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Mercenaries Will be Your Next Door Neighbors
In the US Army now: Asia Times article
Fight for US citizenship: The Standard article
Justice Scalia Won't Even Pay For The Tune
Scalia on Art: He Who Pays Calls the Shots: Yahoo News article
Scalia: Government Can Choose Artwork When Government's Funding It: WNBC report
Endangered Species Act Threatened With Extinction
Rewrite of Endangered Species Law Approved: Washington Post article
Congress Considers Endangered Species Act: Fox News report
Suburban Cops Dump Their Problems in LA
Police accused of relocating homeless in L.A.: San Diego Union Tribune article
Do Police Departments Dump Criminals, Homeless In Downtown LA?: NBC News 4 report
Judith Miller Sticks To Her Story
The Source of the Trouble: New York Magazine article
Jailed reporter reaches deal in CIA leak probe: CNN report
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