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Charity Begins With Background Checks
City running background checks on Katrina evacuees: Philadelphia Inquirer article
Hurricane Katrina/Rita Information: FBI web page
Authorities search for criminals among hurricane refugees: CNN article
State Reps Seek to Define 'Sexual Intercourse'
Draft Legislation governing Assisted Reproduction: proposed State of Indiana legislation
“Unauthorized reproduction” Law requires marriage for motherhood: article
Prison Teens Face Lifetime of Limited Appeals
Jailed for Life After Crimes as Teenagers: New York Times article
World Report 2003: United States section: Human Rights Watch report
Juveniles in Adult Prisons and Jails; A National Assesment: US Department of Justice monograph
Free Assembly, Legal Protest and Bio-Toxins Detected at DC Protest
Test Results Cited in Delay of Mall Alert: Washington Post article
Protests coincide with biohazard alert: Vermont Guardian article
Biohazard Sensors Triggered: Washington Post article
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Corporations Back EPA Proposals
EPA Wants Less Pollution Reporting: CBS News report
EPA Wants to Ease Toxic Spill Reporting: ABC News report
Toxic-spill reporting may ease: Dallas Morning News article