it's all true                                  12.09.07
State Department Chooses Liar as New Hire
An Old Face Resurfaces : Newsweek article
Wolfowitz May Return as Arms Control Advisor : New York Times article
From the ‘You’ve Got to be Kidding’ Files: Wolfowitz Getting Cushy Defense Job? : An Old Face Resurfaces
CIA Obstruction of Justice Erases Evidence of War Crimes
Questions Linger After Hayden Testimony:  Associated Press article
White House authorised torture, CIA agent claims:  Times (UK) article  
C.I.A. Destroyed 2 Tapes Showing Interrogations:  
New York Times article
CIA destroyed video of 'waterboarding' al-Qaida detainees:  Guardian (UK) article
Churches Selling Slave Crafted Souvenir Crucifixes
Sweatshop Crucifixes at the St. Patrick’s Gift Shop? : New York Times article
Crucifixes Made Under Horrific Sweatshop Conditions In China Linked to St. Patrick’s Cathedral  : National Labor Committee report
St. Patrick's pulls crucifixes after sweatshop claims : AMNew York report
Legislators Believe That Beliefs Pose Threat to Homeland
Examining the Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act : In These Times article
ACLU Statement on the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 : ACLU press release
Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 : text of H.R. 1955
it's all true archive
it's all true archive
Severance Package Prepared for Corporations
Business Lobby Presses Agenda Before ’08 Vote:  New York Times article
GOP Is Losing Grip On Core Business Vote:  Wall Street Journal article
Celebs, business lobby tackle health care: article
Nonprofits Want Campaign Voice:  Time article
Taser Debate Highly Charged
U.N.: Tasers Are A Form Of Torture:  CBS News report
U.N. Torture Panel Singles Out Tasers:  New York Times article     
Taser death in Canada sparks heated debate around the world:  
Christian Science Monitor article