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number 98   04.08.07
one nation, under surveillance
source: CIA World
Brown Tribute
The plea deal announced last
week in the case of alleged
Taliban supporter David Hicks
was arranged by senior
Pentagon officials without the
knowledge or participation of
prosecutors. Hicks, an
Australian citizen held by the
United States for five years
without charge in the military
detention facility at
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, will
serve nine months in an
Adelaide prison and has been
barred from speaking to the
media for a year. The terms of
the plea agreement, and the
circumstances under which it
was negotiated, have
generated political controversy
in the US and Australia.

Two weeks ago, as
prosecutors were presenting
their case that Hicks was a
terrorist who presented a
serious threat to US interests,
the head of the Pentagon’s
Office of Military Commissions
secretly met with defense
lawyers to finalize the plea
deal. In exchange for pleading
guilty to one count of providing
material aid to terrorists, Hicks
received nine months to be
served in his home country,
and the 12-month gag order,
which will extend beyond
Australia’s general election
campaign season. Hicks also
agreed not to allege that US
authorities abused him, and
waived his rights to sue or

The agreement was presented
to the astounded prosecutors
for their signature after it had
been completed. It was
approved by  military
commissions director Susan J.
Crawford, a former top aide to  
Dick Cheney.    
it's all true
A thirteen-year-old girl who allegedly
wrote “okay” on her school desk was
arrested in front of her classmates,
handcuffed, and taken to a waiting
squad car for transportation to a
local police station where, after being
held for several hours, she was
charged with misdemeanor criminal
mischief. The incident occurred
March 30 at Dyker Heights
Intermediate School 201 in New York.
Police confirm the arrest was made at
the request of the school’s principal,
Madeleine Brennan.

According to news reports, Chelsea
Fraser, 13, could face two months of
juvenile probation for defacing school
property. She told the
New York
Daily News
that police officers
questioned her as to whether her
“graffiti” was gang-related. Chelsea
and three other students were
handcuffed to a pole at
the NYPD’s 68th Precinct for more
than three hours while they were
being processed.

Four police officers, responding to
the principal's request, entered the
classroom and demanded that
Chelsea empty her pockets and
remove her belt before they
handcuffed her and led her away. “It
was really embarrassing because
some of the kids, they talk, and they’
re going to label me as a bad kid. But
I’m really not,” she told
News. “I didn’t know writing ‘Okay’
would get me arrested.”

In a statement, New York Civil
Liberties Union Executive Director
Donna Lieberman condemned the
arrest, calling it "the logical and
predictable result of school discipline
policies that treat our children like
it's all true
As a result of deforestation and
poaching, one of humankind’s
closest relatives, the orangutan,
may become extinct within a few
years.  The United Nations fears
that the species will be extinct in
less than five years.  The number
of orangutans still in the wild is
currently estimated to be 15 to 25

Orangutans, the world’s largest
arboreal mammal, spend the
majority of their lives in the jungle
canopy.  More than 80 percent of
the orangutan’s remaining habitat
in Borneo and Sumatra has been
decimated over the past twenty
years by companies that harvest
palm oil, sold in the West as
vegetable oil.  The Indonesian
government reports that five to six
million acres of orangutan habitat
is destroyed each year.  

The deforestation is proceeding
at a rate that experts believe will
result in the complete destruction
of the forests by 2020.  Although
the largest danger to the species
is the destruction of it's habitat,
orangutans are also hunted for
food and threatened by
it's all true
verbatim                                                                                                                                                                                                       number 19.2
And one thing we want during this war on terror is for people to feel like their life's moving
                                                                                                           Washington DC  01.16.07
Military expenditure per capita
by country
Evidence obtained during the course
of at least two separate
Congressional investigations
indicates that a number of White
House staff routinely correspond and
conduct official government business
using private communications
networks, in an apparent attempt to
circumvent federal oversight and
disclosure regulations.

The Senate Judiciary Committee,
which is currently looking into the
circumstances surrounding the
Justice Department’s dismissal of
several US Attorneys, and the House
Oversight and Government Reform
Committee, engaged in an ongoing
probe into the influence-peddling
scandal centered on former super-
lobbyist Jack Abramoff, have each
unearthed documents that suggest
private email and pager accounts
were used to create a secret
communications system for select
members of the Bush administration.
The private accounts are maintained
by the Republican National
Committee and the 2004 Bush-
Cheney campaign.

