it's all true                                  09.30.07
Plastic Pollution Requires Drastic Solution
Scientists issue warning on chemical:  Los Angeles Times article
California bill would ban chemical in toddlers’ toys:  USA Today article
Plastic may not be so fantastic for kids:  Los Angeles Times article
TSA Passenger Check-in Procedure Flies in the Face of Freedom
Collecting of Details on Travelers Documented U.S. Effort More Extensive Than Previously Known : Washington Post
Secure Flight Program, Layers of Security : Transportation Security Administration release
DHS Announces Predeparture Screening of International Passengers : Department of Homeland Security release
49 CFR Part 1507 Docket TSA 2007 28972 : Federal Register notice of proposed rule making
General Sets Pace For Religious Bigotry
Gay Soldiers Dismayed by Pace's Comments : ABC News report
Gays should still be able to serve, Pace says : Army Times article
General causes stir by restating beliefs on homosexuality : KLTV News report
US Gen. Pace: Homosexual acts immoral : China Daily News article
Secret Strategy Encourages Entrapment, Exaggerates Effects
Testimony in Court-Martial Describes a Sniper Squad Pressed to Raise Body Count:  New York Times article      
Weapons left by US troops 'used as bait to kill Iraqis':  
Independent (UK) article      
U.S. Snipers Accused of ‘Baiting’ Iraqis:  
Associated Press article      
US forces 'lure Iraqis with bait':  
BBC News report
Police Target High Crimes, Misdemeanors
U.S. violent crime rises in 2006, with more murders:  Washington Post article      
Marijuana’s $42 Billion Question:  
Forbes article
Marijuana Arrests Set New Record for 4th Year in a Row, Exceed All Violent Crimes Combined:  Marijuana Policy Project news
Blackwater’s Jingoistic Jarheads Jeopardize Generals’ Chaos
Staff Memorandum on Additional Information about Blackwater Activities in Iraq : House Committee report
Guards in Iraq cite frequent shootings : MSNBC article
We're not cowboys, insists boss of US security firm in Iraq : The Scotsman article
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it's all true archive