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number 97   04.01.07
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"Scott, sometimes you’
re the commander-in-
chief, sometimes you’re
the educator-in-chief,
and a lot of times you’re
both when it comes to
...and I've just gotta continue to take my
message to the people and to explain
to them this is a well-thought-out
decision that is in the interests of the
today's generation of Americans."
                         Washington  DC  01.27.07
Documents obtained by plaintiffs who
have sued the New York City Police
Department following arrests made at
the 2004 Republican National
Convention reveal that the
department went to elaborate lengths
to obtain intelligence about groups
who planned to protest the event.  
Internal police files reveal that the
department conducted covert
intelligence operations crossing state
lines and national borders.  

Additional police records reviewed by
New York Times showed that
undercover police units traveled to
Canada and Europe to befriend
activists, infiltrate peace groups and
obtain intelligence.  The spying
operation began at least a year
before the convention.

The documents are part of a lawsuit
filed on behalf of 1806 people
arrested during
the 2004 Republican Convention
charging that the protesters were
illegally arrested and held in unsafe
conditions.  The New York Civil
Liberties Union said that the
documents reveal that police had
initiated an “illegal, international
campaign to monitor lawful protest
planned for the 2004 Republican
National Convention.”

Times reported that undercover
detectives traveled to 15 places
outside of New York to conduct
surveillance including  Illinois, Texas
and Oregon.  The NYPD operatives
also collected intelligence in Montreal
and in several cities in Europe.   The
department’s “RNC Intelligence
Squad” collected information on
street puppet and theater groups,
anti-globalization and environmental
advocacy groups and allegedly
shared intelligence information
with other law enforcement
A spokesperson for the NYPD
said that “all our activities were
legal,” and that “detectives
collected information both in-state
and out of state to learn in
advance what was coming our

Times recently petitioned the
court to make the police reports
available to the public but
attorneys for the city asked the
judge to seal the records from the
public saying, “the documents
were not written for consumption
by the general public” and would
be “misinterpreted.”  

Of the 1806 protesters arrested,
more than 1400 of the cases have
resulted in charges being
dropped, cases dismissed or
protesters being acquitted.          
it's all true
A House committee has requested
information on the relationship
between Bush administration officials
and former defense contractor
Mitchell Wade, who pleaded guilty
last year in the federal corruption
investigation that sent Rep. Randall
“Duke” Cunningham (R-CA) to jail. In
a letter to White House Chief of Staff
Joshua Bolten, House Oversight and
Government Reform Committee
Chairman Henry Waxman asked for
records of administration contacts
with Wade and his company MZM,
Inc., including details of a July 2002
contract to provide “custom computer
services” for the office of the Vice

The contract, worth just $140,000,
the first government contract ever
awarded to Washington, DC- based
MZM. Two months later, in
September 2002, the company
signed a five-year, $250 million deal
to provide logistical support for the
General Services Administration, the
federal government’s mammoth
civilian procurement agency. MZM
went on to land several large federal
contracts over the next three years,
apparently with the assistance of
Duke Cunningham, who has admitted
receiving more than a million dollars
in bribes from Wade. The federal
prosecutor leading the investigation
into Cunningham and his
relationships with a number of federal
contractors, Carol Lam of San Diego,
was among the US
Attorneys recently dismissed by
the Bush administration.

Two weeks after MZM received
payment for the initial contract
with the Vice President’s office,
Wade purchased the “Duke-Stir,”
a 42-foot yacht, using a cashier’s
check for $140,000. The price
had been previously negotiated
by Duke Cunningham, who then
lived on the yacht as Wade’s
guest for the rest of his time in
Congress. Although Lam’s office
investigated numerous federal
contracts during the Cunningham
probe, the small contract that
gave MZM its start has so far
received little scrutiny.                 
it's all true     
The richest one percent of
Americans increased their share
of the national income in 2005 to
21.8 percent, the highest level
since 1928, according to a
recently released report. The data
also show that while total national
income rose almost 9 percent for
the year, average incomes for the
bottom 90 percent actually
decreased 0.6 percent.

