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Oil Companies Pump Out Record Profits
Oil industry awash in record levels of cash: MSNBC article
Exxon Mobil profit leaps on oil prices: Reuters article
After record profits, oil companies see backlash: Agency Press France
Senator's Views Resonate With 23% of Survivors
Senator says storms are punishment from God: Birmingham News article
Alabama State Senator: Hurricanes Were 'Judgment of God' on Sin: Belief Net article
House Broadens Death Penalty For Terror Investigations
Measure Would Alter Federal Death Penalty System: Washington Post article
Patriot Act proposal alters death penalty: Arizona Republic article
U.S.: House Amendment Tilts Playing Field for Death Penalty: Human Rights Watch press release
Raid Leaves Video Store Clerks Pondering About Patriot Act Stuff
NY Times: Mixtape Crackdown Sends a Mixed Message: New York Times article
Untold Story of Mondo Kim's Raid: Village Voice article
St. Marks Kim's Raided: Gothamist article
RIAA piracy arguments, figures just don't add up: The article
Government GPS to Track Exactly Where on the Range Farmer's Homes Are
National Animal Identification System-NAIS: USDA web site
Iowa Beef Center: University of Iowa web site
National Amimal Identification System Information: Virginia Department of Agriculture an d Consumer Services web site  
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