In letters to the campaign and the
RNC, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA)
requested preservation of the emails,
noting that if they include discussions
of government business they are
official records, subject to statutory
maintenance and disclosure
requirements. Waxman told the
Angeles Times
that a private
communications network “for high-
ranking White House officials would
raise serious questions about
violations of the Presidential Records
Act.”  The president’s top political
adviser, Karl Rove, and several of his
assistants reportedly make extensive
use of the parallel email system.
Documents obtained by both
congressional committees reveal
that administration staff turned to
the private accounts in a
conscious effort to sidestep
preservation laws and avoid legal
scrutiny. Rove’s executive
assistant, Susan B. Ralston,
regularly communicated with
Abramoff and his associates using
the nongovernmental accounts.

After one exchange about the
necessity of keeping certain
information in private channels,
Abramoff emailed one of his
colleagues: “Dammit. It was sent
to Susan on her rnc pager and
was not supposed to go into the
WH system.” Ralston, who had
previously worked for Abramoff,
eventually resigned in connection
with the scandal.
all true
The existence of a special
intelligence unit at the Federal
Bureau of Investigation that is
assigned to investigate and monitor
the political activities of American
citizens who have otherwise not
violated any laws has been revealed
in documents related to a lawsuit filed
in Washington DC.

There have been other scattered
reports over the past few years that
indicated that the FBI was spying on
Americans, but the court documents
are the first evidence that the FBI
had initiated a program of collecting
intelligence on the political activities
of law abiding US citizens after
President Bush announced the
‘global war on terror’.

The protesters were arrested by
Washington DC Police in a parking
garage as they attempted to retrieve
food from their parked automobile
during a protest in the nation’s
capital in 2002.  The protesters said
that they were detained for 2 hours,
questioned and videotaped by both
police officers and agents of the FBI.  
The 20 protesters were never
prosecuted due to a lack of evidence
and the arrests were expunged from
their records.  The protesters later
filed a lawsuit against the
Washington DC Police alleging that
their rights had been violated.  
Although the police had maintained
for two years and in court
proceedings that the FBI did not
question the protesters, recordings
of police communications on the day
of the arrest were recently produced
that disclosed FBI agents were
involved in the interrogations.  
Agents separated the protesters and
interviewed them on video tape about
their politics, their religious beliefs
and who they associate with
generally.  The protesters were also
asked by the agents to describe the
slogans on their posters and some
were asked to describe the
significance of tattoos on their
bodies.  The police communications
also suggested that the Secret
Service cooperated in the arrest of
the protesters, who the police
referred to as members of an
“anarchist group”.

The FBI is alleged to have infiltrated
protest groups since 2004 and the
redstateupdate previously reported
that the FBI has reviewed millions of
financial aid applications of American
college students with no judicial

An attorney for the protesters, Mara
Verheyden-Hilliard of the Partnership
for Civil Justice, said that the FBI was
engaged in an “effort to suppress
political dissent,” and it was
operating like a “secret police”
it's all true
Secret Communications Network Roves Beyond Limits of the Law
Gag Order Has
People Talking
School Principal's Behavior Juvenile,
FBI Political Surveillance Unit Undercovered
Orangutans Face
israel    us     oman     uk     
An investigation by a human rights
group has revealed that US spy
agencies are currently cooperating
with governments in North Africa in
the secret incarceration and
interrogation of individuals that are
thought to have ties to Muslim
extremist groups.

In spite of assurances from President
Bush that the illicit system of
black-site prisons has been
permanently closed down, the group
Human Rights Watch Africa reported
that over 150 citizens from 19
countries including Sweden, Canada,
France and the United States are
currently being to be held by Kenyan,
Somalian and Ethiopian
police authorities.
As redstateupdate previously
reported, Human Rights Watch Africa
obtained information about secret
prisoner transfers from Kenya to
Somalia. The group believes the final
destination for the detainees is one
of several interrogation centers in

The Ethiopian government has been
a key ally of the US in the so-called
‘war on terror’ even though the US
State Department has said that there
are “numerous credible reports that
(Ethiopian) security officials often
beat or mistreat detainees,” and
rights groups have alleged that
torture is “routine” in Ethiopian
prisons.  Human Rights Watch is
concerned that the captives “may
torture or even summary
execution” while in the custody of
Ethiopian security forces.  

The Ethiopian government has
denied that it is holding detainees
in secret detention centers.  A
spokes-person for the FBI,
however, acknowledged that the
agency has interrogated
detainees in Ethiopia.  The FBI
pointed out that, although agents
have questioned some of the
prisoners, the detainees were
never in US custody.  The
spokesperson said that the
agency does not “support or
participate in any system that
illegally detains foreign fighters or
terror suspects.”            
it's all true
US Intelligence Agents Book Black-Site-Seeing
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