The report reveals that the top 10
percent of Americans received
48.5 percent of national income in
2005, the most recent year for
which figures are available. That
is just short of the peak of 49.3
percent, registered in 1928.
Professors Emmanuel Saez, of
the University of California at
Berkeley, and Thomas Piketty of
the Paris School of Economics,
international experts on income
and wealth distribution, analyzed
the Internal Revenue Service
data. The researchers stress that
their report may understate
income disparities, because the
IRS reports  that while it taxes 99
percent of all wage income, less
than 70 percent of investment and
business income can be
adequately tracked.        
it's all true
An independent investigation has
found that political appointees in
administrative positions throughout
the federal government have
engaged in systematic suppression
of scientific data obtained from
publicly funded research studies if
the information was inconvenient for,
or contrary to, White House policy.

The Government Accountability
Project released its report,
the Science of Climate Change
, last
week in conjunction with hearings on
the issue in the Investigation and
Oversight Subcommittee of the
House Science and Technology
Committee. The authors of the report
told the panel that they identified
hundreds of instances since 2001 in
which officials improperly interfered
with the publication of scientific
documents produced by various
government agencies.

The investigation examined
allegations of political interference or
restrictions at the National
Aeronautics and Space
Administration), the National
Oceanographic and Atmospheric
Administration, the Departments of
Energy and Agriculture, and the
Environmental Protection Agency.
The report concluded that White
House appointees within the
agencies routinely acted to suppress
specific research data  
based on political considerations.
According to the report, “The
evidence suggests that incidents of
interference are often top-down
reactions to science that has
negative policy or public relations
implications for the administration.”

The report details the administration’
s imposition of “objectionable and
possibly illegal restrictions on the
communication of scientific
information to the media.”  The
authors also conclude that Bush
administration policies and practices
have resulted in improper
interference in government scientists’
communications with Congress,
through, “inappropriate editing,
delay, and suppression of reports
and other printed and online

White House Council on
Environmental Quality spokesperson
Kristen Hellmer refuted the report's
findings, telling
ABC News, "Claims
the administration interfered with
science are false." Rep. Brad Miller
(D-NC), the House subcommittee
chairman, said, “We need to rely on
sound, dispassionate scientific
research to inform our decisions,”
arguing that the testimony of the
report’s authors was further evidence
of petroleum industry efforts to lobby
the administration to  “manipulate
public debate about climate
it's all true
The US military has revised its
reporting of the numbers of
active-duty soldiers who have
deserted over the past few
years to reflect that more
soldiers have decided to flee
military service than was
previously stated.

The Army released figures that
show that 3,196 soldiers
deserted last year, 853 more
soldiers than the military had
originally reported.  The figure
represents an approximate
increase in desertions
reported in 2006 by the military
of 26 percent.  The Army also
reported that the desertion
figures for the year 2005 were
under-reported by 186
desertions.  The desertion
figures reported by the Army
do not include soldiers from
the National Guard or the Army

The yearly percentage
increases of deserters for the
past two fiscal years were also
revised upward by the Army.  
For example, due to the
revised figures, the increase in
desertions between 2006 and
2005 was 27 percent as
opposed to the previously
reported figure of 17 percent.

The misreporting was revealed
last week when the US military
said that confused Army
employees who “were counting
things wrong, and doing it
inconsistently” caused the
under-reported desertion
A spokesperson for the
Government Accountability
Office said that it was "just
unbelievable" that the Army
was unable to correctly tally
the number of deserters.   
all true
A video of an off-duty Chicago
policeman savagely beating a woman
half his size shown around the world
on television news reports and the
internet has rekindled criticism of the
Chicago Police Department and it’s
The video shows 12-year police
veteran Anthony Abbate punching
and kicking the bartender at Jessie’s
Short Stop Tavern, Karolina
Obrycka.  Obrycka, who weighs 115
pounds, had refused to serve
Abbate, who weighs 250 pounds,
after he had threatened another
patron at the bar.

Abbate and an accomplice are also
alleged to have bribed the bartender
and bar owner to not report the
incident and then threaten them
stating that drugs would be planted in
the bar and in Obrycka’s vehicle and
bar patrons would be harassed by
police should they report
the attack.

The attack took place on February
19, but Abbate, a member of the
force, was not apprehended in mid-
March.   The Chicago Police
Department is also facing allegations
that police officers and a watch
commander took steps to protect
Abbate from press scrutiny as he
arrived at the court building to be

As Abbate’s attack was reported
across the globe, another incident
came to light where six off duty police
CPD officers were captured on
security cameras beating four men at
another bar.  The victims of the
attack said that a witness called 911
to report the beating, but when a
police car arrived at the scene, one
of the attackers spoke to the officers
responding to the incident and the
police left the scene.       
it's all true
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