it's all true                                  08.19.07
Feds Can Scan Your Face From Outer Space Without Leaving a Trace
U.S. to Expand Domestic Use Of Spy Satellites:  Wall Street Journal article      
US domestic agencies gain greater access to spy satellites:  
International Herald Tribune article
US Agencies boost satellite use:  BBC News report
Plan opens access to spy images:  San Jose Mercury News article
Lakes Becoming Less Great
2 Great Lakes losing water quickly : Milwaukee Journal Sentinal article
Lake Superior Shrinking; No One Sure Why : Fox News report
Lake Superior warming, shrinking : Toronto Star article
Government Agencies, Corporations Caught Spreading Wikiganda
CIA, FBI Computers Used for Wikipedia Edits : Washington Post article
WikiScanner follows trail to network : Winston Salem Journal article
CIA and Vatican edit Wikipedia entries : Sydney Morning Herald
Pastor Delivers Unusually Inciteful Sermon
SBC activist pastor wants God to zap Americans United officials : The Baptist Standard article
Minister: Death To My Tax Status Critics : CBS News report
US minister asks followers to pray for deaths of those questioning backing of Republican : International Herald Tribune
Mining Executives in a Third World of Their Own
Handling of mine disaster questioned:  Boston Globe article  
Cave-in kills three Utah mine rescue workers:  
Guardian (UK) article
Critics blast feds’ approval of controversial ‘retreat’ mining at Crandall Canyon:  Salt Lake Tribune article    
Mine owner’s emotional briefing fuels criticism:  
Salt Lake Tribune article
Discouraging Words For Rome on the Range
Learn from the fall of Rome, US warned:  Financial Times article
Comptroller General Warns U.S. To Learn From Fall Of Rome:  AHN report
Fed usues fall of Rome to make point about state of America:  USA Today article
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it's all true archive