NPR officials said that the cuts
would have a dramatic impact in
both minority communities and in
rural areas that depend heavily on
the funding that the committee
slashed.  The cuts went even
further than those proposed by the
White House in its 2006 budget.
The subcommittee’s funding cuts
come at a time when the CPB’s
chairman, Kenneth Tomlinson, is
under scrutiny by the organization’s
inspector general’s office for
alleged misconduct relating to
content monitoring of PBS
programming and mishandling of
CPB funds.

Tomlinson hired an outside
consultant to monitor the content of
the PBS television series “Now”,
formerly hosted by Bill Moyers.  The
consultant reported directly to
Tomlinson advising him of instances
of “anti-Bush” and “anti-business”
bias on the program.  Tomlinson
also made payments to two
republican lobbyists totaling
$15,000.Neither of the payments
was disclosed to the Board of the
Advocates for public broadcasting
view both the funding cuts and the
appointment of Tomlinson, a
longtime critic of PBS, as an
attack on the public airwaves and
an attempt to inject conservative
political bias into PBS

Representative Daniel Obey (D-
WI) said that the “GOP agenda is
to control public broadcasting or
defund it”.  Obey, a member of
the House Appropriations
Committee , proposed an
amendment to the bill that was
incorporated into the measure
which reversed plans agreed to  
by Congress in early June that  
would have cut all federal funds to
support public broadcasting by
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"Free nations don't
attack each other... nations don't
develop weapons of
mass destruction."
               Milwaukee WI   10.03.03
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