it's all true                                        01.06.08
TSA Implements Airport Facial Profiling Program
Behavior scrutinized at O'Hare : Chicago Tribune article
Airport profilers: They're watching your expressions : Seattle Post Intelligencer article
Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques (SPOT) : Travel Security Administration release
Biometric Database Bears a Suspicious Resemblance to Total Surveillance
FBI Prepares Vast Database Of Biometrics: Washington Post article
FBI building vast biometric database: Agence France Presse article
FBI Building Vast Database of Iris, Face and Fingerprint Scans: Wired News article
FBI to collect biometric information on Britons: Daily Telegraph (UK) article
Bible Bill Begets Bipartisanship
H. Res. 888: Affirming the rich spiritual and religious history of our Nation's founding : Congressional Resolution
Recent Family Values Accomplishments  Introduced H. Res 888, a Resolution a : Rep Randy Forbes release
Impartiality Obstructed by Justice Department Videotape Inquiry
Justice, CIA Begin Videotape Inquiry : Washington Post article
Regarding the Opening of an Investigation Into the Destruction of Videotapes by CIA Personnel : Statement by Attorney General Michael B.
CIA, Justice Department Launch Inquiry Into Videotape Destruction : Fox News report
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it's all true archive
Not Much Left Of Privacy Rights
Greece, Romania and Canada top global privacy index: International Herald Tribune
US Near Bottom of Global Privacy Index:
Associated Press article
Privacy rights 'fragile' in 2007: BBC News report
US Creditors Lose Interest as Bernanke Battles Stagflation
Unemployment Sounds Warning About Economy: New York Times article  
Job slump latest omen of recession:
Los Angeles Times article  
Japanese Stocks Decline on Increased U.S. Recession Concern:
Bloomberg News
Ominous signs show up in job report's fine print :
Atlanta Journal-Constitution article