it's all true                                  11.04.07
Tasers Trigger Police State of Shock
Police use of Tasers causes few injuries: study:  Reuters article
Are Tasers Being Overused?:  Time article
Police in Canada probe second taser death in one week:  Agence France-Presse article
Senate Democrats Use the Rubber Stamp on Mukasey Nomination
Bush Defends Mukasey, Chastises Senate Democrats : article
Mukasey all but a shoo-in for approval : Los Angeles Times article
Waterboarding Historically Controversial : Washington Post article
Pope Attempts End Run Around Modern Medicine
Gov'ts Press Pharmacists to Ignore Pope's Anti-Abortion Pill Call : Christian Post article
Pharmacists agree with pope on contraception : article
Italian Government Warns Pharmacists to Ignore Pope’s Advice on Morning After Pill : article
Explosion in Air Strikes Creates Surge in Civilian Casualties
US military steps up war-zone airstrikes:  USA Today article
U.N. calls for inquiry into deadly US strike in Iraq:  Reuters article
U.S. doubles air attacks in Iraq:  Boston Globe article
U.N. Criticizes Iraq Security Firms:  Associated Press article
Contractors Don't Miss Management
Panel Faults Army’s Wartime Contracting:  New York Times article
Fuel Fraud Latest In Army Contracting Woes:  CBS News report     
US army contracting alarms panel:  
BBC News report
CPSC Head Warns of Dangerous Government Regulation
CPSC turns down budget increase : ABC News report
Safety Board Head Under Fire Over Recalls : CBS News report
Industries Paid for Top Regulators' Travel : Washington Post article
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it's all true archive
Press Promotes Politicizing Primaries
The Invisible Primary : Project for Excellence in Journalism press release
The Invisible Primary - Invisible No Longer : Pew Research Center for People and the press release
School Buses Ad Up to Private Profits
South Carolina Wants Ads In School Buses:  Undernews article   
School buses in 11 states tune in to radio programming aimed at kids:  
USA Today article   
Advertisers catch the school bus:  
USA Today article
Accuracy Not the Objective at CNN
CNN's Romans and McIntyre stated U.S. troop deaths are down this summer:  Media Matters for America press
CNN star reporter attacks war coverage:  
Guardian (UK) article
CNN Chief Orders 'Balance' in War News:  Washington Post article