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Superior Court Judge W. Douglas
Albright contends that “an oath on
the Koran is not a lawful oath under
our law”. Judge Albright feels that the
law refers exclusively to the Christian
Bible rather than other holy books
revered by non-Christian religions.
“Everybody understands what the
holy scriptures are. If they don’t, we’
re in a mess”, said Judge Albright.  

Currently  Chief District Judge,
Joseph E. Turner, who presides over
the circuit,  will not allow the Islamic
holy text in the circuit's 12
A North Carolina law dating from
1777 stipulates that swearing an oath
requires putting one’s hand on the
“holy scriptures.” A spokesman for
the Guilford County Circuit Court,
Dick Ellis, stated that the law requires
that oath swearers fear both
“temporal” and “spiritual”
punishment for lying under oath.

A preliminary review of the matter by
the AOC suggested that the Korans
in Guilford County courtrooms would
acceptable and legal under North
Carolina law. But Senior Resident
The Administrative Office of the
Courts in Guliford county North
Carolina (AOC) will decide
whether or not Korans can be
used to swear in witnesses when
they testify in trials.  

A local Islamic center donated 12
Korans to the circuit court after a
member of the group came before
a judge in a domestic violence
protection order hearing and
requested a Koran when she was
ordered to swear an oath that her
testimony would be truthful.
one nation,
under surveillance
Legislators Encourage Wilderness Exploration
Students Enrolled in
DOD Database
miles from Mississippi to Florida.

This relaxation of federal
environmental standards comes after
state legislation was recently signed
into law by Mississippi Governor
Haley Barbour allowing the leasing of
state land surrounding the national
park for exploration.

Environmental groups view the
moves as a concerted effort by
Mississippi legislators to extend
exploration into the previously
protected natural reserve. The
Harrison Mississippi County Board
Facing a steady decline in
military recruitment numbers,
the Defense
Department has launched an
ambitious program to create  a
database of personal
information on all college
students in the United States
,and all high school students
aged 16 to 18. In an effort to
sidestep laws that restrict
government collection of such
information, the database will
be managed by a private firm.

Military recruiters already have
access to large amounts of
information on high school
students. Under a provision of
the 2002 No Child Left Behind
Act school officials are
required to make the data
available to the Pentagon. The
new program will include this
information and merge it with
data from a variety of sources ,
including government agencies
and private marketing

While institutions were
required to comply with the
2002 legislation, individuals
retained a right to "opt out" of
military solicitation. But the new
program does not allow for that
kind of non-participation.
Instead, students who don't
wish to be recruited must still
provide full personal
information, which will then be
segregated within the massive
red state rebate
New SEC Chairman Good For Business
defense/veterans 53%




foreign operations

homeland security



federal budget allocation
for the year 2006
$839.31 billion
The Bush Administration's nominee to
chair the Securities and Exchange
Commission is a veteran advocate of
business interests and an outspoken
critic of regulation and taxation.

Orange County, California
Representative Christopher Cox,"a
champion of free enterprise," has
been chosen to "vigorously  enforce
the rules and laws that guarantee
honesty and transparency in our
markets and corporate boardrooms,"
the President said at a press
conference announcing the
nomination, which is subject to
Senate confirmation.

A former lawyer in the financial
sector, Cox has been in Congress
since 1988.
In 1995 Cox sponsored legislation
which protected corporate officers
and agents from litigation, limiting the
scope for legal action in corporate
fraud cases. After his own California
fell victim to a  $10 billion corporate
fraud involving the now defunct
Enron Corp., Cox urged Congress
not to "rethink deregulation." He
opposes the capital gains tax,
taxation on dividends, and the estate

Cox would succeed William
Donaldson, who resigned in early
June. The President chose
Donaldson, a Bush family friend , to
oversee the Securities and Exchange
Commission in 2002, at the height of
several high profile corporate
scandals, notably the Enron
bankruptcy and the subsequent
downfall of accountants Arthur

Donaldson worked to restore public
confidence in corporate transactions
and market integrity. But his
regulatory "activism" led to
complaints  from business leaders,
and opposition from a  growing
number of Republican members of





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Federal Crackdown Silences Community Volunteers
Federal marshals stormed the
studios of Radio Free Brattleboro last
week seizing an antenna, computers
and other broadcast equipment
because the station operates without
a federal license.  Local Brattleboro
Vermont police accompanied the US
marshals when they carried out a
judge’s order to confiscate any
“equipment associated with or used
in connection with any radio

Assistant US Attorney Michael
Drescher stated that the station’s
continued operation without a
broadcast license demanded
enforcement action.  The Justice
Department was “duty bound”,
Drescher said, to shut Radio free
Brattleboro off the air.   

The radio station broadcasts a low
power FM signal of 10 watts and has
been operated since 1997 by
volunteers in Brattleboro Vermont.  
The volunteers produce and host
their own shows in a commercial free
format.  The federal government had
previously forced the station off the
air in 2003, but the local community
petitioned the Federal
Communications Commission to allow
the low power FM station to return to
the air.

Attorney for the radio station, James
Maxwell, stated that “RFB does not
operate in defiance of government,
but rather from the belief of its
members and listeners that
community radio is essential to good
government and democratic
process.”  Maxwell stated that the
station’s members were “puzzled” by
the justice department’s action
because RFB had agreed to drop its
request for a court injunction
allowing the station to broadcast
pending the outcome of the
proceeding.  The Justice
Department, however, went to
another judge in the Vermont
Federal District Court Circuit to
get the order to close down the
station last week.

Maxwell feels that “there is no
harm whatsoever being done by
RFB” continuing to broadcast, but
there is a “harm being done to a
civil society” by shutting out the
unique programming offered by
the community radio station.  US
Attorney Drescher does not agree
stating that, depending on what
the station does next, the justice
department is prepared to
“prosecute the forfeiture action if
back to top of
An obscure provision of the
emergency military spending bill that
President Bush signed in May
accords private companies the right
to explore for energy resources in
"sprawling national parks".  The
amendment, authored by Senator
Thad Cochran (R-MS) allows for oil
and gas exploration, even in federally
recognized wilderness areas which
are the most legally protected federal

Wilderness land immediately effected
by the amendment is in Cochran's
home state of Mississippi. The Gulf
Islands National Sea Shore stretches
over 150
"It's an important
concept for our fellow
citizens to
understand, that no
one in need will ever
be forced to choose
a faith-based
provider.  That's an
important concept for
people to
...what that means is if
you are the Methodist
church and you sponsor
an alcohol treatment
center, they can't say
only Methodists who
drink too much can
come to our program...
...'All Drunks
Welcome' is what
the           sign ought to
Washington DC   03.01.05
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interpreting the constitution
Judges Pledge to Ban Unapproved
of Supervisors recently passed a
resolution which asked the state
legislature to consider the
federally protected sanctuary's
natural beauty before approving
oil drilling.

The president of the Alabama and
Mississippi Division of the US Oil
and Gas Association assured
Mississippians when he told the
Washington Post that oil drilling
and natural gas extraction would
only begin after private companies
"have gone through a number of
state and a number of federal