it's all true                                        08.17.08
it's all true archive
it's all true archive
US Led Flotilla Threatens Infidels with Fire and Operation Brimstone
Olmert proposes naval blockade on Iran: report : Reuters article
Kuwait on 'War Alert' in Persian Gulf : Alalan article
Brazilian ship joins exercise to ready U.S. strike groups : Virginia Pilot article
In US Economy, Not Much Certain Except Debt and Tax Breaks
Study says most corporations pay no U.S. income taxes : Reuters article
Most companies in US avoid federal income taxes : Associated Press article
Tax Holidays : Business Week article
Comparison of the Reported Tax Liabilities of Foreign- and U.S.-Controlled Corporations, 1998-2005 : Government Accountability Office
FBI Used Letters To Spy on Writers
F.B.I. Says It Obtained Reporters’ Phone Records : New York Times article
FBI Apologizes to Post, Times : Washington Post article
FBI to newspapers: Sorry about your phone records : Associated Press article
Bumper Crop Of Dead Zones
Suffocating dead zones spread across world's oceans : Guardian (UK) article
'Dead Zones' Appear In Waters Worldwide : Washington Post article
Ocean 'dead zones' expanding worldwide: study : Agence France-Presse article
Blackwater USA: World's Biggest Small Business
Audit Questions Small-Business Contracts Won by Blackwater : Washington Post
SBA Creates Loophole to Help Blackwater Circumvent Size Standards : Earth Times article
Blackwater May Have Fudged Numbers to Get $100M in Contracts : ABC News article
Guilty Pleas Scripted by Justice Department
Immigration Raid Jars a Small Town : Washington Post article
Iowa immigration raid case scrutinized : Los Angeles Times article
ACLU complains of 'scripted' Postville hearings : Des Moines Register article