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Katrina Workers Devastated by Wrath of Privatization
Leaders: Hispanic Katrina Workers Unpaid: Washington Post article
Problems growing along Coast: Jackson MS Clarion Ledger article
Gulf Coast slaves: San Francisco Indy Media article
Controversial 'Evolution' Theories Scare Off Corporate Exhibition Sponsors
The Darwin exhibition frightening off corporate sponsors:  Daily Telegraph article
Darwin exhibition opens amid US debate on human origins:  Web India article
No corporate sponsors for Darwin exhibition:  The Register UK article
Legislators Allow Sell Off of Public Wilderness so Developers Can Mine Hotels
Mining law change key to buying of public land:  San Francisco Chronicle article
Mining law changes draw fire as giveaway: The Oregonian article
Change in controversial mining law approved: The Missoulian article
Union Busting Bishop's Tactics Halted by Real Judge in State Court
UFW sets deadline for lay workers’ contracts to be authorized by Peña: MSNBC article
UFW Upset With Church Ruling on Union Contracts: KGBT News report
Californians Spend Nearly as Much on Bureaucracy as on Health Care Itself
Study Finds Billions Of Health Insurance Dollars Used For Administrative Costs: Science Daily article
1 in 5 Health Care Dollars Used for Insurance Paperwork: Physicians for a National Health Program release
Paperwork is 21% of health costs $26 billion goes to administration each year in state: San Francisco Chronicle article
Senators 28.6% Luckier at Playing the Stock Market
Senators' Stocks Beat the Market by 12 Percent:  Financial Times article
In stock market, US senators beat averages: Christian Science Monitor article
The Financial Page: Capitol Gains: The New Yorker article
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